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the pattern party

August 16, 2012

the pattern party

though my travels have seemed to take a toll on my instagram use, one thing i’ve been really enjoying is partaking in the pattern party- a fun little project by august empress! simply take photos of the beautiful patterns you find in life and tag them with #thepatternparty on instragram. shortly, you’ll photos will appear in the pattern party feed! visit august empress to learn more and come join the party!

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start making

August 15, 2012

stop wondering start making

stop wondering start making (via lovely clusters)

for me, it’s easy to wonder too much. i’ve been wondering a lot lately. today, i’m going to take some of my own advice, get off of here and start making. i encourage you to do the same. see you tommorrow!! love, bonnie

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autumn wedding inspiration

August 15, 2012

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autumn wedding inspiration (1)

autumn wedding inspiration (3)

autumn wedding inspiration (12)

autumn wedding inspiration (5)

autumn wedding inspiration (4)

autumn wedding inspiration (7)

autumn wedding inspiration (11)

autumn wedding inspiration (8)

autumn wedding inspiration (9)

autumn wedding inspiration (10)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

brisk mornings, hazy hues, crunchy leaves and long sleeves. to me, autumn is one of the most romantic times of the year! here’s a little inspiration for all you lovebirds tying the knot this fall. enjoy!

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  summer gardens summer gardens

i’ve been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these hazy garden images for days now. i hope they’ll give you some summer inspiration for your veggie and flower garden!

1: radishes
2: emerald green photograph
3: asparagus photography
4: spring morning
5: pink flower
6: what a lovely lily garden
7: daffodils
8: summer photograph
9: gardening art
10: fresh garlic

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color inspiration

July 11, 2012

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whilliam white

pelargonium australian mystery by william white

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4th of july diy’s

July 3, 2012

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july 4th diys

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

happy 4th of july-eve my little sweet potatoes! i’ll be taking tomorrow off to spend with david, but wanted to share a few of my favorite independence day diy’s before signing off. tomorrow will be filled with good food and sunshine- both of which are two of my favorite things! what do you have planned?

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10 reasons to blog ahead

June 20, 2012

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reasons to blog ahead

admittedly, this is something i didn’t do for a very long time. after i recently bit the bullet and started writing posts ahead of time however, i can’t believe i waited so long! since it took me forever (we’re talking nearly 3 years here), i thought you might like to know why i made the switch, and if you’re a blogger, why you should to.

first let’s talk about why i did not plan my posts ahead of time. you see, i fell in love with this idea of spontaneity early on. i liked having the flexibility and empowerment of just blogging about something as soon as it caught my eye. i thought, but what if i wake up to an amazing product in my inbox? or what if inspiration strikes and i can’t wait to share it? so that my friends, is why i subscribed myself to never blogging ahead of time.

fast forward 3 years of what i would consider some stressful writing, frenzied posts and the occasional emergency run to the nearest coffee shop with internet and you’ll fine me here. happily posting ahead of time. and here’s why!

10 reasons to blog ahead (1) wake up feeling ahead of the game. especially when different time zones are considered, it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and know that your posts have already been read, sometimes all around the world.


10 reasons to blog ahead (2) create better content. when you plan ahead you will naturally have more time to put sincere thought and effort into your posts and plan them perfectly.


10 reasons to blog ahead (3) freak out LESS! woke up to an internet outage? have no fear, your posts are already scheduled and making their way around the world www.


10 reasons to blog ahead (4) stay ahead, even when you’re on vacation. blogging while on the road use to be one of my biggest stressors, especially when internet service was in question. since i’ve started planning ahead, i’ve never had more fun while on the road!


10 reasons to blog ahead (5) share better projects, photos and recipes. when you’re working ahead of time, you’ll be able to plan more projects, and most importantly have plenty of time to take great photos (in the daylight!) and edit them to your liking.


10 reasons to blog ahead (6) have more time to connect. with your readers, your family and your dog (or kitty!).


10 reasons to blog ahead (7) better engage your audience. as you plan ahead you’ll find that you have more time to think about how you want to share your content across social media sites and with your readers.


10 reasons to blog ahead (8) press snooze. not all the time, but sometimes.


10 reasons to blog ahead (9) be spontaneous. yup, you can still be spontaneous! if you come across something that just can’t wait, just rearrange your scheduled posts or add a new post for the day- your readers will thank you!


10 reasons to blog ahead (10) be more flexible. want to go for a run? have coffee with your hubbie? have a little extra quite time? all of it is possible when your posts are schedule and ready to go.

so in a nutshell, that is why i made the switch and why it has totally rocked my world and actually increased my time to be creative. can i get a woot woot?!

do you blog ahead? why or why not? i’ll meet you in the comments section!

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i’m not sure what i love more: scott albrecht’s hand drawn typography or the messages that are written in it. scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (1) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (2) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (3) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (4) it’s just the way we progress.

visit scott albrecht’s site to see more!

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