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we live in a rain forest

September 17, 2013

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our micro climate rain forest (6)

we live in a rain forest. literally. pisgah national forest is actual a micro climate rain forest, and i couldn’t be more in love with living here! of course, it rains a lot. but not too terribly much. we get lots of sunshine and beautiful days but we usually get a little shower in the afternoons. i’m totally fine with that, since it keeps the temperatures cooler and makes the land incredibly lush and green. i’ve always loved the rain anyways. it gives me a good excuse to hibernate and curl up with a good book. :)

another reason i love living in the rain forest are all the breathtaking waterfalls it creates. pisgah forest is also called the ‘land of waterfalls’ with over 250 magnificent cascades within just a few miles of each other. to me, all the beauty that the rain creates is definitely worth a few showery afternoons.

our micro climate rain forest (5)

our micro climate rain forest (9)

our micro climate rain forest (8)

our micro climate rain forest (7)

our micro climate rain forest (3)


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woodland creatures by gerren lamson (1)

woodland creatures by gerren lamson (2)

woodland creatures by gerren lamson (3)

this series of woodland creatures from gerren lamson took my breath away. each animal is made from vintage photo elements of forest scenes, botanical pieces, patterns, and paintings of nature. they each are set on beautiful weathered forest background and have a gentle halftone to imbue them with the spirit of the past. there are 12 forest critters in all, each available from satchel and sage.

weathered woodland creatures

i’m thinking of grabbing several for baby roost’s nursery, since they fit perfectly with our theme of woodland creatures. though it’s hard to choose, i think my favorites are the bear, fox and deer. what’s yours?

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sweet woodland wonders

January 18, 2013

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sweet woodland wonders (2)
make something good today journal by jennifer renninger – $9.95
this journal by jennifer renninger is not only beautiful but aspires to spark creativity, inspiration & the making of good things. i think we all could use a little more of that!

summer fields all natural fragrance – $18
one of my favorite things is using handmade, all natural fragrance. this one has subtle woodland and floral tones, to make you smell as if you are walking through a fresh summer field.

felt owl ornament – $25
a little owl ornament perfect for adorning a tree or placing in a more permanent spot, so you can see him all year round.

kek amsterdam forest friends – €59,95
this one is for the kids, and i love how fresh and sweet it is. these beautifully colored realistic forest friends get to watch as your little one grows!

forest animals ceramic measuring spoons - $32.95
for a more subtle way of showing your endearment for the woods, maybe this set of measuring spoons would do. just a little reminder of your forest friends as you bustle around the kitchen.

sweet woodland wonders (3)

natural histories – $50
this stunning book on natural history won’t only beautify your bookshelf, but also comes with 40 displayable prints bound in envelopes that will help bring natural science and art to life.

butterfly specimen poster – $24
slightly scientific and incredibly beautiful, i would hang this butterfly specimen poster in a study or office. i also find the color palette inspiring and would love to draw some of the muted tones from the wings.

plum & bow amelia rug – $44
full of summer flowers and bright colors, i think this rug would be beautiful in front of a sofa or the kitchen sink. perfect to bring a little of the outdoors in!

enchanted forest mural – $298
i love the muted colors of this enchanted forest mural. it depicts a place that i would love to curl up in with a good book.

woodland deer pillow – $35
i love this little guy on this accent pillow, who seems to be mildly aware of his little friend.

handpainted owl mug – $14
i can see myself sipping tea out of this sweet handpainted owl mug every morning. i love the modern folk art displayed on each!

ferm living mushroom lamp – €63,00
this little fungi lamp would be a great way to spruce up the predictable night light. great to use in a bathroom or hallway as a subtle way of bringing so flora into your home.

wild hare – $350
leaping through the forest, this rabbit bounds through underbrush of wooden rulers, chair legs and dowels. a beautiful way to bring in a woodland vibe in a modern way.

sweet woodland wonders (1)

birds wall decal – $44
i would install these feathered friends just about anywhere, but think they would particularly darling next to a cozy reading spot, by a workspace or in a nursery.

le red fox petite necklace – $32
show your affection for all things woodland with this darling fox necklace. i would pair it with skinny jeans and modern t-shirt for a casual coffee shop look.

forest animals print – $20
i’d like to think this really is what happens every night in forest. the sun goes down and the banjos come out!

ghost fawns – $28
this print reminds me of forest outings on a cold winter day, when you might just spot a couple of white woodlands fawns. with spotted backs and looks of endearment, i think these two will be friends forever.

three sisters mountain range pillow – $60
i think this mountain range pillow would be perfect to cozy up your mountain retreat, or throw it in you city dwelling to bring a little of the outdoors in!

diorama cuckoo clock – $40
with layers of trees above, and the ground floor of the forest below, this cuckoo clock depicts a perfect woodland scene. you can even see stars poking though the trees!

the rise and fall sleeping fox pillow – $29
all snuggled up, this fox pillow is calling my name for a cozy nap. throw it on a sofa or bed to bring a touch of the forest to your room.

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a girls best friend

October 4, 2012

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this is a magical post. before viewing it, take a deep breath and place yourself frolicking about in the nearest forest, a place so quiet you can hear your own breath.

girl and fawn (2)

girl and fawn (1)

girl and fawn (3)

girl and fawn (4)

girl and fawn (5)

girl and fawn (6)

girl and fawn (7)

girl and fawn (8)

girl and fawn (9)

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edible sweets

speaking of edible sweets, another fabulous find i discovered this week is a quaint little shop called andie’s specialty sweets. combining two of my most loved items (nature and sweets), these decorative edibles are just irresistible. in addition to flora, they also have edible buttons (oh, my!), birds and butterflies. plus, everything they make is hand sculpted, hand molded, hand poured, and artistically handled the old fashioned way!

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tree of life

January 25, 2012

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tree of life

tree of life

this tree of life poster immediately caught my attention. as i love everything woodgrain, this beautiful slice of tree trunk was no exception. however upon a second glance, i noticed it was much more than that. the entire illustration is built of tiny animals, aimed to highlight the matter of animals losing their homes due to deforestation. a truly lovely reminder that we should take better care of the world around us.

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among the trees

April 6, 2011

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katya horner slight clutter photography

katya horner slight clutter photography

katya horner slight clutter photography

katya horner slight clutter photography

katya horner slight clutter photography

there’s just something about being among the trees. don’t you think? when is the last time you were surrounded by trees? no bustling traffic, no smog, not even your cell phone. just the rustling leaves, slight breeze and chirping birds. i think we all need to make some more time to be surrounded by the beauty of the earth. if you can’t make it into to the woods today, maybe you can take a virtual stroll through the trees by enveloping yourself in katya horner’s beautiful shop.

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posters of nature

January 6, 2011

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human nature photography
human nature photography
human nature photography
human nature photography
human nature photography
completely captivated by debbie carlos’s work, i’ve spent the better half of this morning exploring her world. the above photos are taken from a still life museum in chicago and are part of a series she calls human nature. oh how the deep hues draw me in! to me, the saturated rich color palette help make the animals and their habitats come alive- they look like a dream in an early morning forest. to see the entire series, visit debbie’s human nature series where you can also learn more about the project. i think she best sums it up with this statement:

The murky quality of the lighting and the dark desaturated tones of the exhibits, convey a sensuality and romanticism at odds with the sense of stagnant death that lingers…

nature posters
you can also find large format posters of her work (including some of the human nature photos) in her lovely etsy shop. many are of vast sceneries that only feel appropriate in poster size. visit her shop, blog and website to join in my exploration of debbie carlos’s beautiful work!

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