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handmade halloween masks (6)

handmade halloween masks (2)

handmade halloween masks (3)

handmade halloween masks (4)

handmade halloween masks (5)

handmade halloween masks (1)

handmade halloween masks (7)

 handmade halloween masks

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i think masks are a classy way to approach halloween – plus they’re an easy way to truly transform yourself! as woodland creatures are always my go-to, i think these furry friends are simply to die for.

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forgotten ingredients pumpkin seeds

{pumpkin patch 6×6 photo}

who knew, pumpkin seeds aren’t just for halloween! turns out, we should be trying to incorporate them into our diet more and more. they contain zinc, iron and healthy omega-3s and omega-6’s.

zinc is a trace mineral that affects our immune function and acts upon more than 200 enzymes involved in metabolism, building cells and transporting carbon dioxide among other functions.

iron is needed to carry oxygen in the blood, and a low iron intake can lead to anemia. pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of iron, as 1 oz provides ever 4 mg (the daily recommendation for iron is 18 mg).

omega-3s and omega-6s: pumpkin seeds contain both of the ‘good’ fats which researches believe are important to consume together. for those of us who don’t eat fish, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts and pine nuts are an excellent way to reach our omega-3s and omega-6s needs.

for ideas on how to consume more pumpkin seeds, try these recipes!

– make your own knekkebrød crackers, perfect for dipping into hummus!

– roast the pumpkin, then roast the pumpkin seeds as a healthy snack or salad topping

– try making a pumpkin pizza wreath

– bake up some homemade granola

what are your favorite ways to eat pumpkin seeds?

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halloween the handmade way

October 21, 2010

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halloween the handmade way

clockwise :: {scull and crossbone candles, shabby chic halloween favors, halloween bats, vintage anatomy post cards, halloween cupcake wrappers, eat drink and be scary, candy pumpkins, black widow spider salad plates, girl with umbrella, b is for boo}

we’re not big ‘celebrator’s’ of halloween, but we’ll take an excuse to have a dinner party anytime!  we love to hear the door bell ring and see what all the little ones have dressed up as, and hand them their yearly dose of cavities candy.  as it seems that much to do about halloween has lost it’s charm (sexy nurses or skimpy devil costumes, anyone?), here are some handmade halloween goodies that have some class.

how do you celebrate halloween?


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