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gift guide for the hostess

this hostess loves to make people feel welcome, warm and comfortable. she makes dinners and gatherings feel special, but not pretentious. her love for cooking and homemaking is what brings people to gather around her table and they give thanks before diving in to the delicious meal. she is kind, talented and always someone you look forward to being around.

1) six stainless steel straws – $18 | 2) ash wood cutting board – $32 | 3) sparkle and shine tissue tassel – $45 | 4) 22k gold rim dish – $28 | 5) give thanks banner – $17.50 | 6) mason jar shaker set – $16 | 7) handmade cardamom marshmallows – $6.50 | 8) dahlia tea towels – $26 aud | 9) carved handle bottle opener – $20 | 10)  the hostess mug – $15 | 11) square doily coasters – $19 | 12) earth textured candlesticks – $29.99 | 13) paper mache bowl – $15

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turns out, we’re going to have a farm-forward day today!  a dear friend of mine, deidre, sent this article to me yesterday from the new york times and i immediately knew i wanted to share it with you.  it’s uplifting, empowering & thought provoking, and though i encourage you to read the entire article, i’m going to highlight it for you here.

chicks with chicks :: the femivore movement

it discusses what they call the ‘femivore’s dilemma’- where highly educated women are turning away from the workforce and instead embracing a life of homemaking- without turning into betty draper.

“femivores expand those of another: feeding their families clean, flavorful food; reducing their carbon footprints; producing sustainably instead of consuming rampantly. What could be more vital, more gratifying, more morally defensible?”

now it seems that there is a new movement on the horizon.  in the past, many of us felt that we either had to prove ourselves by climbing the coorporate ladder, or that if we didn’t, we were somehow giving in to old world standards (you know, barefoot and pregnant?).

chicks with chicks :: the femivore movement

this article is empowering us to think differently:

“Conventional feminist wisdom held that two incomes were necessary to provide a family’s basic needs — not to mention to guard against job loss, catastrophic illness, divorce or the death of a spouse. Femivores suggest that knowing how to feed and clothe yourself regardless of circumstance, to turn paucity into plenty, is an equal — possibly greater — safety net. After all, who is better equipped to weather this economy, the high-earning woman who loses her job or the frugal homemaker who can count her chickens?

they encourage the idea that the femivore is transforming the definition of homemaker into one that is much more about soil than dirt, and fresh air than air freshener. a sustainable minded woman who stays at home not because she has to, but because she wants to take personal responsibility for supplying for their needs.  the promise that if everything in the world around us stopped, our household could simply keep on going gardening, collecting eggs and supplying clothes.

they leave us with a thought provoking question, “is my home the engine of materialism or a refuge from it?”

i encourage you to read the full article, the femivore’s dilemma (its not very long).  i’ll meet you in the comments section for some discussion-

what do you think of this?

{photos: bonnie forkner}

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