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SeeSaw Seventies Style

September 29, 2010

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Hello gorgeous Roosters! It’s Nancy here from Wolf and Willow, stopping by with a little vintage goodness whilst Bonnie is moving house. Apart from the endless enjoyment I get from browsing through Etsy’s handmade goods, I just love that you can shop for craft supplies and vintage too. It’s heaven for lovers of all three, like me! Here’s a little collection of seventies-style homewares from one of my favourite vintage sellers, SeeSaw Vintage. I love the geometric patterns and the cute retro color schemes, like tangerine, olive and goldenrod, which are so quintessential of that era. It reminds me of laminex table tops, wood grain wallpaper, and summer parties with those brightly-colored cocktail onions and cheese squares. Pretty groovy, don’t you think?

Nancy x

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please welcome guest poster: tara gentile, scoutie girl

do you eat broccoli rabe? i didn’t until about a month ago. since i went vegetarian, i’ve been trying new vegetables like, well, a vegetarian! i was going to say crazy person – same difference.

also up until about a month ago, my 20 month old only had 4 teeth. she sat, crawled, walked, talked on time – but her teeth were stubborn.

trust me, this is related.

scoutie girl tara gentile

she’s always been a good eater but was always limited to foods of very soft texture because of the lack of munchers. coincidentally, she started getting her molars when i started buying broccoli rabe. one night at dinner, she pointed at the bitter, garlicy, vinegary broccoli robe sitting on my plate and demanded a taste.

then another taste. then a bite. until, over the course of a week, she decided it was one of the best foods ever.

i looked at my husband and exclaimed, “i’m not even sure i like this yet… how does she like it?”

i’ve always been one of those people who wanted to take my fingers and give a good flick to a parent who sad, “oh honey, you won’t like this [insert adult food here].” how do you know? what if they do like it?

if they don’t give it a chance, the parents not only put into the child’s mind that the food doesn’t taste good. they’ve given him the idea that trying new things isn’t fun or exciting.

scoutie girl tara gentile

i think new things – strange things – different things are horribly exciting. in fact, i pretty live every day for something new! not surprisingly, i get bored easily.

this mindset keeps me learning new things, reaching new goals, and always pushing forward. i’m never content with the status quo.

likewise, this “lesson” doesn’t just apply to toddler-types.

what signals are you sending out into the world right now? are you telling the universe (or your customers, your friends, your colleagues) that you’re ready for something new and exciting? or have you put up a wall that tells everyone “oh i won’t like that so don’t even try?”

scoutie girl tara gentile

i really hope you make the choice to day to give something new a try! and maybe make some broccoli rabe for dinner tonight, too.

tara gentile is the editor of scoutie girl, the blog with a penchant for the passionately handmade. she’s teaching an ecourse in may on learning to tell your story online.

[images: fresh broccoli photograph by honeyandjamphotos, red matzo bowl by atelierbb, and

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natalie :: love, natalie

April 7, 2010

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please welcome, guest poster: love, natalie

Hi everyone! It is so good to be posting on one of my favorite, favorite blogs today! I have a fun project in store for you! There is no doubt Bonnie and I share a love for thrift store frames and repurposing things. There is so much you can do with frames, and they don’t always have to be used for pictures. Many frames lying around thrift stores do not have glass and are usually dirt, cheap. We’re talking cents here!

This project is a framed jewelry display. It is a beautiful way to show your jewelry. Not only does it work as décor, but keeps your jewelry organized as well. Wouldn’t this make a lovely, handmade gift, maybe along with a pretty pair of earrings? The options are endless. I choose a metallic silver spray paint to give my frame a lift, but there are so many colors to choose from, including matte or gloss to make your jewelry display truly personalized.


To start, wash your frame really well and sand down if needed. The frame I used sucked up the paint very well so I didn’t need to sand it or use a primer. If your frame is glossy, I’d recommend sanding it a little and using a primer if you feel the paint might peal.

