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in love with... prism terrariums

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i just can’t get enough of these pretty glass prism terrariums. they’re perfect for creating little micro climates and can be planted with either moss or succulents (or both). hang them, set them on a desk or place them in front of a window to create an eclectic green space in your home! if you’d like to learn more about how to plant a terrarium, i really enjoyed this how-to video from sprout and know you will, too.

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moxie glass calligraphy pen (3)

last week i got the sweetest gift from my mom. we’ve been talking a lot lately about calligraphy and hand lettering, and before i knew i had a pretty little package on my doorstep! a beautiful glass calligraphy pen with writing ink and some pretty pencils from moxie. she knows me so well!

moxie glass calligraphy pen (4)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (5)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (6)

the grooves in the glass pen hold ink effortlessly- all you do is dip the entire point into your favorite writing ink and start scrawling!

moxie glass calligraphy pen (7)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (8)

the ink goes on nice and smooth and the pen is incredibly comfortable to hold. i was also surprised how long each dip in the ink lasts- i wrote ‘going home to roost’ and still had plenty of ink to spare.

moxie glass calligraphy pen (1)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (2)

she also sent over some of the prettiest pencils i’ve ever seen. made from 100% recycled paper, they feel soft to the touch and write beautifully! they’re almost too pretty to use. :)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (9)

thank you, mom. i love you!

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diy painted jars

July 18, 2011

happy monday, lovelies! how was your weekend? after much debate, we decided to venture out into the dreaded carmageddon, but to our surprise, didn’t have any issues at all! in fact, it was eerily quite around l.a.- we spent the whole weekend there for a little bike-race-getaway and didn’t get stuck in traffic once. we couldn’t believe it! but enough of that, shall we get on to our 2nd diy for the day? i think so!

diy painted jars

after seeing these beautiful painted jars on kootut murut a while back, i couldn’t wait to make them myself. even though jutta’s turned out much prettier than mine, i thought i would at least go ahead and share them with you. they were a cinch to make and so much fun!

diy painted jars

i’m going to send you over to jutta’s painting pastel glass jars for detailed instructions, but the steps are pretty simple. simply add paint, a little water, shake, drain and let dry. all the bottles i used were leftover condiment bottles, from salsa, strawberry jam and hot sauce. what a wonderful way to reuse, reduce and recycle!

diy painted jars

perfect for pens and paintbrushes, i love the simple look they have and the colorful splash they give.

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