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favorite green smoothie

March 4, 2014

favorite green smoothie (2)

i pretty much drink a smoothie every day. with my favorite handheld blender, they’re so easy to make! i just pile my ingredients into a glass, hit it with the blender and slurp away. i can sip on one for most of an afternoon, in between hopping around with bear and trying to get some work done. each smoothie is usually a little different, but today i’m sharing with you my favorite green smoothie.

favorite green smoothie (3)

kale & mango green smoothie


– 1 kale leaf
– 1/2 cup mango (frozen or fresh)
– 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla cultured coconut milk
– 2 tablespoons chia seeds
– 1/2 banana
– 1 cup almond milk (or just enough to slightly cover the ingredients)
– dash of cinnamon or cinnamon flax seed oil

directions: blend and be well!

favorite green smoothie (1)

side note! speaking of so delicious, we also recently tried their new organic coconut milk fudge bars. they are OH-mazing! 80 calories a bar means i get to have one every night. :)

are you a smoothie drinker? what are you favorite ingredients?

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blossoming beauties

January 25, 2013

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violet tulips by ez pudewa of creature comforts

i’m so in love with the color palette that comes from this gorgeous photo of violet tulips from the talented ez pudewa over at creature comforts.  it’s been so cold this week that i really needed this dose of spring color. i hope the inspiration will carry you through the weekend! xo, bonnie

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grandmas are green

January 6, 2012

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butterfly wings

butterfly wings

grandmas are green. have you ever noticed that? i cherish every moment i get to spend with my grannies when i visit north carolina, and i love to take note of all their little eccentricities. my favorite of all is that they are green, and i’m not even sure that they know it.

– they garden. season after season they garden and garden.

– they make things from scratch. homemade pie crust, pasta sauce and biscuits.

– they compost. even if they don’t need to use it in their gardens, they still compost.

– they eat leftovers. nope, you won’t see them throw any food away!

– they can. if you don’t can your seasonal veggies, then what are you supposed to eat in january?

– they save. they carefully preserve the wrapping paper at Christmas and re-use their plastic straws time and time again.

– they reuse. all the things they save? the reuse them. old tool boxes become planters, cereal boxes become gift boxes.

– they recycle. after it’s been reused, it gets recycled.

– they take good care of things. my grandma still uses her electric mixer from the 50’s and all her dishes, too!

– they save energy. they hang clothes to dry, read instead of watch tv and use the beauty of the natural daylight.

the only thing i can think of that uses very much energy is how much they love to heat their homes- and i think they deserve that.

is your grandma green? i think we can all learn a little something from the good ‘ol days.

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a giveaway a day: day 2

December 6, 2011

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antler wool felt pillow

recognize something? yup you got it, today’s giveaway comes from yours truly. :) enter to win this wool felt antler pillow cover from the home to roost etsy shop- handmade by me! it is made of soft wool felt with an applique that is handcut and securely stitched into place. this pillow case is made to fit a 20″ pillow form and has an envelope closure on the back for easy removal and a clean, chic look.

here’s how you enter!

comment here letting us know why you like this pillow, where you would put it or who you would give it to (will arrive by christmas, if you live in the u.s.!). to enter twice, you may “like” going home to roost on facebook and leave another comment here letting us know you did so.

the nitty gritty:

giveaway ends monday, december 12th at midnight, pst. one winner will be drawn by a random number generator and announced here on tuesday. good luck!

pssst! don’t miss yesterday’s giveaway for this beautiful skirt!

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paperless post yup, it’s that time of the year again- time to send out invitations, christmas cards and thank you’s! you might remember how much i love this company, as paperless post makes sending cards easier, cheaper and greener. whether you’re hosting a traditional dinner with family or a friendsgiving get-together, their custom, personalized invitations and announcements have the same thought and care as previous generations. best of all, you can start the holidays being environmentally-conscious!

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hi friends! i have another before and after to share with you! i found this fella at a local thrift store for $50 a while back and took him home with some big beachy plans in mind.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

here’s the before, it has 6 very nice sliding drawers in it- but boy is it heavy. i’m sure you would have loved seeing us trying to get it set up in the lawn- but happy that you didn’t!

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers
and here’s the after! i was a little uncertain about my choice of sea-green at first, but it has really grown on me. i attached 4 wheels on the bottom since it was so heavy and have paired it with a few pillows on the bed that match perfectly to help the whole room come together.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

hanging above is my diy patchwork art and on the table is a little artwork from one of our favorite bicycle artists, chris koelle.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

and though i’m not sure where she got it from, my sister recently sent my this birch vase. it looks so pretty with fresh flowers in it, and i think of her every time i see it. :)

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20 reasons to go vegan

January 10, 2011

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why would one choose to be vegan? one of my dear friends posed this exact question on facebook over the weekend, and it really got me thinking. most of you know that my husband and i have been a vegetarian for a long time, and often end up eating a vegan diet as well. their are many reasons why someone would go vegetarian, vegan or choose to eat only local & organic products, but today i want to specifically discuss the reasons why someone would choose to ‘go vegan’.

10 reasons to go vegan

{the cooks}

1. you’ll live longer. studies show that on average vegans live 6 years longer than meat eaters.

