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8 movies i’ve enjoyed lately

September 13, 2012

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we’ve been on quite the movie kick lately (i.e. we’re tired of summer programming) so i thought i’d share some of my latest favorites with you. have you seen anything good lately?

summer 2012 movies

1. the hunter – one of our favorites- an unpredictable storyline that the men will enjoy as well.
2. the hunger games – i just finished reading the series, so of course. :)
3. born to be wild – adorable, educational and very entertaining (and short!).
4. salmon fishing in the yemen – a fly fishing love story.
5. sarah’s key – one for a more serious kind of evening.
6. the lucky one – beautiful and romantic (and david survived it alright).
7. wanderlust – funny and light hearted (for the hippy in you).
8. the vow – sad and happy all at the same time.

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