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a garden and a library

July 14, 2011

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well i’m not sure about everything, but these two things sure do make me happy. because of our moving, i haven’t been gardening as much as i like this year, but my fingers still yearn to be in the dirt. i have a little plot planned out and i’m ready to get started on a little veggie garden any time now. how is you garden growing?

{image: the sweet life found via elizabeth fink}

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shop house book art

June 14, 2011

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book artbeautiful, aren’t they? this takes my love of books to a whole new level. for me, these bookmobiles from shop house inspire imagination and encourage me to pick up a favorite read. the good news? you can learn how to transform books into art yourself!

book art

shop owner and author lisa occhipinti recently published her latest book, the repurposed library (lucky for us!). inside, you’ll find 33 inspiring book transformation projects and be crafting (and reading) in no time.

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Forest - Clear Bookmark Stickers

clear forest bookmarks

today i’m looking for your insight. do you like using digital readers or prefer old fashioned hard copy books?

i’ve been tempted to explore new readers like the nook, kindle or ibook, but something about them just doesn’t settle with me. see, i like to flip through the pages of a book with my fingers, doggie ear the corners and make notes in the side columns. and to me, there’s just something about placing a well loved book on a shelf to refer back to again and again. i like to have a library, i think books are beautiful. it is for this same reason that i prefer to purchase my books rather then get them from the library, i want to call them my own and keep them forever (though, i do try to purchase used books). plus, i found this article on our health and wireless waves a bit concerning. also, if i used a digital reader, i wouldn’t be able to use cute bookmarks like these!

so what’s your opinion? do you use a digital reader? do you like it, or not? i can definitely see where there would be certain advantages. for instance, i’m sure airplane and vacation reading would be much easier (and much lighter). and it might be easier to find passages, if you can search for a specific word or phrase. i would like to hear which you prefer, and if you’ve tried a digital reader- what do you think of it?

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