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April 9, 2014

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jennet hand lettering (3) i fell in love with jennet liaw’s work for several reasons this week. most obviously, her hand lettering is stellar and seems to be an endless source of inspiration. i also absolutely love how much thought has gone in to each one of her illustrations. they are clever, witty and thought provoking. some are funny and cute while others are motivating and encouraging.

i especially love the one above. many of you know my story, but for those of you who don’t i’ll tell you one of my secrets to living my dream (hint: it’s illustrated above!). several years ago i decided that i wanted to be a surface pattern designer. about 6 months went by and i still had the same dream, but i was still sitting at my same job doing the same thing every day. it wasn’t until i realized that someday had to be TODAY that i began making progress. i decided to start doing just one thing every single day in the direction of my dreams. some days it was simply writing an email, other days it was learning a new skill. i did this every single day and after 18 months landed my first job as a surface pattern designer. oh my goodness, it worked! i still use the same philosophy today (in fact, i just started towards another goal yesterday with this same concept). dreams just don’t come true unless you start making things happen. they’re big and scary when you look at the big picture, but if you break them down into daily bite sized chunks you’ll accomplish so much. call one person, write one email, sketch one drawing, look at one video lesson, do one page in your portfolio. how many ever months or years it takes you doesn’t matter, the point is that you’ll accomplish BIG things if you start doing small things!

so that’s why jennet’s illustration meant so much to me when i saw it. be sure to follow her on instagram for more goodness as well!

jennet hand lettering (1) jennet hand lettering (2)   jennet hand lettering (4) jennet hand lettering (5)

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  zachary smith (2)

zachary smith (6)

zachary smith (3)

zachary smith (1)

zachary smith (4)

zachary smith (5)

there’s something really special about zachary smith’s hand painted typographic illustrations. maybe it’s their sentiments, or the feelings they evoke on the viewer. maybe it’s the unique lettering or beautiful imagery. i think it’s probably a little bit of each, since i get completely entranced when i look at them. they make me long to get outside, get creative and be adventurous all at the same time.

zachary smith around the web: tumblr | instagram | dribble | facebook

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get or gift

June 13, 2013

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be true mug

i’m starting a new ‘sometimes series’ called get or gift. you know, for those perfect little purchases that make a great gift or lovely treat for yourself. first up is this beautiful be true coffee mug by lindsay letters. i discovered it while catching up on thoughts by natalie (and her instagram feed) and immediately fell in love! it’s so fresh and sweet, don’t you think? coming in at just $15, it’s the perfect mug to get or gift.

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lily & val spring showcase

chalkboard artist valerie mckeehan is an amazing hand letterer who works hard to showcase the nostalgic and comforting rustic charm that chalkboards bring to a space. all of the prints, note cards and paper goods at lily and val are hand lettered on a chalkboard surface, then photographed to produce the products. this process allows the designs to keep their rustic charm since they’re not digitally produced. the result is a truly beautiful, realistic chalkboard appearance (minus the dust!).

psst.. don’t forget father’s day is just around the corner! if you’re still looking for a special card, there’s still plenty of time to grab this one from lily & val!

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turn your hand lettering into vectors + wacom tablet tutorial

these are the topics i get asked about the most:

1) how do you use a pen tablet?
2) how do you turn your hand lettering into vectors?

well since i couldn’t live without my wacom tablet and think using my handwriting for projects and posts is possibly the most fun thing EVER, i’m really excited to share this pair of tutorials with the roost tribe this week!

in the first tutorial, i’ll cover what type of pen tablet is best, how to use one and what options and settings we have in adobe illustrator.

in the second tutorial, i’ll be covering three ways in which to turn your hand lettering into vectors, how to play with colors and patterns, and how to save the file to best use on the web. you’ll also learn how to do it both with and without a scanner.

sound interesting? tutorials will be sent out this friday (10.19) to the roost tribe. you can find out more information on the tribe and learn how to join here! **don’t have illustrator? adobe offers a free 30 day trial. you can check it out here!

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moxie glass calligraphy pen (3)

last week i got the sweetest gift from my mom. we’ve been talking a lot lately about calligraphy and hand lettering, and before i knew i had a pretty little package on my doorstep! a beautiful glass calligraphy pen with writing ink and some pretty pencils from moxie. she knows me so well!

moxie glass calligraphy pen (4)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (5)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (6)

the grooves in the glass pen hold ink effortlessly- all you do is dip the entire point into your favorite writing ink and start scrawling!

moxie glass calligraphy pen (7)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (8)

the ink goes on nice and smooth and the pen is incredibly comfortable to hold. i was also surprised how long each dip in the ink lasts- i wrote ‘going home to roost’ and still had plenty of ink to spare.

moxie glass calligraphy pen (1)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (2)

she also sent over some of the prettiest pencils i’ve ever seen. made from 100% recycled paper, they feel soft to the touch and write beautifully! they’re almost too pretty to use. :)

moxie glass calligraphy pen (9)

thank you, mom. i love you!

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lettering love

September 11, 2012

lettering love

i’m just about as obsessed with hand lettering as a person can be, so i’m particularly excited about besotted brand’s upcoming week of lettering love. all week, miss b. will be posting about the pens she’s been using, books, resources, lettering artists, favorite calligraphy/hand lettering fonts and even some downloads!  you can check it out right here and be sure to follow along this week!

speaking of lettering love, here are some of my favorite sites and sources for hand lettering:

tutorials & e-courses:

chalkboard tutorial
learn modern calligraphy
modern calligraphy photoshop brushes
create fake calligraphy


lisa congdon
i still love you
mary kate mcdevitt
365 days of hand lettering

pinterest boards:

hand lettering calligraphy
my hand lettering board
hand lettering by laurel goodroe

do you have something to add? share it with us in the comments section and i’ll keep this resource list updated!

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album art decemberists (1)

album art decemberists (2)

album art decemberists (3)

album art decemberists (4)

album art decemberists (5)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

i’m always blown away by the decemberists‘ album and poster art. not only are they one of my favorite bands, but their artful presentations always draw me in! i especially love the hand lettering and subtle patterns. click over to listen to one of my favorite songs, crane wife!

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