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christmas 'chalkboard' packaging!

well, just like i predicted last year, we had so much black kraft paper left over that i’ve decided to once again have fun with a little christmas ‘chalkboard’ packaging! i usually like to switch things up each christmas, and though the packaging is generally the same as last year, i’ve been super excited to incorporate these instagram inspired gift tags into the designs.

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (7)

to make your own chalkboard packaging, the first thing you’ll need is some black craft paper. i got mine right here and it works great, but just like i warned you last year- it’s a HUGE roll! (

next you’ll need a white paint marker that will show up well on black paper. after some trial and error and visiting my local scrapbooking store, this is what i came home with:

1. tim holtz distress marker in ‘picket fence’. this one looks very ‘chalky’. it goes on clear, but quickly dries in white.

2. sakura pen-touch white. this one is easy to work with and shows up really well.

3. crayola white colored pencil. not the greatest option, but it does show up if it’s all you have.

4. painters opaque paint marker. this is another good option. the point is a bit finer so it’s great for more detailed work.

i used the sakura pen-touch last year, but since i couldn’t find it this year (haha) i used the painters opaque paint marker. i enjoyed using it and i think the end result turned out to look really nice!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (3)

this year, i also tried to come up with some more fun doodle ideas. if you like, you can click on the image above to download this as a printable pdf (without the black) to print and use as a reference. sometimes coming up with ideas to doodle can be the hardest part!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (4)

christmas chalkboard packaging!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (1)

i know many of you have done a version of this yourselves from last year. what advice do you have to share? pen types? doodle ideas? best tape to use on black? let’s chat about your projects in the comments area- i’ll meet you there!

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cold brew coffee

November 12, 2013

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cold brew coffee (7)

seaworth coffee | recipes

personally, i like my coffee hot (with some coconut creamer and honey, please!). that hasn’t stopped me from noticing some beautifully packaged cold brew coffees lately, though. it feels like cold brews have experienced a surge in popularity lately, but maybe that’s just me? anyways, there’s just something intriguing and beautiful about these dark glass bottles and pretty designs. they make me want to try all sorts of cold coffee drinks (check out all the recipes each of these companies provide!).

cold brew coffee (2)

dave’s coffee | recipes

cold brew coffee (3)

milton & small coffee | recipes

cold brew coffee

stumptown coffee

cold brew coffee

grady’s cold brew | recipes

cold brew coffee (4)

slingshot coffee | recipes

cold brew coffee (5)

rudabeggas coffee | recipes

cold brew coffee (6)

secret squirrel coffee | recipes

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vegan owl shaped soaps

March 7, 2013

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vegan owl shaped soaps

today i’m loving these vegan owl shaped soaps by seventh tree soaps. her shop is full of beautiful lip balms, gifts, serums and soaps!

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helt honey packaging design

January 23, 2013

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helt honey design (6)

helt honey design (1) helt honey design (2) helt honey design (3)   helt honey design (5)   helt honey design (7)

i have a thing for honeycomb, and when combined with vibrant colors and pretty designs i fall in love. this packaging design by arhoj for helt honey is eye catching, fun and different. it makes me just want to pick it up and put it in my basket (marketing goal accomplished, helt)! with pretty typography, unpredictable stickers that seal and a beautiful website to boot, this company knows what they’re doing. i hope you can gather a little inspiration from it as i did!

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leafy tea packaging design

October 12, 2012

leafy tea packaging design (4)

leafy tea packaging design (1)

leafy tea packaging design (2)

leafy tea packaging design (3)

i adore this sweet packaging concept that belinda shih designed. it’s only for a hypothetical tea company, but i hope it becomes a reality, because i can taste it already! belinda says that the design is focused on the concept of afternoon tea – a time to unwind, re-energize, and relax after a long day of work. the package is therefore minimalist, calm in color and simple in shape, with a hint of the soothing elegance of steam swirls and tea drops. i think it’s brilliantly beautiful.

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diy gift wrapping ideas

November 30, 2011

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yup, i’m still thinking about gift wrapping ideas! (in case you missed it, it’s been on my mind alot: 1 and 2). today i’m sharing some of my favorite diy gift wrapping ideas from a blog i simply adore called nice package. it’s written by the amazing ez pudewa from creature comforts and marichelle burdman from lifeflix, so you know it’s gotta be good. i hope you enjoy!

diy gift wrap ideas

diy wax paper pom pom flowers

diy gift wrap ideas

twistie tie pom pom gift wrap toppers

diy gift wrap ideas

how to cut a paper snowflake

diy gift wrap ideas

diy tab sticker festive garland trim

diy gift wrap ideas

draw your own gift bows

diy paper candy gift topper

how are you wrapping your gifts this year?

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pretty packaging: knot and bow

February 21, 2011

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knot & bow pretty packaging

what is it about a pretty package that gets me all excited inside? there’s just something about dolling up a gift with strings and bows and everything beautiful to make it extra special for the person you’re giving it to. i love the collection of gift-wrapping-goodies that knot & bow have to offer, everything from pretty doilies to mini clothespins. hop on over to their shop to discover all the ways you can make your packages all the more prettier!

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tiny (tī′nē): adjective – very small; diminutive

ba·zaar (bə zär′): noun
1. a market or street of shops and stalls, esp. in middle eastern countries
2. a shop for selling various kinds of goods

left to right 1 :: baubles 2 :: jar full of goodies 3 :: treasure jars

tiny bazaar, owned by the fabulously creative danielle, is full of treasures and goodies.  danielle dabbles in photography, hand embroidery, sewing, crochet, paper crafts and home decor- and what she shares with us in her shop is nothing short of magnificent.  she offers prints, downloadable pdfs, mailer stamps & scrapbooking goodies just to name a few.  so creative, whimsical.. perfect!

clockwise 1 :: ice cream addressee stamp 2 :: fragile stamp 3-4 :: do not bend stamps

remember our talk about packaging yesterday? well, tiny bazaar makes stand-out, oh-so-cute packaging easy.  check out these stamps to doll up your mailers with, so perfectly lovely aren’t they?

photos inside labels

this (14 page) vintage camera downloadable pdf allows your to print an endless amount of your own labels!  with so many different messages available, it’s not only perfect for the photo mailer but for anyone who would like their packages handled with a little extra love.

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