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after being inspired by this cold and spring photo (below), i decided to run with the theme for today.  i’m feeling all sunshiney and warm, are you?

blue vase with orange flower

cold and spring

aqua and orange inspiration photos

unnamed, tomaten, dress, a bit of sun

jumping into aqua


aqua and orange chairs lined up

so good, all lined up like that

orange and aqua inspiration photos

to enjoy life, we must touch much of it lightly., tulsa sky, devotion

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{untitled by anton}

feminie style inspiration

1: untitled 2: eternal internal 3:  untitled 4: heavy water

feminie style inspiration

1: untitled 2: winter [explore] 3: untitled 4: untitled

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color inspiration

May 27, 2010

when i found this lovely post over at melissa loves this morning, i couldn’t help but be inspired by artist, rolo.  i hope you enjoy my collection of rich and indulgent color finds!

{cuéntame sobre el mar (al que alguna vez llamaste hogar)}

column 1 :: aspirations, the satine dress, royal purple and lime green serving bowl, spin mixed media

column 2 :: needle felted white raining cloud, brooklyn’s many colors painted vintage jar, double asian waves necklace, poolside… 1 pomagran- it, unisex polaroid hoody

column 3 :: vintage hollywood glamour birdcage veil, 15 may 10, effervescence, queen of the night 2, fine art carnival photo

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May 19, 2010

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inspiration: frolic by kyracee

pink finds

1st row: the sugar sugar babydoll shorty dress, pink and white hydrangea pillow, tiniest tulip studs

2nd row: lilou a pink and green blossom comb, message robot gray pink, bouquet, tufts, falkland wool

3rd row: pretty in pink vintage samsonite train case, pink milk star flower post earrings, bright pink leather travel purse

4th row: corinne- light grey french style beret, a catch, salmon pink top with shawl collar

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hello lovelies! well i’m off on an overnight trip with my mister to savannah, georgia (yeah!!).  i’ll be online though, so i’ll be here tomorrow and happy to answer questions and keep in contact with you.  i hope you are all having a lovely week! do you remember my personal kick the door down story?  before i go, i wanted to share scoutie girl’s finished project with you!

tara has compiled everyone’s personal kick the door down stories into one incredibly inspiring ezine.  this ezine boasts 31 pages of encouraging stories written by creatives who have either kicked their indie doors down or are on their journey towards it.  click over to this scoutie girl post to get inspired and download a free copy!!

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making it beautiful

March 29, 2010

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good morning monday!  how was your weekend? mine was quiet and relatively uneventful, so i feel ready and relaxed for the week- a nice change!

crazy sheep picture

bling bling by wild goose chase

this picture just gave me a good laugh.  it did quite a lot for lightening my mood, so i couldn’t say no to sharing it with you. i love everything about it!  i can see myself touching the curls on her chest and running my fingers down her forehead.  we’ve become quite good friends.  here is my attempted translation of this beaut!

brown, pink and green handmade finds

clockwise :: celery paper pom, 1980’s .vintage. sunglasses, 12 organic crocheted beads, doll print, seedling starter newspaper pots, glass bee catcher, dos a dos, crochet stocking

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rainy day

March 10, 2010

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lisa’s green balloon by lisa sparks

green and blue

clockwise:: lime green canvas wedges, vintage 400ft film reels, lime green vintage alarm clock, hand dyed aqua lime yarn, letterpress fortune teller, two mini butterfly vases, vintage seed packets, vintage stack of 40s & 50s aqua books

rain rain go away, come again another day.  please?

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i think we’ve had a good week here, don’t you?  i’ve had so much fun chatting with you all!  i’ve got some more really fun stuff planned for next week, and hopefully i’ll be fulfilling a promise i made long ago on monday- i’m at least going to try!

i had so much fun doing my first mood board, that i’m going to stick to what i said and do some more!  this one of course, was inspired by valentine’s day. cupcakes, cinnamon cookies, dark chocolate and russian tea- yup, that about sums it up!

do you see the soap bar in the middle? that is yummy chocolate soap by mojo spa- and it’s incredible! it smells so delicious.  what could be better than having permission to rub chocolate all over your body? :)

pretty little things like these vintage buttons really me, i love looking at all the little details in life.

mood board

what are you doing for valentine’s day? i think we’re going to lay low this weekend and spend the day at home with movies and a nice dinner.  i really want some new bubble bath, i haven’t had any in months! so i’m just putting that out there- sweetie, did you catch that?


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