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the ultmiate guide to non-dairy milks

happy monday, friends! as a follow up to my post on how to make your own almond milk, i just had to share with you this ultimate guide to making non-dairy milks from yumuniverse. heather crosby shows us step by step how to make just about every nut milk there is (22 in all)- using everything from amaranth to poppy seeds, and brown rice to coconuts! in addition to easy instructions, she includes optional add ins and nutritional benefits for each of them, as well as ideas on how to use their left over pulp. i think you’ll really enjoy it!

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how to make almond milk

January 16, 2013

i made my own almond milk! i made my own almond milk! and, it was really easy. why didn’t i do it before?!

(deep breath) ok, guys. i’m super excited about this. i just learned how to make almond milk at home, and can’t believe that i’ve never done it before. it’s easy, quick and much less expensive than purchasing it in the store! it tastes really yummy, too. it has a more nutty taste to it and mine was a little thinner than regular almond milk (which i prefer). it tastes wholesome and it feels good to drink it. like, “yeah, i made this almond milk. gulp gulp”.

how to make almond milk (1)

today, i’m gonna teach you how to make it, too! you should also know that you can pretty much use any nut (cashews, macadamias, hazelnut, pistachio etc) and can also play with the flavor and consistency. like vanilla almond milk? just add a little vanilla bean!

what you’ll need:

– 1 cup of almonds
– a glass bowl (to soak them in)
– a blender
a nut milk bag (or some panty hose!)
– 4 cups purified water

how to make almond milk (2)

step 1: place 1 cup of almonds in a glass bowl, fill with water and let soak in the fridge over night (or for at least 8 hours). the step is really important, soaking your almonds is what brings out all those really great nutrients you’re looking for.

how to make almond milk (9)

step 2: give ‘em a good rinse.

how to make almond milk (8)

step 3: place in a blender and add 4 cups of purified/filtered water. this 1:4 ratio is important and stands true for any nut milk you make at home- 1 part nuts 4 parts water.

how to make almond milk (7)

step 4: blend on high for a minute or two – maybe even touch that ‘liquefy’ button for a second.

how to make almond milk (4)

step 5: place your nut milk bag in a big glass container.

how to make almond milk (3)

step 6: pour the mixture into the bag & glass container.

how to make almond milk (5)

step 7: squeeze the juice from the almond pulp.

how to make almond milk (11)

step 7: pour you a glass.

how to make almond milk (6)

step 8: gulp gulp.

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diy a-frame tents

September 19, 2012

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diy a-frame tents (3)

diy a-frame tents (5)

diy a-frame tents (2)   diy a-frame tents (4)

diy a-frame tents (1)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

the kid in me is screaming for me to make one of these. just a quiet little getaway place to play house or read a book. covered in beautiful fabrics or lace, i think they could be quite the decor addition as well!

who says you have to be a kid to enjoy one of these anyhow? i think they would be perfect for date nights, too. (wink)

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diy bunting (2)

i’ve been wanting to make my own bunting banner ever since they became popular (so what is that.. like 2 years?), and this weekend i finally made it happen! it only took a couple of hours, and now i have several yards of bunting to pull out for birthdays, craft shows and special occasions. i’m sure there are tutorials all over the web, but this is just how i went about it. i also left the edges unfinished intentionally, so that as they fray the banner will get a vintage, shabby chic look. (you could also finish the flags and turn them before you insert them into your binding, using this same technique, if you prefer.)

diy bunting (1)   diy bunting (3)

diy bunting banner

i think with the addition of a few clear globe lights ($12.99 from target), the space really feels cozy and romantic. hooray!

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pretty holiday projects

November 21, 2011

pretty holiday projects every year i try to make the majority of my christmas gifts. there are really two reasons for this; the first is that i love to make things. i love everything about the process, from picking out a project-to-pouring myself into it-to-getting anxious about seeing the recipient open it. it’s just all good. the second reason is that it saves us money. christmas on a budget is tough, and when you can get crafty it can save you tons. i’ve been cataloging my favorite project ideas over on pinterest, and here are a few of my favorites. i still need more ideas though! do you have any crafty gift plans?

1. pretty poufs (discovered via itty bitty impact)
2. braided leather belt
3. drawstring bag (discovered via indie pretty projects)
4. tub teas (perfect for making your own tea)
5. handmade envelope tutorial
6. reversible journal covers

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