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the pattern party

August 16, 2012

the pattern party

though my travels have seemed to take a toll on my instagram use, one thing i’ve been really enjoying is partaking in the pattern party- a fun little project by august empress! simply take photos of the beautiful patterns you find in life and tag them with #thepatternparty on instragram. shortly, you’ll photos will appear in the pattern party feed! visit august empress to learn more and come join the party!

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happy monday, lovelies! today i’m excited to share with you that the lovely jo klima (designer of ghtr) is offering the your darling blog workshop again! and i’m extra-excited to say that this time, i’ll be taking it!

your darling blog

your darling blog design workshop is for bloggers who want to learn how to infuse more of their personality into their online space. over the course of 7 weeks, jo teaches you how to create a blog design, infuse it with your personality and find your style.

your darling blog

if you’re interested, don’t delay! the next workshop begins june 25th and registration closes this friday, june 22nd. head on over to your darling blog to find out more about registration, see testimonials and read the FAQ’s.

i hope to see you in class!

jo klima elsewhere: workshop | blog | website | twitter | facebook

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patterns, graphics and social buttons

i woke up this morning to a very exciting newsletter in my inbox, announcing august empress’ new shop for seamless repeating patterns, graphics and social buttons! for those of you who don’t know, jo klima is one of the most talented gals i know (though i may be biased, she designed going home to roost!). her patterns and graphics are stunningly beautiful with watercolor textures and soft, geometric details. each with a handcrafted touch combined with feminine colors brings both depth and light to each design- all of which i’ve fallen in love with. visit her shop here!


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your darling blog workshop

February 29, 2012

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hello lovelies! i’m sure a few of you have explored the bottom of my blog enough to discover who designed it – the most talented jo klima from the darling tree and august empress. i just can’t say enough wonderful things about her! she’s done several design projects for me and is so sweet and lovely to work with. she’s simply the whole package!

your darling blog today, i’m excited to share with you a new workshop she’s offering called your darling blog. if you’ve ever wanted a custom-design for your blog then this workshop is for you! your darling blog is for bloggers who want to infuse more of their personality into their online space, and jo takes your step by step how to create a blog design that expresses who you are this 5 week e-course. visit your darling blog to learn more and register, but hurry- registration just opened and the class is  limited to 25 people!

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hello lovelies!  someone very dear to my heart has started a blog that has become one of my addictions daily reads.  jo klima is always my go-to-gal for design work.  that’s right- she designed going home to roost and selling the handmade way! after all these years of designing blogs and websites for other people, jo has finally been able to start her very own blog, august empress.

august empress by jo klima

and it’s to die for!!

as you can only imagine a designer’s website would be, august empress is smart, beautiful, and full of to-die-for goodies.  she posts design elements and backgrounds free for you to download (notice the backdrop to this post?), patterns, inspirations, home decor ideas and more.  really, you must see for yourself!

>> meet jo – the designer of ghtr and selling the handmade way!

>> check out her free downloads

>> enter the giveaway to win a copy of print & pattern and creative, inc (by 11/15)

on another note: are you looking for a graphic designer? i can’t say enough wonderful things about jo klima & her web design business, the darling tree. jo’s design sense is like no other i’ve come across & the way she combines feminine whimsy with business smarts & branding identity is unmatched. she’s timely, affordable & an absolute dream to work with!

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