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paper to petal

May 3, 2013

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petals to paper (5)

i’ve been gushing over this book for days now. paper to petal is a collection of products, handmade paper flowers, and objects that celebrate paper-crafts, each influenced by nature and imaginatively inspired. i think they would be especially nice to make during the winter when fresh blooms aren’t available (depending on where you live, of course!). i’ve missed having a little bouquet of flowers by my desk during the colder months, so paper flowers will definitely be on my crafting list this fall! head on over to amazon, barnes and noble or indiebound to get yours on pre-order now.

petals to paper (2)

petals to paper (3)

petals to paper (4)

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may gift guide

May 1, 2013

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may gift guide

product links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

a handmade gift guide for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… or for no reason at all!

fun facts for may:

>> may is the month of music
>> 2nd week of may is bike week
>> mother’s day is may 11th
>> may 25th is towel day
>> birthstone: emerald
>> flower: lily of the valley

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diy may day baskets

April 22, 2013

**when bley from bibliosophy handmade sent over this pretty diy project for may day baskets, i instantly fell in love! it’s simple, thoughtful and such a great idea for mother’s day. i hope you enjoy getting to know bley and following her sweet tutorial! xo, bonnie

DIY May Day Baskets (1)

DIY May Day Baskets (6)

My name is Bley Hack and I create nostalgic paper and home goods for my shop Bibliosophy Handmade. This year for May Day I want to surprise my friends with some sweet little flower posies on their doorstep.  The tradition of leaving May baskets filled with flowers on May 1 was a colonial American tradition, and one worthy of reviving, don’t you think?

For my posies, I started with the Victorian-era “language of flowers,” where different flowers were assigned different meanings. For example, pink carnations mean “a mother’s love,” rather perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond.  You can find more flowers with their meanings on the language of flowers.

DIY May Day Baskets (5)

To start, choose a small container that you can make into a hanging basket.  I used a French fry scoop, from garnish, and a printable template that you can make into a basket.  To use the template, simply print on cardstock, cut out, and secure at the dots with metal brads or tape.  Using baker’s twine, punch two holes in the sides of the basket, and tie with twine to create the basket’s handle.

download the templates:

- plain may basket template

- ribbons and bows may basket template

DIY May Day Baskets (4)

Now, gather your choice of flowers with a little bit of greenery.  You can visit the grocery store, or a farmer’s market, or raid your own flower beds, as you desire.  Choose 1-3 blooms (these are posies, which are meant to be small) and arrange them in one hand until the composition pleases you.  Don’t forget to add greenery for interest and as a filler.  Now, take some washi tape or twine, and wrap the stems together tightly; trim the stems to an even length to fit your container.

DIY May Day Baskets (3)

Pop in your container, and deliver some floral cheer!

DIY May Day Baskets (2)

Some helpful hints:

  • Place a large marble or floral stones in the bottom of your basket to give it some weight so it hangs correctly on the door.

  • If your baskets will be left hanging all day, purchase some floral water tubes from a local florist to help keep your posy hydrated until it’s found.

  • Use the blank printable template as an art activity with your kids.  Let them color it with bright colored crayons, then paint over with one color of watercolor for a unique basket.

  • For a special surprise for Mom, place your posy in a tiny teacup, box and tie prettily, and deliver on Mother’s Day.

about: bley is inspired by all things vintage, including old textiles and hankies, vintage children’s books and illustrations, and the simple, sweet ways of times past.  each friday on her blog, she shares a new vintage children’s book find that her and her three kids are currently reading. join the fun and share your favorite vintage reads!

All photos: Briana Snyder Photography

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spring table settings

March 13, 2013

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spring table settings (3)

hawaii wedding shoot by malia cano photography

spring table settings (1)

southern grace styled shoot from elisa b photography

spring table settings (2)

martha wedding magazine shoot

spring table settings (4)

a lovely table setting

spring table settings (5)

julie and sam on jose villa

spring table settings (7)

spring bulbs

each day as the ground becomes warmer and little buds begin to sprout, i squeal with excitement as spring flowers begin to bloom. one of the things i get most excited about is having fresh cut flowers in my home and on my table. to me, there’s nothing more refreshing or beautiful than keeping flowers in the spaces where i spend the most time. i hope these springtime place settings will serve as inspiration for your upcoming gatherings!

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fresh chamomile tea

i was delighted to find a bundle of fresh chamomile in our csa box this week. when i saw it i said, oo, pretty flowers! (typical newbie) when my sweet farmer gal said oh no, that’s chamomile! of course, i immediately squealed and asked for instructions on what to do with the beautiful blooms.

in season: fresh chamomille tea

so here it is, straight from the farmer’s mouth:

keep your chamomile fresh in a vase for 2-3 days, but then bundle it and hang to dry.

for tea:

pluck off 2-3 teaspoons of flowers right at the base of the bloom.

steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes and drink before bed.

in season: fresh chamomille tea

i’ve been a long time drinker of bedtime tea, but this fresh chamomile puts me to sleep like nothing i’ve ever tried. it’s soothing, tasty and warming.

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color inspiration

July 11, 2012

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whilliam white

pelargonium australian mystery by william white

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inspiring garden spaces

April 23, 2012

as spring starts to settle in, i can’t help but crave extra time outside. with my hands itching to dig in the dirt, i’ve been drooling over some especially inspiring gardens. today, i’m sharing a few of my favorites with you!

garden spaces

garden sheds by bhg

garden spaces

tree house inspiration by studio g

garden spaces

romantico! by villa von krogh

garden spaces

outdoor room ideas and vegetable gardens by bhg

garden spaces

flip flops and pearls by little blue deer

garden spaces

garden envy by apartment therapy

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spring colours

March 28, 2012

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spring colors

spring colours by cori kindred | discovered by brittany campbell’s pretty pinterest boards

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