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get or gift

June 13, 2013

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be true mug

i’m starting a new ‘sometimes series’ called get or gift. you know, for those perfect little purchases that make a great gift or lovely treat for yourself. first up is this beautiful be true coffee mug by lindsay letters. i discovered it while catching up on thoughts by natalie (and her instagram feed) and immediately fell in love! it’s so fresh and sweet, don’t you think? coming in at just $15, it’s the perfect mug to get or gift.

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i’m pregnant!

March 4, 2013

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i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (2)

hello, fellow roosters! today i get to finally share some very exciting news with you- i’m pregnant! (!!!!). if you’ve been waiting for me to start sharing some of my 2012 teases, well this is one of them. :) this september, david and i will be celebrating a new birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited!

i’m also so very excited to start sharing this experience with you. there’s been so many things i’ve wanted to share with you along the way, and now i finally can! so far, everything has been going really well and it’s been a very healthy pregnancy (yeah!). other than some wild food aversions and sleepy afternoons, i’m so thankful to have been feeling pretty good as well.

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (3)

the reveal: the reveal to our parents turned out just the way i had hoped. we found out just after christmas, so we were able to tell them on new year’s eve! after falling in love with this idea, i knew i wanted to tell them by putting my secret in the bottom of a coffee mug. i had each set of parents over (on separate occasions) and served hot chocolate to everyone. the mother’s however, got served in one of these special mugs. upon sipping their last gulp, they got surprised with our big news. it was perfect! i had 3 mugs made, so each of them got to keep theirs as a keepsake (we kept one for ourselves as well).

about the mug: after searching for days, i couldn’t find anyone selling mugs with messages in them. so, i began researching some local potters, and thankfully stumbled upon kung fu clay in asheville, nc. i saw that she had some stamped ornaments and made mugs as well, so i sent her a message in hopes that she could combine the two and make a few custom mugs for me that said ‘i’m pregnant’ in the bottom of them. thankfully, she was thrilled to take on the project and was so much fun to work with! i’m also really  happy to say that since then, she’s started making ‘message me mugs’ with all kinds of sayings in the bottom, see them here!

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (4)

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (1)

all photos © bonnie christine, going home to roost.

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planted mugs + printable tags

December 19, 2012

planted mugs + printable tags

printable plant tags

yesterday, i was so inspired after seeing these planted mugs over on design*sponge, that i decided to make some myself, as well as design some gift tags to go along with them! i was looking for a gift idea that was sweet, affordable and memorable – and voila. thanks design*sponge!

planted mugs + printable tags

each planted mug only cost me $6 to make (can i get a woot woot?!). here’s what you need:


– any type of mug – i grabbed mine from target for $3 a piece
– small plants to fit inside – i got mine from lowes for $2.98 a plant
– a few pebbles or rocks (you can usually just find some outside!)


first fill the bottom of each mug with a few pebbles, then simply place your plant in the mug and pack down the dirt around it. you may find it helpful to loosen the roots before you insert the plant.

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

another nice touch is to add a gift tag and a small bag of your favorite coffee, tea or mulling spices. i went ahead and made these tags a printable for you, so you can use them as well! just fill out the back with the plant instructions so that the recipient will know how to take care of the plant. i punched a hole in the tea bag and tag and tied it up onto a twig (stuck in the soil) using baker’s twine.

planted mugs + printable tags


just click on the image above to download and print these gift tags to go along with your planted mugs. have fun!

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handpainted travel mugs

October 31, 2011

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i have loved these handpainted travel mugs from yevgenia for so long, aren’t they beautiful? i can just see myself sipping tea from one while strolling down the sidewalk. with non-toxic paint these mugs are perfect for everyday use and even dishwasher safe!

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