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an organized pantry

June 10, 2013

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pantry organization (8)

how do you get an organized pantry? well, one way is to grab a varde shelf and a few droppar jars from ikea, and these printable spice labels from the roost tribe!

pantry organization (1)

i have always loved putting my favorite pantry items on display. after we moved in to our new house, it became apparent that we needed a little more pantry space, so with the help of the varde shelf, a few droppar jars and these printable spice labels, we now have the perfect place for extra food storage!

pantry organization (2)

over the years, i’ve collected several glass containers for our pantry. anytime i’m out and about and see something out of the ordinary i’ll pick it up and bring it home to clean, fill and label.

pantry organization (3)

pantry organization (4)

putting our culinary spices and ingredients on display isn’t only pretty, but i think it helps inspire us to cook and use flavorful, healthy ingredients. if i’m ever stuck on what to make for dinner, all i have to do is peruse the pretty pantry!

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she does justice

March 12, 2013

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she does justics

she does justice provides a different kind of handmade experience. in addition to making beautiful scarves and headbands, she also creates hope. megan’s mission is to show those in need that they are known and loved. each month she does justice spotlights a differnt organization, and at the end of that month the organization gets a check for 10% of the shop’s gross profits to help further their mission. this month’s organization is sole hope.

i first met megan during my holy yoga training last year and immediately fell in love with her sweet personality, mission in life and love for orphans and the poor. i personally have this headband, and love to wear it! the fabric is great for working out, and also comfortable enough to throw on for a day of casual wear as well. head on over to she does justice to be inspired and encouraged!

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diy geoballs

August 1, 2012

diy geo balls

i’m loving this diy from zü- it’s super simple, cute and practical. for gifts and organization i can’t think of a more lovely presentation. i think the geometric shapes and bold colors make it so fun! head on over to zü for the download and make sure to stop by her beautiful shop while you’re at it!

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diy felt boxes

June 6, 2012

diy felt boxes

for organizing your desk and craft supplies to packaging gifts and surprises, i am loving these diy felt boxes from how about orange. aren’t they great? with only a few supplies and easy to follow instructions, it would be easy to make a bundle in just an afternoon. visit how about orange for the step by step tutorial!

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diy sweetly lined jars

March 14, 2012

fabric jar diy

guess what i’ll be doing soon!! these sweet diy fabric jars come from the lovely blog fellow fellow (discovered via tiffany lane handmade). though claire suggests using them as votives (make sure to use battery operated tea lights!) i can see using them as added organization. i’m always keeping glass jars anyways, either from emptied raspberry jam or honey from the store. i think these would make a craft or work area so pretty! filled with pencils, scissors and paintbrushes, oh my!

head on over to follow follow for the full tutorial!

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diy jewelry holder

June 14, 2011

happy friday dear friends! did you have a good week? i sure did! i even started a little part-time job to help bring home the (veggie) bacon! i’m really excited about it. :) this weekend will be sunny and nice here so i plan to catch up on some reading and relaxing. how about you? i also found a sweet diy that i may embark upon…

diy jewelry holder

during my morning blogosphere browsing, i ran across this adorable diy jewelry holder from evie s.- and it only takes a little bit of wool yarn to make! isn’t it pretty? i always need a little bit of extra storage for my earrings and pins (you could even clasp necklaces around it), and this seems to fit the bill just perfectly.

diy jewelry holder

head on over to evie s. for the full how to, and make sure to share your results with us if you decide to make it!

happy weekend! xox, bonnie

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decorating plastic bags

August 13, 2010

friday already? that’s what the calendar says!  the mister is taking me out of town until next wednesday, a rendezvous around the state to see some friends, and i’m so excited!  though i have to say, my ‘to do’ list to get done before we leave is a little overwhelming, but i think i can get it all done. ;)  i’ll have my laptop so everything here will be as usual here around blogland, i just won’t be writing you from my usual spot!

decorating plastic bags

would you have ever thought?  babalisme decorated these plastic baggies using only three magic markers: red, black and blue. aren’t they adorable?

decorating plastic bags

i love baggies because they’re so great for organization and keeping things tidy.  you can also just stick ‘em in the dishwasher and reuse them again and again (and the marker will stay!). what do you think?  between this and the ceramic painting pens, are you inspired to get to doodling?

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