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birch wood diy

March 24, 2011

Hello everyone. I’m so glad being here on GHTR today to show you one of my easy project tutorials I’ve made recently.My name is Lou and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I have a blog named Happy Serendipity which is all about crafty inspiration, handmade markets, I have a DIY tutorial each week and a free digital download as well. Being a sewing addict I have an Etsy shop – named HappySerendipity as well. Please stop by and have a look. I will donate 50% of all purchases to the German Red Cross these days to support the victims of Japan. Thank you.

Materials needed:

– Slices of birch tree (available in craft stores or flower shops, I found these at Dawanda)
– Acrylic paint or crayons or sharpies
– Printout of artwork
– Tracing paper
woodblock diy
Trace the artwork on the wood by laying the tracing paper between the draft and the wood.
Use a pencil to draw the lines.
woodblock diy
After tracing everything it should look like this.
woodblock diy
Now you can start to paint. For some I drew a black outline with a black sharpie before painting but that’s
totally up to you.
yay paint
I used either acrylic paint and crayons.
yay paint
The final result looks like this.
you can even use them as coasters!
The final result looks like this.

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hi lovelies!  how is your week going?  mine is going wonderfully, but i sure have been missing you!  i can’t wait to share with you all we’ve done.  but for now, i want to introduce to you someone very special!  caroline finnegan will be your new weekly organic gardening contributor!  i got the pleasure to speak with her on the phone last week, and she’s amazing in every way.  not only does she have a passion for organics and gardening, but she’s a wonderful writer and just exudes the warm and fuzzies. i hope you’ll take a minute to get to know her, and feel free to ask her any questions in the comment sections!


Hello!  I am so happy to be here as your weekly organic gardening columnist. I love ‘Going Home to Roost’ and Bonnie is such a joyous inspiration – her lovely spirit and ideas have been bright spots in my day for a while now.  I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and ideas with all of you and cannot wait to grow a community of gardeners!


I am a first generation gardener who comes from a long line of black thumbed, worm fearing, dandelion spraying folk.   I might be exaggerating….but not by much.  I taught myself to garden at a young age and have been at it ever since.  For me getting my hands into the soil has always been a deeply calming and soothing experience.  Many years ago I went through a pretty rough time both physically and emotionally.  To say that I was ungrounded would be to minimize where I was.  It was not until I began digging up the garden in my parent’s new home, creating new garden beds and becoming lost in the land that I found enough relief to begin to heal.  I eventually walked back to a healthier body and stronger spirit.  I have since had the pleasure of using that garden to introduce my 5 year old niece to the wonders of soil and seed.  The daffodils pictured were planted by her when she was one year old.  She weeds and eats the herbs and picks the flowers and plays on the lawn that we maintain organically.


My love of gardening evolved into my deciding to become a landscape designer and start my own business, Ladybug Landscaping.  From the beginning Ladybug Landscaping has employed an exclusively organic approach to landscaping.  My business partner Ellie and I are both deeply committed to the concept of “Do No Harm” and our business practices reflect this.  We are not your usual “Spray and get paid” landscaping company.  In fact, we prefer to work directly with our clients, coaching and guiding them to become strong stewards of their land.  It is this love of sharing knowledge and of learning from others that inspired me to write to Bonnie when she was asking for a gardening contributor.


Besides gardening I love to go thrifting, to sew, paint and decorate.  I also set myself weekly chores –  it’s really the only way I can focus and get things done.  This past winter was pretty busy for me, leading to a cluttered and unorganized house. So getting my space back together is one of the top chores.  The other is to take care of the dozens of houseplants I have – re-pot, rearrange, and refresh them in preparation for their transition to their summer home on the porch.   I’ll show you after pictures next week!


