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a love note

February 14, 2013

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a love note

hey everyone! in honor of valentine’s day, i just wanted to say.. well.. i love you! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of going home to roost, and helping to cultivate this amazing creative community. you guys are the best, seriously! i couldn’t do what i do without you (nor would i want to) and it means so much to me that each of you stop by each day to check in on what’s going on in the land of ghtr. i hope your day (and every day) is filled with love, light and laughter and that you get to spend it with your most favorite person on earth.

speaking of, my most favorite person on earth just called and wants me to meet him in town this morning, so i’m signing off to spend the day with my love. see you tomorrow! love, bonnie

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for us, valentine’s day tends to be all about eating some really great food. and since there’s no better way to get to a man’s heart than through his stomach, i thought a few dinner ideas might be in need!


these recipes are all plant based, therefore you can serve up some dairy free, meat free goodness to your loved ones. bet you didn’t know desserts could still look so good, huh?!

1. mediterranean pasta with artichokes

2. asparagus with shittake, shallots and peas

3. ‘hearty’ ravioli (hehe!)

4. pink cauliflower soup

5. crispy tofu hearts

6. four berry salad

7. roasted red pepper and walnut dip with pomegranate


1. chocolate dipped strawberries

2. mini coconut blood orange bundt cakes

3. lemon cream with blackberries

4. layered chocolate raspberry mousse

5. candied clementines

6. poached pears with dark chocolate

what are you cooking for valentine’s day?

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a color story – love

February 8, 2012

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image: love by a creative mint

valentine’s day reds.

threads of love and a morning dove.
stitches of joy and my favorite boy.
oh how i love a needle and thread,
in shades of pink, orange and red.
vintage spools make a nice combination,
the perfect setting for a valentine’s creation!

- by yours truly. (hehe!) :)

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dinner ideas 1.27.12

January 27, 2012

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dinner ideas vegan dinner ideas


roasted fall veggies with lentils | butternut squash and apple soup | polenta pizzashepherd’s pie | vegan lasagna recipe

i found myself craving comfort food this week, so our meals were full of hearty-feel-good-foods. potatoes, soup and yummy polenta did the job! and don’t forget, if it wasn’t delicious and totally hubby approved, it doesn’t make the list!

monday: this new vegan lasagna recipe that is to.die.for.
tuesday: shepherd’s pie made from local fresh veggies.
wednesday: polenta pizza served with sauteed kale (yum-o!).
thursday: butternut squash and apple soup, a winter favorite!
friday: roasted fall veggies with lentils.

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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a heartfelt photo

November 3, 2011

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heart bum

{tibetan gazelles goa by reurinkjan discovered via besotted blog}

aww, i just love this little guy. he’s spreading love and joy without even knowing it! he’s a tibetan gazelle and if i could, i would bring him home with me.

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dopamine hearts {hot pink dopamine molecule heart}

Hello! This is Sasha from over at What. No Mints?

Bonnie has graciously allowed me a little space here to spread the word about a charity event I am supporting called the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, which raises money to promote the research and awareness of Parkinson’s disease.

dopamine hearts
{aqua blue dopamine molecule heart}

A few months ago, a woman named Bettina (who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 4 years ago at the age of 34) contacted me about collaborating with her and her team by donating some of the proceeds from my Dopamine Heart Pins to the Unity Walk. My immediate thought: Geeky crafts, plus promoting a great cause … Yes, please!

For those who aren’t familiar with the significance of dopamine to those with Parkinson’s desease, it is the chemical in the brain that helps you move. In people diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the brain stops making it, which results in symptoms such as shaking, moving slowly and difficulty walking. Oftentimes, a drug called L-Dopa (a form of dopamine) is prescribed to ease these symptoms – So it was appropriate that Bettina and her supporters wanted to wear this little molecule as they walked!

dopamine hearts {chartreuse green dopamine molecule heart}

25% of the proceeds from each of the Dopamine Heart Pins I sell will be given directly to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk! You can wear it proudly to show your support, and it’s certainly a fun conversation-starter! You also have the option to purchase a custom pin in whatever color you choose.

dopamine hearts
{sunny yellow dopamine molecule heart}

The Unity Walk will be held on April 16th, so it would be wonderful if we could raise as much as possible before then – Thanks for your participation!


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grilled artichoke hearts

February 14, 2011

grilled artichoke hearts

perfect for valentine’s day? i like the idea of meals cooked on a theme, so leave it to me to serve heart-shaped brownies and artichoke hearts on valentine’s day.


  • -2 artichokes
  • -1/4 cup fresh parsley – chopped
  • -garlic salt
  • -1 tbs lemon juice
  • -1 tbs olive oil


bring 4 cups of water to a boil. cut artichokes in half from stem to top. trim the tips of the leaves using kitchen scissors to remove the thorns. boil until fronds are easy to peel off, about 20 minutes. remove and drain cut side down on a towel. brush with olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkle with remaining toppings. grill until blackened (i used a panini maker), about 8 minutes.

never eaten an artichoke? here’s a great how-to article!

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hot cocoa mix with ashley pahl

February 14, 2011

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I first made this hot cocoa mix over the holidays, and it was a huge hit. I know I will never buy hot cocoa packets again. It’s easy to make a big batch of this mix, and keep it on hand for when you’re craving a warm mug. The best part is that the powdered milk can be switched out for powdered soy milk, to accommodate vegans or those with allergies.

The marshmallow hearts idea came from Martha Stewart – great for Valentine’s Day!

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown


2 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup Dutch-processed cocoa
2 1/2 cups powdered milk (or powdered milk substitute)
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cornstarch
1 pinch cayenne pepper, or more to taste
Hot water


Place all ingredients into a large bowl; mix well. Store in an air-tight container. To make one serving: fill a mug with 1/3 cup of homemade hot cocoa mix. Fill the rest with hot water.

To make heart marshmallows: simply cut large marshmallows in half, and use a greased mini heart cutter to punch out the centers. Perfect!

cofee with indie pretty projects

ashley paul indie pretty project Ashley has been coffee-crazy since college when her husband bought her an espresso machine for Christmas. Armed with a pot of dark roast, she spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her self-titledEtsy shop.

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