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April 29, 2014

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pretty pegs

i’ve been scouting out pretty leg options for our karlstad sofa lately. we’ve had ours for over a year now, and though we’re super happy with the sofa, i think i’m ready to update the stock ikea legs. i at least painted them white after we purchased the sofa, but they are still kind of blocky and blah. it seems like there are a lot of options out there and i’ve had so much fun discovering them all! though i may try to diy this project myself, i couldn’t help but fall in love with the legs from prettypegs. i thought you might like to discover them as well! they are made specifically for furniture from ikea- so you can have fun adding spice to your pieces!

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more furniture reno! actually, there is much much more to come!

before and after: chevron dining table

this little table and mismatching chairs came from our local thrift store, for about $20.

before and after: chevron dining table

after being completely inspired by laurie’s herringbone wall design, i decided to go for it!  i used her same technique, but spray painted the table with gold paint before i taped off the design in beige and khaki.  i topped it off with a 3 coats of protective enamel, stained the legs cherry to match the chairs, and recovered the seats in an ivory and green leaf print.

before and after: chevron dining table

trust me, i know our carpet it terribly ugly and we have doors everywhere, but hey, i’m working with it!  we’ll only be here until april, so the tacky stays.

before and after: chevron dining table

a thrifted mirror in the center used as a tray for the essentials and a pretty fall bouquet for the centerpiece.

before and after: chevron dining table

and one picture of toaster, just for kicks! i think we have a knack for turning our dogs into people..

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as most of you know by now, we recently relocated to colorado.  but probably less of you know, just how much stuff we had to leave behind!  the only furniture we brought was one book shelf, our mattress and a little dresser. that’s it! so for the last four weeks i’ve been a regular at all the local thrift stores and hardware stores. i’ve been re-purposing, repainting and reupholstering furniture like a mad woman.  and.. i’m VERY excited to begin sharing them with you!  i’ll try not to bombard you with before and after pics, but i have quite a few projects which i’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, yeah!

before and after: tv table

first up, a few tv tables! as we’re spilling drinks and dropping crumbs, i couldn’t help but suddenly realized that we needed some of our own.  we often eat piled up on the couch, and never have anywhere to put our dinner, the computer or our coffee.  problem solved! (yes, i forgot to take the ‘true’ before pic, so this is after i’ve primed, boo!).

before and after: tv table
before and after: tv table
before and after: tv table
and this is just the beginning of my chevron/herringbone/zigzag obsession.. :)

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furniture reno

October 6, 2010

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with our latest near-cross-country move, i’ve been thrift shopping like a mad woman.  our trailer was so small that all we were able to bring was our mattress and one measly chest of drawers.  since we haven’t any money and the closest ikea is over 10 hours away, the local thrift stores have come to know me by name (plus, they’re more fun anyways).  basically, our home is full of a mish mosh of mismatching wooden pieces. a table with mixed matched chairs, an old veneer topped desk, plenty of side tables and a new little vanity that i’ll be using as a sewing table.  can i be happy with the clashing wood? of course not! so i have my eye set on a number of furniture reno projects. mainly they consist of painting, staining and a little reupholstering.  shall i share with you some of my inspiration thus far?

my latest obsession? chevron


before and after from knack studios- what a beautiful winter gray color this is

floral tray table- since the hub and i like to eat at the couch, i bought two of these the other day, can’t wait to get them painted- i’m thinking in geometric squares..

knack studios- need i say anything?

stencil tricks- so excited to try some stenciling, but instead of words i’m planning to do some floral patterns.

knack studios- painted patina, in love with this algae/ mossy green!

craigslist before and after- lately i’ve had a thing for bold contrasts and geometrics, this dresser will do!

painting the floor - (told ya)

so dear ones, i should (hopefully) have some pretty before and after pictures to share with you in the coming weeks.  but for now, here’s my ‘to get’ list:

– primer

– paint

– hand sander

– drop cloth

– painter’s tape

– wood fill

– pretty wall paper (for drawers)

anything else? what am i missing? i’m no pro, so any advice, tips or tricks are MORE than welcome (especially when it comes to painting on veneer- help!)!

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