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going home to roost

November 13, 2012

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we're moving!

the house is empty and the pod is packed,

all tied down and neatly stacked.

hugs and kisses to friends from the years,

we hold on tight and fight back the tears.

a 3 day drive until we arrive,

to the land in which we thrive.

returning to the mountains and streams,

the people and places that fill our dreams.

california we will dearly miss,

we’ll remember often and reminisce.

anxious for what is to be introduced,

we’re finally going home to roost.

- by bonnie and david (in the car).

yes, today we’re starting our 3 day drive to north carolina! and just in case you’re like ‘say, what?!’, you can catch up on our move and my thoughts on it here and here. :) we’ll be hitting up albuquerque, oklahoma city and saint louis along the way before we finally arrive at my parents house late on thursday night. my sister will be waiting as she’s already made plans to whisk us away (or rather scrape us up from off the ground) to attend the opening of twilight. haha. friday we’ll be swinging by our storage unit and grabbing some things we need before we drive to brevard and check out our new home. i can hardly wait! we’ll have about a week to start settling in before our pod arrives and the craziness of unpacking ensues.

follow our trip on instagram! i’ll be instagramming (and tweeting) as much as possible, and would love for you to join us on our journey! you can find me by searching for @goinghometoroost or follow along on my web profile. see you soon!

p.s. i’ve got posts scheduled here for you all week, so you shouldn’t notice much of a change. xo

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mountains are calling by bonnie christine
i’ve been wanting to share this news for a while and the time has finally come. the mountains are calling us home and we’re moving back to north carolina!

we have absolutely loved living in california for the last year and a half and though it will be hard to leave, it will be equally exciting for us to move back home. in short, my husband had the opportunity to transfer to an office in brevard, nc- one of our favorite places on earth (and only 20 mins from asheville)! to top it off, it’s only about an hour from where all four of our parents and both of our sisters live. it’s perfect!

we’ve already found our new home and it fell into our laps similar to how the last one did. we feel incredibly blessed to have discovered a sweet mountain retreat backed up right to the pisgah national forest. it has large windows, a vaulted ceiling and plenty of room to spread our wings (you’ll start seeing bits and pieces of it soon, i’m sure!).

so we’re packing up this weekend and plan to begin our cross country journey a week from today. after 3 days of travel we’ll arrive at our new humble abode and be greeted with warm hugs from family and friends.

living in california has been a dream and something we will never forget. to be honest, it feels like we’ve been on vacation for the last 18 months! somehow though, it just never felt like home. mostly because our families aren’t here, but also because it’s just not familiar territory. i have a lot of feelings wrapped up in these two states, both of which i plan to share with you in the next few days.

until then, bonnie (photograph by me)

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in a nutshell

April 27, 2011

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well, hello lovelies! oh how i’ve missed you! i just wanted to pop in today and give you a quick update. things are a teeny bit (ok, a lot a bit) hectic around here, but we’re making it! after making the two day trek to southern california over the weekend, we arrived at our a new humble abode sunday afternoon. we managed to unpack the trailer, grab some dinner at a local japanese restaurant and fall into the bed (ok, the mattress on the floor). whew!

monday’s morning coffee was nothing less than epic. i found the kettle, but not the coffee, the sugar but not the mugs. with everything still in boxes, i’ve been a little overwhelmed, but i’m getting to them one at a time. as you know, we sold just about everything before we came out here, so finding some furniture has been on the top of the list. and hopefully a couch, before anything else.

and we did! i stumbled into the local thrift store here and lo-and-behold our glorious couch and matching chair sat staring right back at me. brand new and still in the plastic wrap, they are all natural fiber, modern, cream and twilled in my favorite herringbone design. um, thank you! that was a dreadful task made easy. they were still at the top of our couch-budget, but we snatched them up. (i’ll be sharing photos as soon as i get this place organized!)


my new favorite place is the natural market place here. i already know the cashiers by name and quickly made friends with the cake ladies. they have several kinds of vegan cakes, a hot food bar, and healthy groceries galore. above is the fruit and veggie section- glorious, isn’t it?

so that’s been my week in a nutshell! today i’m determined to get the front room and kitchen organized, so i’m going to hop off here and get busy.

our internet is scheduled to get set up on monday (that was also quite epic), so i appreciate your patience! it might be a one-post-per-day kinda week, but things will get back to normal come next week, i promise. in fact, i’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for you, including a sweet giveaway!

until tomorrow my friends! xox, bonnie

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shop sale!

April 15, 2011

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shop sale!
hello, friends! i’ve got a little special treat for you today- a big sale in both of my shops! since we’re moving in two weeks (ahh!) i’m trying to cut down on my inventory a bit. what does that mean for you? you get to enjoy some sweet deals!

take 30% off storewide, both of my etsy shops, home to roost and the kitchen roost now through next friday, april 22nd. just enter the code “30OFF” at checkout!

let me know if you have any questions!

friday round up:

-make sure to stop by our virtual garage sale! i’ll be adding several more items today and this weekend.

