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hung! color cord pendant lights (1)

i’ve been looking for just the right lighting fixture to hang above our counter space for months now. to avoid hefty electrical work, i needed something that would plug in, provide plenty of light and match the space’s modern-eclectic feel. when i stumbled across color cord, i knew their pendant lights would be the perfect addition!

hung! color cord pendant lights (5)

color cord allows you to purchase either ready-made pendant lights or all the fixin’s for a do-it-yourself version. since the ready-made pendant lights were exactly what i needed, that’s what we chose. i ordered  two of porcelain the mint green (because it’s my favorite color!) and one zig-zag. i love how they came together!

hung! color cord pendant lights (4)

and because i knew what i wanted to hang them from but couldn’t find it anywhere, i just decided to make it myself. after a quick visit to my local hardware store, i had everything i needed to hang a copper bar from the ledge above our counter. it turned out perfect! here’s what i used:

- 1/2″ 2 foot long copper pipe (website only lists a 1 ft pipe, but i found a 2 ft pipe in the store)

- two 1/2″ copper milford hangers

- two 1/2″ copper slip cap fittings

i just assembled the pieces by sliding the pipe through the hanger and placing a cap on each end. i attached them by using a simple screw on each side.

hung! color cord pendant lights (6)

i wish i could go into detail about how we tied all those knots, but we had our rock-climbing friend do them all for us (he’s a knot tying genius!). if you need ideas or help though, i have found animated knots to be very helpful (plus, they have an iphone app!).

hung! color cord pendant lights (7)

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pretty patio pergolas

May 6, 2013

pretty patio pergolas (4)

recently added to the list of diy ideas for our new home-to-be (we’re closing next week!) is a pretty little patio pergola. we have the perfect space for it and i’m obsessed with how pretty the partly shaded areas are they provide. i just want a little spot where i can hang garden lights and enjoy the afternoons.

pretty patio pergolas (5)

pretty patio pergolas (1)

images: 1 | 2 | 3 |

when we recently visited our old homestead, i even managed to grab a few wisteria clippings that i’m now trying to root, in hopes of planting at our new home. if they survive, won’t that be so sweet? a little piece of our old place..

have you ever built your own patio pergola?

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o christmas tree

December 6, 2012

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o christmas tree (2)

i haven’t had a christmas tree for three years now. since we’ve lived so far away from our families we were always traveling for nearly the entire month of december, so putting up a christmas tree was nearly pointless. instead, we just mooched off the enjoyment of our parent’s and sibling’s trees (and didn’t have to take them down after the holidays!).

o christmas tree (6)

but this year is different. for the first time in a long time, we were able to get a tree! it’s just one small perk of being back home. another small perk is that ‘home’ just so happens to be the 2nd largest producer of christmas trees in the states. YES! so, i started searching for local tree farms and finally decided upon one that sounded promising. with cider in hand we bundled up and headed out about 11 miles down a windy road.

o christmas tree (7)

upon arriving we were greeted by grandpa, a small dog and no one else in sight. as we inhaled our firsts breaths of christmas, we let toaster and the farm pup play in circles around us. our instructions were to go find the tree of our dreams somewhere on the several acres of trees and to only return when we’d chosen the one.

o christmas tree (8)

it wasn’t an easy task. all were either lopsided, asymmetrical, too short or too tall. until about 5 acres in… we spotted it! way up on the hill there was a perfectly straight, round and fluffy tree and it was just the right height. we marked the tree and returned. grandpa says, “did you bring a saw?” we giggled, then realized he was serious, then looked at each other with wide eyes. ‘um, well, we were hoping maybe we could borrow one of yours?‘.  he grabbed a small, 10 inch saw (apparently, ‘the big one’ was in his other truck) and drove us down to where it was located.

o christmas tree (1)

after about 5 minutes of sawing, david yelled ‘timber!’ as our pretty tree fell to the ground and got wisped away to be measured, bundled and strapped to the top of our car.

o christmas tree (3)

with sappy hands we returned and spoke fondly of our experience the whole way home. we quickly fastened it in a stand, watered it and turned in for the evening.

o christmas tree (4)

the next day, my mom came over and helped me decorate it. apparently i love these globe lights, because after i purchased several new boxes of them, i found the exact same ones in my christmas decor boxes.

o christmas tree (5)

we carefully unwrapped the ornaments i’ve collected over the years, and hung them each on the tree. i love nothing more than sitting by the fire at night with no light on in the house except for the ones on the tree. merry christmas!

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easy outdoor lighting

June 5, 2012

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outdoor patio lights (2)

outdoor patio lights (1)

when i added a few outdoor lights to our patio (see above) i couldn’t believe the insta-magic that occurred. it made the space so cozy and romantic! with cost effective options from target and ikea, it’s an easy project that gives a lot of bang for your buck. the above project only cost me $26! below you’ll find more inspiration on how to make a little insta-magic yourself.

outdoor patio lights (5)

outdoor lights

outdoor patio lights (7)

outdoor lights

outdoor lights outdoor lights

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feeling christmassy

December 21, 2011

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abby tries again untitled by abby trys again


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tomorrow is earth hour!

March 26, 2010

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happy friday lovelies!  don’t forget, tomorrow is earth hour!

earth hour

clockwise :: quick draw- let there be light, edison light bulbs, earth friendly artwork i will save the planet, first day of spring, light bulb reusable shopping bag, earth from above

earth hour is a worldwide act when millions of people, organizations, corporations and governments around the world come together to make a bold statement about their concern for climate change by doing something quite simple—turning off their lights for one hour. it’s tomorrow evening at 8:30 p.m.- your local time.  i’ve made a group for going home to roost readers so you can:

click here to take the earth hour pledge!

let’s set an example to show that we care about climate change and are willing to do what we can to make a difference.  i’ll join you in the dark tomorrow night at 8:30!

happy weekend!  love, bonnie

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photography :: anna inghardt

December 7, 2009

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you might have seen anna inghardt’s photos over at decor8 or even great full day- but her photography is so stunning and so lovely- that i wanted to make sure that you had the chance to see them.  her white wonderland is so pretty- they make me feel as if someone tossed a blanket of peace and silence over me.  you can view all of her white photos at flickr and a few more over at her blog.  what do these make you feel like?

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