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diy felt snowballs

November 15, 2012

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diy felt snowballs

working with felt is like dream. it comes in an array of colors and is so soft and easy to work with, especially since it doesn’t fray. these sweet little snowballs from the purl bee are a perfect example of what can be done with a little felt and some free time! i envision these ornaments adorning a christmas tree, hung at different heights over a dinner table or even hanging in window. head on over to the purl bee for detailed instructions on how to make these beauties yourself!

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Diy Keepsake Holiday Ornament

December 19, 2011

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Whether for your own mother or for a growing family in your life, this pretty keepsake ornament is a thoughtful handmade holiday gift. Inside the glass bulb are the names of each member of the family (pets included!) written or printed on little paper banners. The holiday and year are also included on a banner – a festive way to mark and remember this holiday season.


1 clear glass bulb ornament with hook

as many paper banners as needed, in complimentary colors

a fine-tipped pen


Measure the opening of the bulb to make sure paper banners will fit inside without crumpling. Cut out as many paper banners as needed for each name. I also included one banner to mark the year, and another banner I left blank for decoration.

Gently fold the banner in half and lightly pinch the crease – just enough so that that banner stays shut, but not so much that it is permanently creased shut.

Re-open the banner and write the name of a family member. Repeat for each family member. Write the holiday and year on one banner if you desire, and leave another blank. I included one glittering bronze banner to leave blank.

Gently, partially fold the banners again, and drop inside the ornament. Once all paper banners are inside, replace the cap of the ornament.

Shake gently to release banners from each other’s folds if needed, and package in a protective box for gift-giving.

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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getting in the spirit

November 22, 2010

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happy monday to you! after a long weekend of over 24 hours of driving, we made it back to our hometown! greeted with both of our familes, good food and warm hugs- we couldn’t be more excited to be home this week for the holidays. helping me get in the spirit, is this new-to-me company, plümo.

toadstool clips
pop up cards

bird brooch
how was your weekend?

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