-check out where we’ll be moving to and a little bit about the surrounding area.

-hungry? make this delicious recipe for oatmeal scones!

happy weekend! xxo, bonnie

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online garage sale!

April 14, 2011

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that’s right, we’re having an online garage sale! you all know that we’re moving at the end of the month, and that we’ve already found a place to live (yeah!). what does that mean? we need to downsize. BIG TIME! what does that mean for you? you get to attend our garage sale right from your own home! no waking up early, no getting lost trying to find us, no hustle and bustle with other shoppers. just you in your pjs. ahhh.

we’ll be listing more and more things over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! all furniture must be picked up locally (we’re in colorado springs, co) but all home decor is available for shipping. click here to read more about how we’re handling things, and let me know if you have any questions.

online garage sale

happy shopping! xox, bonnie (& dave)

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cali cali cali

April 12, 2011

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solvang, ca

hello, lovelies! as promised, i have more pictures for you! this time, they are just from around the santa ynez valley. you’ll see photos from both solvang and santa ynez, ca- as they are both teeny weeny towns just 3 miles apart. you can click on the photos above to see them larger.

pictures #1 & 2: this is farm land. with everything from cows to horses to alpacas and ostriches, there’s no shortage of beautiful rolling hills and grazing happy animals.

#3: this very well could become my new favorite spot. bloom yoga, the sign hardly readable from the blossoming wisteria all around.

#4: solvang boasts green open spaces around every corner. this is a public space where you’ll find people reading, napping or playing with their dogs right downtown.

#5: the valley hard wear store. they have already-fruiting orange, lemon and grapefruit trees for only $25. i’ve got my eye on several.

#6-8: the mission. it’s peaceful, serene and full of old charm.

#9-10: solvang is known as the “danish capital of america” as it was founded by a group of danes who traveled west to establish a danish colony far from the midwestern winters. the city is home to a number of bakeries, restaurants, and merchants all offering a taste of denmark and most of the architecture reflects traditional danish style.

#11: the lavender farm in santa ynez. yes, a lavender farm! a little market sits at the end of the drive with bulk lavender and infused goodies of all sorts for sale. we were greeted with olives bouncing off the hood of our car, as the trees that you see lining the property are olive trees that were planted in 1831.

#12: poppies and flowers of all sorts are scattered all over the town. color is around every corner and the whole city seems to be in bloom.


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Decorating with Vintage Maps

September 28, 2010

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As you know from Bonnie’s previous posts she’s been busy packing up to move to Colorado Springs! So I’m stopping by today with an easy decorating idea that I’ve noticed popping up here and there in the blogosphere over the last few years. In honor of Bonnie’s move, the idea centers around vintage maps. With a little research I found some examples that I’ve shown below.

{making it pretty and functional}

Having maps and globes around the home are particularly great if you have small kids – this can be the start of some early geography lessons and will likely get them interested in learning what life is like in the rest of the world. I know when I was little I always loved looking at maps and imagining the trips I might take and the people I might meet some day.

{New York Times with photos by Tom Cenicol}


If this decorating idea is right up your alley, Ebay is a great place to find vintage maps. And of course you’ll find some great ones on Etsy too, including this one below from Etsy shop Banana Strudel.

I’ve moved around a fair bit over the years, so I know it can be really exciting but also tough as you settle in from place to place. Bonnie, I hope your travels over the next while are enjoyable and that you meet many lovely new people!

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Lovely Clusters

September 28, 2010

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Hello Lovely Readers! My name is Rachel and I blog over at Lovely Clusters. Its great to be here today to guest post on Bonnie’s gorgeous blog. :)

I am so happy for Bonnie and her husband taking the big move to Colorado! Since they will have to redecorate their new place I decided to post some lovely home decor. Most of us know how much of a pain it is to move but there are some fun parts too! For example hanging artwork and rearranging furniture is always exciting for me. Another great thing about unpacking is that I always end up going through old books and photo albums that I haven’t looked at in awhile. It’s nice to go down memory lane once in awhile.

Often times when I move into a new place I like to peruse the local thrift shop for some affordable finds or make/sew something to fill the empty spots. If I was moving into a new place I would probabbly be picking up some of these goodies.

Lovely Clusters

Row 1: carlossantiago, mooseandbird
Row 2: tftvintagehome, hulagypsyvintage
Row 3: FQMercantile, lottahelleberg
(all etsy shops)

All items + more can also be found on the Lovely Clusters Gallery HERE>>

What are some of your favorite parts about moving?

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