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bicycle wedding tag printable

Have you ever received a food gift and really wished for the recipe once the goodies were gone? I know I have! This little printable recipe card is perfect to give with your delicious concoctions. It’s also a beautiful little way to gather family recipes and kitchen secrets. I love reading through my grandmother’s cookbooks.

You can print this recipe directly onto 4×6 index cards if you have a printer with those capabilities – just make sure your printer is set to a 4×6 page size and print one side and then the other. Otherwise, print the full page PDF with two sides on card stock, and cut to size!

I hope that many wonderful recipes are written on these cards – enjoy! – Abigail

Abigail runs her freelance business with her soon-to-be husband, and when she’s not designing they love to go camping, listen to good music, and go on foodie adventures together!

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a fairy tale garden shed

June 19, 2012

as i was scouring the web for garden greenhouses yesterday, i couldn’t help but fall in love with this dreamy garden shed. i just had to share it on it’s own!

a fairy tale garden shed

gail and mark dupar’s dreamy shed is the heart of their kitchen garden. it’s where they start seedlings, arrange flowers, raise tomatoes, store tools and dry freshly harvested shallots. the shade-cloth covered glass roof helps brighten the inside where tender plants hibernate over the winter. i especially love how they have integrated vintage pieces throughout- a former kitchen cabinet holds vases, seeds, and books and an antique leaded glass window hangs from an overhead beam. clear glass bottles let light from the greenhouse filter into the main shed while darker bottles, marbles, and twiggy prunings fill in around them. it’s quite the dreamy place, don’t you think?

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lisa rupp tea towels

February 15, 2012

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lisa rupp

lisa rupp

lisa rupp

you know i’m a sucker for cute kitchen accessories! i love the vintage, hand drawn feel to these happy tea towels by lisa rupp. i can see them now, swung at my side through the loop in my apron, coated in flour (along with my face and a little bit of my hair).

lisa rupp: etsy | portfolio | blog

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painted handles

January 5, 2012

i’m thinking this idea might mean a run to the thrift store. though these superior servers are available for sale (and appropriate for everyday use), i’m thinking a diy version could make for some unusually beautiful kitchen art. what do you think? framed, strung or even bunched in a canister- i think this would be an easy way to add a classy splash of color to your kitchen!

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2011 gift guide kitchen goods i don’t think it’s any secret that i have a special affinity for kitchen textiles, so they are an obvious gift choice for me during the holidays. i love having pretty things around in my cooking area, and feel extra special when i’m wearing a beautiful apron. so, here are a few of my favorite kitchen gift ideas!


julia vol. 1 – $42 | reversible linen apron – £36.00 | watering can apron – $30

tea towels

tea towel calendar – $30 | moose tea towel - $18 | be happy tea towel – $16

oven mitts

resourced fabric oven mitts – $26 | yellow geometric oven mitt – $18 | church flowers oven mitt – $14

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the huge variety of oils at the store have always put me on overload. which ones are the best? why? what are they all for? well i decided to put my research hat on and find out a little bit more about them. here is a quick overview of the best oils, and some resources to boot. which oils are your favorite?

Art for Kitchen - OLIVE OIL

art for the kitchen – OLIVE OIL

extra virgin olive oil

this one is the big winner, woohoo! that’s good, because this is the one i use the most. evoo is a less processed and (therefore) more flavorful oil than other oils and wins for best oil because of it’s monounsaturated (that’s the good one) fats and plant compounds that protect against heart disease and cancer. lucky for us, it also tastes oh-so-good.

sesame oil

i’ve started to incorporate this one more and more into our diet (mainly because of this amazing recipe) and i have to say, it adds a powerfully yummy taste to many dishes. it is derived from toasted sesame seeds and may help to lower blood pressure. it’a also great in asian inspired dishes.

flaxseed oil

since we don’t eat fish, flax oil is a big component of how we get our heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids in each day. these essential fatty acids protect against bone loss and reduce inflammation in people with arthritis. heating flaxseed oil will destroy it’s nutrients, so keep this one in the fridge and use on salads or in smoothies. (hint: we also add about 1 tbs to toaster’s food each day! it keeps his coat shiny and skin extra healthy.)

walnut oil

i haven’t used this oil very much, but i know one thing, i do love walnuts! walnut oil contains a specific antioxidant that helps prevent cancers (say no more!). it turns bitter when heated, so this is another one to keep in your fridge and drizzle over salads or pastas.

peanut oil

this nutty tasting oil contains resveratrol (the same antioxidant found in red wine) which helps to prevent blood clots. it can take extremely high temperatures, so this one is best for pan frying.

sunflower oil

you got it, this one is made from sunflower seeds! it has a light taste and contains vitamin e, which reduces your risk for heart attack.

did you know?

it’s best to store your healthy oils in a dark, dry cabinet away from heat or sunlight (preferably, in the fridge). nut based oils such as walnut, flaxseed and sesame need must be refrigerated as they can turn rancid at room temperature.

for a more in depth look at oils, read this great article on cooking oils.

simple living

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harvest and preserve

September 21, 2011

felix doolittle

whether we’re ready for it or not, summer is coming towards an end, but one of they many joys of fall is getting ready to harvest and preserve our seasons yummy produce. when i saw these summery kitchen labels from felix doolittle, i immediately thought about how pretty they would make a cupboard or how lovely they would make a gift of your garden’s goodies.

felix doolittle

with chef medallions, baker’s labels and oval kitchen labels, they are perfect for sharing garden goodies, canning, making jams and throwing parties! they all feature a gorgeous watercolor illustration by felix (he paints them almost to scale with a very tiny brush!) and come with personalization in a cute little tin, aren’t they lovely?
felix doolittle make sure to cruise by their notecard collections as well! i’ve found that if i have pretty notecards within reach, i’m much more likely to write my friends and family, something that i’ve been trying to a lot more of lately!

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all natural kitchen cleaners

This week I had the unfortunate occurrence of a broken garbage disposal, and it seems to be beyond a normal jam. The end result is  trapped food and muck that has quickly made an unpleasant scent in my kitchen. I normally use ice cubes and lemons to clean and refresh my disposal, but with broken blades, I had to get more creative.

I’ve always heard of baking soda and vinegar as great sink basin and faucet cleaners, but had considered them for inside the drain. If you find yourself with a broken down garbage disposal, give this technique a try – you will need:

- 1/2 cup baking soda

- 1 cup of vinegar, microwaved on high

- 1/2 gallon of hot water

First, dump the baking soda into the disposal drain. Pour in the cup of heated vinegar, and let the effervescent chemical reaction take place for about five minutes. Follow up by pouring the hot water down the drain. You may find that you need to repeat this process.

If muck persists, you can further clean the disposal out with a bottle brush, sponge-tipped if possible (note: turn off the power supply to the disposal before sticking anything down there). Until the disposal is repaired, it may be nearly impossible to clean it 100%, but baking soda and vinegar have a great deodorizing effect that I noticed immediately.

You can continue to use just these two common household items to keep your sink clean:

- soak a towel in vinegar and wrap it around your faucet overnight to remove grime buildup in the morning

- make a paste with baking soda and water; spread it around your sink and scour with a sponge. Rinse with warm water mixed  with a splash of vinegar

- keep 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle for daily sink touch-ups and wipe-downs

- sprinkle a little baking soda down the drain daily to absorb any unpleasant odors


ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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