2. avoid toxins. (non-organic) meat contains antibiotics, hormones & toxins produced by stress & pesticide residues that become concentrated from all the crops they have eaten.
3. less land consumption. an astounding 20 vegans can live off the same amount of land required by one meat eater.
4. less water consumption. it only takes 25 gallons of water to produce 1lb of wheat whereas it takes 2500 gallons to produce 1lb of meat.

5. reduce potential for food poison. 80% of food poisoning is due to infected meat.
6. reduced risk of heart disease. vegans have a 57% reduced risk of getting heart disease (the #1 killer in america today!).
7. proper protein. the average american eats twice as much protein as necessary for a healthy diet and much of that is from red meat. getting protein from beans and grains is much healthier and reduces the risk for osteoporosis.
8. healthy hormones. eating animals that have been given hormones to speed growth (a widely accepted practice in the meat industry) means those hormones go into your body. not only can this disrupt the natural balance of your hormones, but some of the hormones given to animals have shown to cause tumor growth in humans.
9. avoid antibiotics. antibiotics are almost always given to (non-organic) feed animals, which can lead to bacterial resistance in humans. many of the antibiotics used to treat human infections are also used in feed animals. this means by consuming this, we are causing ourselves to be less resistant to antibiotics.
10. increased weight loss. a healthy weight loss is a typical result of a smart vegan diet. eating vegan eliminates most of the unhealthy foods that tend to cause weight issues. 33% percent of americans are obese, while only 2% of vegans are.
11. prevent osteoporosis. bone health depends on a balance of neither too much or too little protein, adequate calcium intake, high potassium, and low sodium. with a healthy vegan diet, all four of these points set a perfect scenario for preventing osteoporosis.
12. appropriate puberty. since 1950, girls are hitting puberty on average 4-7 years earlier and boy’s sperm counts have decreased by 25-50% due to the hormones present in non-organic meat and dairy products.
13. reduced risk of alzheimers. meat eaters have double the rate of alzheimers disease as vegans.
14. support heathy ecosystems. nitrates & pesticides used on crops grown to feed livestock end up in our rivers and vastly effect the health of micro environments and ecosystems.
15. reduce global warming. the 1,300,000,000 cattle in the world emit 60,000,000 tons of methane per year (methane is a greenhouse gas which leads to global warming).
16. reduce animal cruelty. the animals involved in mass industry farming are exposed to the most cruel, unsanitary and horrific conditions. if you can handle watching it, the meet your meat‘ movie will give you a glance into the common practices of present day industry farming.
17. reduce your risk for cancer. vegans have a 40% reduced level of cancer than the general population thought to be because they have a higher intake of vitamins A,C & E.
18. eliminate bad cholesterol. eliminating any food that comes from an animal and you will eliminate all of the ‘bad’ dietary cholesterol from your diet (heart disease is the leading cause of death in america today).
19. save rain forests. if they continue to clear american forests to raise cattle at the present rate, in 50 years there will be none left.
20. increase your energy. when following a healthy vegan diet, you will find your energy is much higher.

so many people get hung up on the idea that eating vegan or vegetarian is just too difficult. or they may find themselves emotionally attached to just how tasty meat can be. what they often don’t know, is that it is ever increasingly easy to eat a vegan/vegetarian diet, and enjoy much of the same things you do now. with meat substitutes, you can enjoy healthy vegan bacon, burgers and even barbecue! it’s a great way to ease into the lifestyle. today, even eating out is no problem. with most american restaurants offering vegan friendly dishes, you can also head to a mexican, thai, chinese, or indian restaurant for a sure bet of vegan/vegetarian options.

what do you think? is it worth the health of your body and your planet to skip the meat? i think i could have stopped after reason #1 and been convinced, but i would love to know what you think. i’ll meet you in the comments section!

resources & further recommended reading: veggie revolution, 101 reasons to go vegetarian, 57 health benefits of going vegan, dr. oz

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48 Things to Know About Sustainable Living
you may remember one of my favorite authors and blog friend, victoria klein from 27 things to know about yoga? well she’s back again! this time, talking about the importance of sustainable living in another book that’s part of the good things to know series. as i’ve read my fair share of ‘how to be green’ books, i can say first hand that 48 things to know about sustainable living is delightfully different than the norm.  she busts myths, sets ground rules and teaches you how sustainable living is easy, affordable and more fulfilling than living a life blind to the importance of sustainability. she then continues with 48 ways to integrate planet-friendly habits into your life that are easily understood and attainable. with resources galore, there’s no one from the advanced eco-conscious to the beginner that won’t come away with life changing information.

you can visit victoria’s website to learn more about her and her latest book plus how to purchase it, as it would make the perfect gift for someone this christmas… or for yourself!

i’m also so excited to say that victoria has also been kind enough to offer a book for a giveaway!

enter the giveaway!
share with us in the comment section the ways in which you live a more eco friendly life.  you may ‘enter’ as many times as you like by commenting once for every sustainable act you take.  you have until sunday december 12th at midnight to enter, and the winner will be drawn randomly on the following monday.  you’ll have 48 hours to claim your prize, good luck!
About Victoria Klein

Victoria Klein is a freelance writer, photographer + creative dabbler. Her 2nd book, 48 Things to Know About Sustainable Living, was released in October 2010. Her 1st book, 27 Things to Know About Yoga, was released in July 2010.

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