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12 memories and 13 goals

January 2, 2013

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happy new year, folks! after taking a much needed break from the interwebs, i’m feeling ready and excited to be back. i feel motivated, refreshed and bursting with inspiration and creativity! my time off was spent primarily with family, with lots of relaxing, laughing and yummy food thrown in as well. to start off the new year, i’d like to talk about some favorite memories from 2012, as well as some goals the upcoming year. i hope you’ll join in and share a few of your own as well!

bye bye 2012

bye bye 2012 by

top 12 memories from 2012:

1) waking up every morning in our sweet california cottage (before we moved!)
2) frequenting the organic honor stand down the street
3) getting certified in holy yoga and attending retreat
4) spending much of the summer in aspen
5) getting to be in my sister in law’s wedding
6) attending a josh garrels concert
7) starting the roost tribe
8) attending quilt market
9) moving to north carolina
10) signing my very first freelance contract (tease)
11) having my biggest dream come true (tease tease)
12) having my 2nd biggest dream come true (tease tease tease)

welcome 2013

welcome 2013 by

13 goals for 2013:

1) read all the books i’ve ordered
2) stop renting and buy or build a permanent roost
3) design more than ever
4) become a more established surface pattern designer
5) stick to my walking routine
6) learn more about whole foods and holistic nutrition
7) start making my own almond milk
8) continue to put God first. in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way
9) do a redesign for ghtr and make a website for the roost tribe (!)
10) submit my pattern portfolio to a few companies in several new industries
11) start sewing more
12) save more, spend less
13) share all 3 of my secret favorite memories with you

what are some of your favorite memories or goals for the upcoming year?

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25 memories from 2011

January 2, 2012

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happy 2012 lovelies! 2011 was a beautiful year in my life. today i thought i would share some of my favorite memories from it with you.

2011 memories

1) moved to the most beautiful wine country in california.

2) found the perfect vine covered converted barn to live in.

2011 memories
3) joined a csa at our local organic farm.

4) started teaching yoga!

5) traveled cross country several times (35,000 miles worth to be exact).

2011 memories
6) hiked 18 miles and climbed 4500 feet in one day at yosemite to see the most breathtaking view, rainbow and waterfall.

2011 memories
7) designed my first repeating pattern.

8) received my first order from spoonflower!

knekkebrød recipe

9) became a vegan- and absolutely love it.

10) didn’t get sick once, woo hoo!

11) discovered that being vegan is not only healthy, but absolutely delicious and rewarding.

2011 memories

12) had a Christmas party on the beach.

13) received my favorite purchase of the year- a wacom pad.

14) got the best birthday present- the birth of a best friends baby!

15) soaked in a natural hot springs in the middle of the forest.

16) made new family memories on the opposite side of the country.

17) fell even deeper in love with my husband, and i didn’t think that was possible.

18) experienced God and his plan for us in a more evident way than ever.

19) missed my mom. alot.

20) learned how to brew my own kombucha.

how to make your own tea

21) fell in love with tea.

22) got a minivan and named her nutmeg.

23) got the best hair cut i’ve ever had.

24) quenched my thirst from a natural spring.

25) saw the prettiest sunset.

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