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night night darling boy

June 24, 2013

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night night sweet boy

for my latest ideabook over on houzz, i’ve highlighted a few things for baby roost’s nursery that i’ve been eying lately. as soon as we get home from our trip, i’ll be working on putting his sweet room together! i can hardly wait. :) head on over to my ideabook to read more and grab the sources!

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a modern farmhouse (6)

a modern farmhouse (4)

this year, husband and i are determined to settle into a permanent homestead. we’re exhausted from hopping around the country and moving on average once a year (whew!), so this is our year. brevard will be our permanent  so it’s time to stop renting and start homesteading! lucky for us, my sister-in-law just married an incredibly talented leed certified contractor. woohoo! our options are simple: purchase and renovate or build from scratch.

a modern farmhouse (5)    a modern farmhouse (1)

though we haven’t made up our minds completely on which direction we’ll go, we can’t stop bookmarking the things we love, looking at house plans and browsing real estate. though we would need to reduce it’s size a bit, this modern farmhouse in chester, sc definitely tickles our fancy (that means, we love it!). designed by architect ken pursley, it’s the perfect mix of modern and farm. constructed to allow as much sunlight in as possible, it’s in my book absolutely perfect.

a modern farmhouse (2)

a modern farmhouse (3)

a modern farmhouse (9)   a modern farmhouse (8)

to learn more: read about the farmhouse, view it’s pictures, meet the architect and see more from this photographer.

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crocheted circle placemats

August 21, 2012

crochet circle placemats (1)


i’ve been oohing and ahhing over these crocheted circle placemats ever since i saw them on domestic peacock. though they remind me of a dottie angel project, the pattern actually comes from another favorite blog, the purl bee. i want to place them on an old worn-in table made of barn wood, adorned with a modern and sleek white table setting- the center of which will be filled vintage milk glass vases and yellow daisies.

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modern quilts

July 9, 2012

you’ve probably noticed that quilting isn’t just for your grandmother any more, but have you noticed all the new modern designs that are becoming available? they are full of modern motifs, geometric elements and of course, bright colors! if these quilts get your creative juices flowing, below you’ll find several resources that will simply put you over the top.


1: quilts from the house of tula pink
2: quilting modern
3: denyse schmidt modern quilts traditional inspiration
4: sunday morning quilts
5: the practical guide to patchwork
6: quilts made modern

modern quilts

above quilts:

1: electric slide quilt by thomas knauer
2: herringbone by elizabeth ancel
3: quilt by cluck cluck sew
4: patchwork prism quilt by in color order
5: TNT quilt by melissa richie
6: songs quilt by the joy cottage
7: spiderweb quilt sis boom by 100 billion stars

more modern quilt links:

the modern quilt gild
quilt con
modern quilts unlimited

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edgy bed sheets

June 26, 2012

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last week, i got an email from a friend who was on the prowl for some new bed sheets. she asks, “I just moved and I’m on the prowl for new bed sheets- any tips for where I can look? I want something edgy and fun.” well i went to huntin’ and this is what i found!

modern bed sheets

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

i think pairing patterns and colors when it comes to bed linens can give a great eclectic, chic and cozy look. i also found this post by decor8 on how to layer patterns especially helpful. what’s your favorite look?

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crafty packages

January 31, 2012

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besotted brand

whether your packaging etsy orders or sending love notes, everyone enjoys a little added touch of finesse to their package! besotted brand offers a modern variety of ways to dress up your packages, with everything from flag labels and thank fresh, clean, besotted brand, labels, packages, supplies, craftingyou stamps to mini clothespins and parcel twine. i just love their fresh and clean style, don’t you?

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