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bring in the trees!

June 25, 2013

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beautiful indoor trees (5)

beautiful indoor trees (1)

beautiful indoor trees (2)

beautiful indoor trees (3)

beautiful indoor trees (4)

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lately, i’ve been all but obsessed with bringing a few trees inside. after adding this tree to our space, i just can’t get over how fresh and airy it makes the place feel! plus, they work  as incredibly good air filters. i’ve done quite a bit of research on which plants are best for indoor use, and i’ll be sharing them with you a little later this week, so stay tuned!

do you have any trees in your home? if so, what kind is your favorite?

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benefits to having house plants benefits to having house plants

many of you know, i’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to house plants. i wouldn’t say it’s a jungle in here, but i love decorating with unusual plants. it brings a sense of the outdoors inside, freshens up the space and gives a good punch of color to the decor. little did i know, the benefits to keeping a few house plants are immense! after doing a little research, here are a few of my favorite benefits.

- plants can help fight colds: indoor plants have been shown to reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30% (wow!)- mainly due to their effect of increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust (a whole different favorite benefit!).

- plants help to remove airborne contaminants: as we breathe the same air again and again (potentially inhaling harmful substances that are trapped inside), indoor plants help to remove pollutants including, VOCs, formaldehyde and more!

- plants can just flat-out make you happy: keeping plants inside can reduce stress and contribute to a feeling of well-being, making you calmer and more optimistic. studies have even shown that patients who face a garden view in their hospital rooms often recover more quickly than those facing a wall.

- plants can help to decrease your blood pressure: people with plants in their homes have less stress, which directly contributes to a lower blood pressure.

- plants can offer healing treatments: some indoor plants, like aloe, can be applied to skin and offer pain relief.

- plants can prevent allergies: exposing children to plants early in life can help them build a tolerance and immunity to that allergen. it basically works like a custom allergy shot, naturally.

- plants can make your brain work better: potted plants and flowers can improve your idea generation, mood, and more (i recommend having some right next to your creative work space!).

- plants provide clean air: in addition to filtering chemicals, plants also put out clean air, improving the air quality around them, ahhhh.

- plants help to clear congestion: eucalyptus especially can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system (eucalyptus is often found in congestion remedies, as well).

- plants are natural humidifiers: save some money and instead of buying a humidifier machine, just bring in a plant or two!

to see more of my indoor plants, you can read about how i made my diy terrariums, how i like to plot my planters and yes, how i even went a little plant crazy.

for further juicy reads on the benefits of having indoor plants, here are a few nifty articles: health benefits to house plants, eliminate indoor pollutants, benefits to indoor plants, nasa research of plants, green plant benefits and the best plants for improving indoor air quality.

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planting kitchen herbs


there’s just nothing like using freshly picked herbs in the kitchen.  i cherish them dearly and they make our dishes so delectable, savory and often times more beautifully presented. most culinary herbs are easy to grow indoors and make it easy to pick from your own mini herb garden year round!  you can plant them in individual pots, or in one container easy to move around.  most herbs are easily germinated from seed but are often very affordable as starters at your local hardware store or nursery.

planting kitchen herbs

{sneak peek from sfgirlbybay}

best herbs for the kitchen:

basil: sweet, fragrant leaves that are commonly used in sauces, pesto, salads and italian dishes.  an easy grower that produces in the summer and fall and needs maximum sunlight.

chives: a member of the onion family; best used in potatoes, salads and on fish.

dill: used in many asian and mediterranean dishes, dill has aromatic fern like scrumptious tops.

mint: fresh and clean herb, best used in drinks, salads and sweet dishes.

oregano: often used in italian dishes, tomato sauces and on veggies.  easy to grow with many health benefits.

parsley: usually used uncooked and as a garnish; has a very mild flavor.

rosemary: woody and fragrant, best used on potatoes, bread or vegetables (my favorite!).

sage: has a slightly peppery flavor, often used in meats or in italian dishes.

thyme: a basic ingredient in numerous cuisines, an essential and aromatic herb to grow.

planting kitchen herbs


growing tips: most herbs prefer sunny locations, either outside or in a south facing window. make sure the bottom of your pot or planting area has a drainage hole, as herbs prefer well drained soil. make sure that each herb has a depth 7-9 inches for root growth. consider keeping invasive herbs such as mint, lemon balm and peppermint growing separately so as not to overcrowd the others.

kitchen herbs

here’s my latest project and how i made my mini kitchen herb garden! i ran across this old tool box on a vintage hunt recently, and couldn’t wait to get home and plant it up.

kitchen herbs

after drilling a few holes in the bottom for proper drainage, i filled her with good organic potting soil and planted my sage, rosemary, basil, oregano and dill. i also added an aloe plant, a cactus and a succulent at the end, just to spruce it up  a bit.

kitchen herbs

i think this is my all time favorite garden project! i love the tool box because i can easily move into the sunshine, and then indoors for the winter.  happy planting!

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