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May 12, 2014

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maxine ramey

my mom (3)

my mom (2)

i can barely begin to start typing words. my mom is amazing. she’s so amazing it’s hard to put her into words. her name is maxine.

as a women. she’s selfless, beautiful and kind. she’s a lady. she carries herself with confidence and speaks with wisdom. she’s modest and stunningly beautiful. she’s not just a mom, but a sharp business women, a good friend, a loving wife and an incredibly talented artisan.

as an artist. the mediums of art beg to be in her hands. she can master the art of just about anything she touches. cameras, clay, cloth, beads, paint. she’s a potter, a photographer, a seamstress, a quilter, a painter, a jewelry maker, a doll maker. and she does it all superbly.

as a mom. she’s supportive, nurturing and encouraging. she’s my biggest advocate and inspires most anything that i do. she’s faithful through and through. she’s thoughtful and intentional with her words and her actions. she’s an excellent teacher and a great mentor. she’s a good listener and always gives sound advice.

as a grandmother. she’s kind and gentle, funny and caring. i think she loves bear just as much as she loves me. she delights in him in every way and loves to see him learn and grow. she’s careful and protective and makes me know he’s safe in her care.

thank you, mom for having a flower garden just because i loved the blooms. for baking cakes on every special occasion. for teaching us how to cook and craft. for letting us play in the dirt and the sand and in the woods. for supporting my education, my dreams and my impossible goals. for telling me to stop plucking my eyebrows so thin and to eat something in the morning to keep my breath fresh. for rubbing my forehead when i have a headache and for rubbing my back when i’m tired. for teaching me about the Lord and reading the Bible to me every night. for showing me how to live instead of telling me.

photos by emily goodin, myself and callie lynch

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work at home stay at home

February 4, 2014

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the art to working from home

let’s be honest. no one wants to hear anyone complain about working from home. and rightfully so, it’s an incredibly blessed life to live! i mean, we get to wear pajamas all day, set our own schedule and switch the laundry in between e-mails, right? true, but even though it’s a lovely life, there is definitely an art to making it work. throw a baby in the mix and even get’s more interesting (and of course, much better)!

i’m honored to be sharing an article today over on darling magazine’s blog. it’s called ‘stay at home, work at home‘ and it’s all about the art to being a stay at home – working – mom. even if you’re not a mom though, i hope you’ll come away with several ideas to help you work from home and live an inspired filled, creative life. hop on over to darling magazine to read it now!

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mother’s day gift ideas

April 23, 2012

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mother's day

mother’s day is just around the corner (may 13th!) and with a little planning ahead, there’s still plenty of time to order a little handmade goody for your sweet mom! here are a few of my favorite picks. what are you planning for mother’s day?

pssst- don’t miss last week’s mother’s day card roundup!

1) plantable mother’s day card | $4.50
2) gift soap | 10.95
3) organic burp cloths | $30
4) mama and baby birdie vase | $44
5) candy caramel truffles | $11
6) french macaroons | $35
7) hand built mug | $24

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mark your calendars, mother’s day is just around the corner! it’s sunday, may 13 to be exact. which gives you just enough time to skip the big box stores and order a handmade card for your sweet mom! after all, she did carry you around in her belly for nine months. it’s the least that you could do! :)

handmade mother's day cards

mother’s day card – baby head – $4

handmade mother's day cards

happy mother’s day letterpress card – $5.50

handmade mother's day cards

mom jeans – $4

handmade mother's day cards

my life would suck without you. – $3

handmade mother's day cards

dear mom, you are wonderful – $5

handmade mother's day cards

letterpress mom bouquet – $4.75

handmade mother's day cards

best mom ever – $8

handmade mother's day cards

printable mother’s day card – $4.50

handmade mother's day cards

mother’s day card – squeeze – $4

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the mom’s blog!

May 6, 2011

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speaking of quilting moms, is my mom. you’ve met her before, but just recently she started her very own blog! i think you’ll enjoy it.

a stitch in time is all about nurturing creativity and inspiration. she posts diy tutorials, videos, free patterns, reviews books and more! you can learn how to tie a quilter’s knot, meet her backyard chickens (some of them used to be mine!) and even see her beautiful pincushion collection. my all time favorite diy that she’s shared was this tutorial on how to cover furniture with fabric (like the stepping stool above). not to be biased, but i think my mom is pretty awesome. you can visit her new etsy shop, facebook fan page and even follow her on twitter. you go, mom. i love you!

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a wisconsin mom

May 6, 2011

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happy friday, friends! mother’s day is this weekend (don’t forget!) and so i’ve decided to dedicate today’s posts to mom’s everywhere. first up, i would like you to meet someone: a wisonsin mom.

it’s been my absolute pleasure to have my friend julia stay with me this week as she house hunts in the area. the mister has been gone for some bike races, so having company has been so lovely! soon after we got to talking, i found out that her mom is an avid reader of ghtr (cue melting heart) and that she’s also an avid quilter. so this is for you, lori- SURPRISE! aren’t her quilts beautiful? inspired by the earthy tones that surround her in the backwoods of wisconsin, her quilts take on a very natural feel that seems so cozy. so here’s to you lori, happy mother’s day from julia and i, and keep up the beautiful work!


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row 1: sterling bell flower earrings; $68. birds of america book plate; $1.

row 2: heron mineral eye shadow; $4.99. whisk print; $20.

row 3: hydrangea necklace; $110. mini creamer; $14. yarn bowl; $32.

row 4: chalk pots; $9.99. personalized heart necklace; $115.

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meet my mom

March 23, 2011

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actually, you’ve met my mom before, but not quite like this. many of you know that she owns a quilt shop, and that all of my creative qualities are directly derived from her- as she’s a total creative genius! she’s recently started making some quick videos featuring the latest additions to her shop, and i think they are such a good idea (plus i love to see how cute she is). in the video above, you’ll get to meet her and see a bit of her shop. if you see anything you like, i know they are always happy to take phone orders (i used to work there!)- just give them a call!

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