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hi sweets! before logging off for the weekend, i wanted to share with you some quick glimpses of our new home! everything is not quite ready yet for a big reveal, but i’ve got some areas that i wanted to go ahead and show you. :)

glimpses of our new home

this is looking through our kitchen nook. i just got this chalkboard wall decal in the mail this week, i love it so much!

glimpses of our new home

one of my favorite finds has been this old trunk. i use it to stow guest linens in and place my beachy collections on top of.

glimpses of our new home

the very beginnings of my sewing nook- the rest of it has a long way to go still. ;)

glimpses of our new home

remember my thrift find?

glimpses of our new home

a few garden greens in my ‘green house’ corner.

glimpses of our new home

this is my work spot, in fact i’m sittin’ here now!

glimpses of our new home

more thrifted finds that i dolled up with some fabric from my mom.

glimpses of our new home

oh, and this is my new favorite plant! it’s a succulent called ‘string of pearls’.

glimpses of our new home

and our favorite spot to relax outdoors. i’m working on an eating area and grill for out here as well, but for now these will do.

glimpses of our new home

so that’s a sneak peak, loves! have a lovely weekend!

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thrifty finds

April 29, 2011

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hi sweets! how are you? happy friday! i can’t believe it’s here already. along with unpacking box after box this week, i’ve tried my best to make some time to explore the local thrift stores. and boy am i glad i did! i found several treasures and have quite a few more stores to visit over the weekend. i thought i would share with you what i’ve found so far.

first up is this old wooden birdcage. i’ve been keeping my eye out for the perfect birdcage for over a year now, and this one was “it” the moment i saw it. yippee!

an old thermos colored brightly, perfect for a splash of color and to use as a flower vase.

and then there are these. our sofa and chair! found staring back at me at the local thrift store. they were a bit pricey for a thrift store, but were brand new and still wrapped in the plastic, so we splurged. made of 100% natural fibers and weaved with my favorite herringbone design, they are just perfect.

what will you be doing this weekend? i’m off to make a quick trip to ikea, then back here to do some more organizing. have a sunny filled weekend and i’ll see you back here on monday! xxo, bonnie

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in a nutshell

April 27, 2011

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well, hello lovelies! oh how i’ve missed you! i just wanted to pop in today and give you a quick update. things are a teeny bit (ok, a lot a bit) hectic around here, but we’re making it! after making the two day trek to southern california over the weekend, we arrived at our a new humble abode sunday afternoon. we managed to unpack the trailer, grab some dinner at a local japanese restaurant and fall into the bed (ok, the mattress on the floor). whew!

monday’s morning coffee was nothing less than epic. i found the kettle, but not the coffee, the sugar but not the mugs. with everything still in boxes, i’ve been a little overwhelmed, but i’m getting to them one at a time. as you know, we sold just about everything before we came out here, so finding some furniture has been on the top of the list. and hopefully a couch, before anything else.

and we did! i stumbled into the local thrift store here and lo-and-behold our glorious couch and matching chair sat staring right back at me. brand new and still in the plastic wrap, they are all natural fiber, modern, cream and twilled in my favorite herringbone design. um, thank you! that was a dreadful task made easy. they were still at the top of our couch-budget, but we snatched them up. (i’ll be sharing photos as soon as i get this place organized!)


my new favorite place is the natural market place here. i already know the cashiers by name and quickly made friends with the cake ladies. they have several kinds of vegan cakes, a hot food bar, and healthy groceries galore. above is the fruit and veggie section- glorious, isn’t it?

so that’s been my week in a nutshell! today i’m determined to get the front room and kitchen organized, so i’m going to hop off here and get busy.

our internet is scheduled to get set up on monday (that was also quite epic), so i appreciate your patience! it might be a one-post-per-day kinda week, but things will get back to normal come next week, i promise. in fact, i’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for you, including a sweet giveaway!

until tomorrow my friends! xox, bonnie

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around the map

April 7, 2011

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map {us map}

if you remember the trip we started a few weeks ago, we’re.still.going! 16 states in 3 weeks means that i’m seeing more of the country than i ever have before. i guess you could officially say that we are road warriors! next on the list is sunny california. ahhh. we’re leaving today with our dear friends christy and kirk to go visit the place we’ll all be moving to at the end of the month! we’ll be there for about 5 days and while david and kirk will be working a cycling camp, christy and i have one mission: find a place to live.

so i’ve been in deep thought about what i hope to find. pickings seem to be a wee bit slim for this small town (and our small budget), but i’m having faith that we’ll both find what we’re looking for. at some point during the many hours i’ve been in the car, i jotted down the top ten things i would really love to have in a place. i know i won’t get all of them, (or maybe even half?) but i’m hoping for as many as possible. here’s my new homeĀ  wish list:

wish list oh, and i forgot! a little place for a few chickens. :) wish us luck! i’ll try to keep you updated with the options we find on twitter, maybe you can help us make a decision! xox, bonnie

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