So next week we shall begin our journey together – I am planning on taking you all through the season, offering weekly gardening ideas, advice and projects.  I will also be answering questions and considering your ideas for columns.  I garden in Connecticut, which is Zone 5/6, but have gardened in many other zones and am comfortable creating content for different climates and styles.   I am in the process of starting a blog for Ladybug Landscaping – I hope you will also visit me there and let me know what your organic gardening needs may be.


Start your stretching and shake winter from your bones…to the soil we go!

Caroline Finnegan owns Ladybug Landscaping, a full service organic landscaping company. based in CT. She is a NOFA accredited landcare professional and when not designing gardens can be found rearranging her furniture or out at a flea market finding new goodies. She almost always has dirt under her nails.

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hi everyone! please welcome guest poster, belinda from the happy home! i hope you enjoy this diy project, how fun and adorable!

fabric leaves diy

Paper leaves

fabric leaves diy

Your toolkit
Coloured and patterned paper. I used some scrapbooking sheets from my stash.
2. Twigs – from the garden or those long willowy brushes you see in the $2 store and wonder what on earth you’d do with.
3. Gee, what could these be? A glue stick and scissors.

fabric leaves diy

. Fold the paper in half so when you cut out your shape, the two pieces you’ll be sticking together are exactly the same.
2. Open the two pieces like a book, glue the wrong sides, lay the end of a twig in the centre and stick the pieces back together.
3. Press the pieces together firmly, particularly along the stick to hold it in place.
4. Repeat as often as you like with different sizes, colours and patterns. Cut the ends to slightly different lengths and arrange in a vase.

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please welcome, guest poster: lana from joey and lana make a house a home

First I want to say how delighted I am to do a post for Going Home to Roost. I love this blog so much, it’s silly!  I wanted to share with you, exceptional artists who inspire me on a regular basis. From fine art to home goods, I am going to cover some of my favorites from head to toe!

joey and lana make a house a home

I would like to explore an artist I have loved for so many years. I first discovered his talent when he was focusing on acrylic work of creatures and whimsical landscapes. Then and there I fell in love. Duane Hosien , a native of Trinidad and current New York City resident, has expanded his work into the most deliciously detailed pen-work you have ever seen. Glamour, Germany has just discovered him and commissioned him to do a shirt for a give-away! You can see his work in his etsy store, flickr account, or his blog! I am sure your socks will be knocked right off by his style and detail to attention

joey and lana make a house a home

Great  for both children and adults! Buttercup Bloom has the sweetest little Etsy shop! The selection is small yet perfect. These make perfect gifts and I love to decorate my home with the owls when Fall comes around.

joey and lana make a house a home

Super functional and amazingly stylish in a woodsy way! I have been craving these desk accessories for sometime. I promised myself as soon as I buy a new desk, I am getting both! Woodtec provides a simple craft with loads of function.

joey and lana make a house a home

These handcrafted bowls are the work of Isabelle Abramson! They are so delicate and beautiful. Imagine them in the center of your table filled with delicious fruit or pinecones! I could only imagine the amount of time theses took to make!

So this is just a taste of some of my favorite hand made crafters! I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by their work as much as I am.

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hello lovelies!  i am so excited to introduce to you a new going home to roost contributor, chelsea rogers! i’ve always been taken by her projects and writing style, and now she’ll be sharing the occasional craft project and recipe with you!  i did a little introduction interview with her to help everyone get to know her, and she’ll be back next week with her first recipe (yum).  she’s a sweetheart and total genuine rooster, so i know you’ll enjoy her as much as i do!


tell us a little about yourself, what path led you to where you are now?

I’ve always been creative, but just never really had a focus to it.  I
was always up to something – quilting, acting, painting, baking.  In
university I studied film and thought I’d go into costume design.  But
then I was bitten by the pastry bug and fell in love!  I was a pastry
chef for 13 years, the last 4 making wedding cakes.

About 2 years ago we decided to make the move out of the big city.
The husband got a great new job but my job prospects were slim to
none, which combined with crazy work related respiratory problems
meant I needed to find something new.  A lot of soul searching later
and I started sewing clutches!   I love the wedding industry and this
was a great way to stay in it while working from home.