  1. You’ll need one can of spray paint, the little screws with screw eyes, drill, and fishing line.
  2. Mark where you would like your screws. Make sure you have them equally spaced on both sides so the fishing line will be straight. You can drill to start the screw more easily or if your frame is made of soft wood you can screw straight into the wood without a drill. (My frame is oak so it’s really hard.)
  3. This is to show you what your screws should look like.
  4. Spray away, all sides including the back.
  5. Tie the fishing line on the screw eye to the other very tightly.
  6. Snip the extra fishing line.
  7. Hang your jewelry and enjoy!


If you decide to do this project, I hope you have fun with it! Any frame, any size will work. Your personality will truly come though, especially after you add your jewels! Thank you Bonnie for sharing Going Home to Roost today!

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sam :: good measure

April 6, 2010

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please welcome guest poster, sam from good meausure & inklore design

Hi there, my name is Sam.  I am a block print artist living with my wonderful husband and adorable children in San Jose, California.  When I’m not blogging, designing, or printing I enjoy all of the small pleasures of life: warm bread, fresh basil from the garden, a finished project, something pretty for my home, clean sheets, a good hearty laugh, or a cup of tea and good book.  Bonnie invited me to stop by today to share some of my favorite things with you.  Enjoy!


For me, there is nothing better than the texture of linen, sewn into simple shapes and a bit of jewelry to add some sparkle to my days.


In my home, I am drawn to modern architecture and art, always married with warm wood tones and creamy ceramics.  I hope my friends would say my home is clean, but comfortable, a great place to have a cup of coffee and relax.


On my kitchen table, there will always be simple food, made with fresh ingredients, plus plenty of coffee and a fair bit of dessert to go around.


I love to dig in the dirt, and my favorite plants are those that are willing to share with the inside of the house too.  Whether it is big leafy plants, gorgeous succulents, or food from the veg patch, bringing the outside in is the best part of gardening.


adorn (modaspia, markhed, infusion, yorktown road)

eat (photobird, stephmodo, thedieline)

garden (inklore tumblr, the brides cafe)

nest (alex couwenberg, gustave carlson, design sponge, good measure, chezlarsson)

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jena :: modish

April 5, 2010

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please welcome, guest poster: modish

I’ve always really loved the rain, which I suppose is a good thing since I live in notoriously rainyland Portland, OR. Living here, it’s easy to see all the wonderful effects that the wet weather brings- crazy amounts of green, varieties of foliage the likes of which I’ve never seen before and flowers- so many flowers. From March all the way through the last breath of autumn there’s something in bloom. So I gathered up some rain inspired creations for you hoping that they’ll help bring you lots of April showers so you can enjoy all those beautiful May flowers :)


Rain print, Sandra Juto
brooch & necklace set
rain drop earrings
turquoise rain mobile
rainy day letterpress card
umbrellas in the rain print

guest post by: modish

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leaving on a jet plane

April 2, 2010

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it’s only appropriate to set the mood for this post, so click on over to listen to some john denver!

leaving on a jet plane

yup, that’s right! i’m going on a little vacation! three of us are boarding a plane in the morning to visit our best friend in boston.  it’s going to be a fun filled week of girly giggles and late night pj talk, and i’m so excited!  we’re also planning to travel around a little while we’re there, so i’ve got my camera in hand so that i can share the experience with you when i get back.  i’ll also be sharing the week with you via my twitter, if you want to follow along! so what’s happenin’ next week?

i’ve got some really fabulous guest posters in store for you next week!  there will be 13 visitors in all, and i know you will really enjoy each one of them.  we’ve got diy projects, interviews, home decor and even a little wedding post for you!  i’ll be around to answer e-mails and comments so don’t feel like you can’t reach me if you need to.  i hope you all have an amazing weekend and i’ve got to go get packing!  see you back here in a week!

xoxo! bonnie

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