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o christmas tree

December 6, 2012

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o christmas tree (2)

i haven’t had a christmas tree for three years now. since we’ve lived so far away from our families we were always traveling for nearly the entire month of december, so putting up a christmas tree was nearly pointless. instead, we just mooched off the enjoyment of our parent’s and sibling’s trees (and didn’t have to take them down after the holidays!).

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but this year is different. for the first time in a long time, we were able to get a tree! it’s just one small perk of being back home. another small perk is that ‘home’ just so happens to be the 2nd largest producer of christmas trees in the states. YES! so, i started searching for local tree farms and finally decided upon one that sounded promising. with cider in hand we bundled up and headed out about 11 miles down a windy road.

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upon arriving we were greeted by grandpa, a small dog and no one else in sight. as we inhaled our firsts breaths of christmas, we let toaster and the farm pup play in circles around us. our instructions were to go find the tree of our dreams somewhere on the several acres of trees and to only return when we’d chosen the one.

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it wasn’t an easy task. all were either lopsided, asymmetrical, too short or too tall. until about 5 acres in… we spotted it! way up on the hill there was a perfectly straight, round and fluffy tree and it was just the right height. we marked the tree and returned. grandpa says, “did you bring a saw?” we giggled, then realized he was serious, then looked at each other with wide eyes. ‘um, well, we were hoping maybe we could borrow one of yours?‘.  he grabbed a small, 10 inch saw (apparently, ‘the big one’ was in his other truck) and drove us down to where it was located.

o christmas tree (1)

after about 5 minutes of sawing, david yelled ‘timber!’ as our pretty tree fell to the ground and got wisped away to be measured, bundled and strapped to the top of our car.

o christmas tree (3)

with sappy hands we returned and spoke fondly of our experience the whole way home. we quickly fastened it in a stand, watered it and turned in for the evening.

o christmas tree (4)

the next day, my mom came over and helped me decorate it. apparently i love these globe lights, because after i purchased several new boxes of them, i found the exact same ones in my christmas decor boxes.

o christmas tree (5)

we carefully unwrapped the ornaments i’ve collected over the years, and hung them each on the tree. i love nothing more than sitting by the fire at night with no light on in the house except for the ones on the tree. merry christmas!

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happy monday, friends! i’m so happy to kick off this week with a beautiful holiday giveaway from doodle designs. emma margaret, the maker behind doodle designs is giving one lucky reader 6 of her beautiful hand printed ornaments and 6 of her hand printed christmas cards!

giveaway (2)

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about the cards & ornaments: each ornament is printed onto white cotton fabric and backed with red cotton fabric, sewn together and stuffed by hand. each of the christmas cards are hand printed and paired with a pretty kraft paper envelope, a value of $60!

*EXCLUSIVE discount for GHTR readers! Enter code ‘GHTR23’ during checkout to receive 10% off your order. thanks, emma!


deadline: giveaway ends sunday, november 18th at midnight, est. the winner will be drawn at random and announced on monday, november 19th.

to enter: head on over to doodle designs, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know how you would use these cards and ornaments.

additional ways to enter:

>> like both going home to roost and doodle designs on facebook, and leave another comment here letting us know you did so.

>> tweet the following, and leave another comment here letting us know you did so:

Giveaway! Enter to win this beautiful set of hand-printed Christmas cards & ornaments on @gohometoroost! bit.ly/SOgdmv (Ends 11/18).

doodle designs elsewhere: etsy | shop blog | blog | facebook

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a vintage christmas

December 10, 2010

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a vintage christmas clockwise: spaceship christmas card, shiny brite christmas ornaments, vintage white reindeer, vintage 1950 fawn, special delivery, crocheted christmas ornaments, santa mugs, twas the night before christmas, amazing striped shiny brites, silvery twist

whether it’s an entire vintage christmas or just an orange in your stocking, a vintage touch at christmas warms the heart.

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