I still love baking and (to the detriment of my waistline) keep doing
it for fun!  We’re doing some renos and once those are done I’m
planning on teaching baking classes, and maybe making the odd wedding
what 5 words describe you the most?

sneezy * introspective * colourful * stubborn * silly * enthusiastic

what does your typical day look like?

Hmmm, I don’t really know anymore!  We just got a puppy on the weekend
so everything’s changed!  I work from home so it’s going to be awfully
difficult to actually focus and work for the next few weeks!  We’re
focusing on crate training so that I’ll be able to head to my sewing
room and get some work done every few hours!  Caesar makes it look so

where are you from, and where do you live now?

I’m originally from Vancouver, BC.  A little over a year ago we made
the big move to Kamloops, a small city about 3 hours northeast of Van.
We wanted to live somewhere where we could actually afford a house!
The plan is to move again in about 4 years – Kamloops is in the desert
and we’re both coastal rainforest kids!  And yes, Canada has desert!

what inspires you?

Other creative people!  I’ve never been able to create out of a
vaccum.  I’m always reading – books, blogs, magazines.  I go on
research binges then the ideas just flow.  And there’s nothing like
gardening or taking a walk to clear the mind of all the clutter and
let it wander.

what’s one thing people usually don’t know about you?

I’m such a blabber mouth they probably wish they knew less about me!
But I guess the fact that even though I’m a really girly girl and
pretty lazy I seriously considered joining the army after high school.
I’m not really patriotic I just like the idea of the extreme
challenge!  And hot guys in uniforms.

tell us a little about your etsy shop and blogs:

My etsy shop is basically an excuse for me to play with pretty fabric!
I’ve got shimmering silks in a rainbow of colours, and my faves,
Liberty tana lawns.  I also love that I get to chat with so many
brides and help them plan the perfect accessories for themselves or
their girls!

Right now I have 2 blogs, prettylulu and an abundance of apricots.
Jamie’s always making fun of me because I have a magpie’s eye – he’s
always saying “shiny things, shiny things”!  And it’s true!  Pretty
Lulu is where I can write about all the pretty, shiny things that I’ve
found and loved, and maybe stop myself from buying all of them!  An
Abundance of Apricots is more of a personal blog about what’s going on
in my garden and kitchen.  This is our first growing season in our new
house and I have so many plans!  I really hope I can grow about 50% of
the food we eat this summer and share some of the recipes there.
what makes you smile?

My sweet, goofy cat Lulu.  I’m hoping she’ll stop hiding under the bed and be herself again soon.  She and her brother are not happy about the new addition to the family!

chelsea elsewhere: (etsy shop) (pretty lulu blog) (an abundance of apricots blog)

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please welcome, guest poster: handmade evolution

handmade weddings

1). Parrott Design Studio 2). Wicked Pen 3). Percy Handmade 4). Bliss in a Teacup

handmade weddings

1). Free Wedding Invitation Kit found via Paper Crave 2). He Knows my Name 3). Red Light Studio

For those of you who are already married, you may have loved deciding all of the details for your wedding! I know I did. I was in heaven with all of the cake tastings and time spent picking out colors and favors and of course – the dress.

I got married almost 5 years ago, before I had even heard of Etsy – yet we still managed to have a handmade wedding. I designed and made almost everything myself for our wedding – from favors to invites to table numbers and beyond. From there I knew I had to find a job that was more creative, I considered becoming a wedding planner or even a baker, but ended up deciding that web and graphic design was the direction I wanted to take.

I am amazed at everything that is available online now to help brides have the perfect handmade wedding – whether you decide you’d like to make things yourself or to purchase from the many vendors on Etsy.

I’m especially excited to share the Free printable wedding invitation kit pictured above with you! For those of you currently planning your wedding – I hope everything goes smoothly and you have the time of your life!

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