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the herringbone shuffle

January 23, 2014

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (5)

the herringbone shuffle stencil i designed for royal design studio is popping up all over the place, and it’s so fun to see everyone’s projects! you guys are quite the creative crew, you know? here are just a few of the dozens of projects i’ve seen using the herringbone shuffle.

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (1)

diy on the cheap

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (2)

clockwise: craft interrupted | the cards we drew | mad in crafts

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (3)

clockwise: east coast creative | megan brooke handmade | my blessed life

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (4)

herringbone wall by the bold abode

below are several more projects made with bonnie christine stencils. seeing them just makes me want to break out my paintbrush and stencil my whole house!

bonnie christine wall stencils (4)

forest floor damask with fly away with me

bonnie christine wall stencils (2)

daisy dot

bonnie christine wall stencils (3)

forest floor damask with diamonds and dots

have you stenciled anything lately? i would love to see your projects, too! and don’t forget, if you would like to grab any of these stencils, going home to roost readers always get 10% using code ‘BONNIE10′ at royal design studio!

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before and after: white washed hutch (1)

in addition to the chest of drawers i refinished a while back, i also did a quick white wash on this hutch i’m using as a bear’s changing table. it was quick and easy and i’m so happy with the results! as a sidenote, i’m also pleased with how it’s working out as a changing table. there’s plenty of room and i have a spot for everything!

before and after: white washed hutch (4)

here’s my awful before picture. i forgot to take an ‘official’ before picture, but before pics are supposed to look terrible, right?! anyways, i didn’t feel like the red tone of this wood went with anything else in the nursery, but i also didn’t want to take the time to meticulously paint the entire hutch a solid color. white wash to the rescue!

before and after: white washed hutch (3)

to white wash this piece, i simply added 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup of regular latex paint (i used valspar’s no voc standard white paint). i then brushed it on in segments, and wiped it off as i went with a rag. be aware, you’ll want to toss the rag once you’re done and wearing a pair of gloves will keep you from scrubbing your hands later!

before and after: white washed hutch (2)

i was also sure to make some ‘accidental’ splatters with my brush all over the hutch which ended up giving it a very vintage, work-room type look. i love how it turned out!

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diy stenciled onesies

September 18, 2013

diy stenciled onesies (8)

diy stenciled onesies (9)

after falling in love with alison’s freezer paper stenciled onesies, i knew i had to make several of my own for bear. to help me accomplish the task, i decided to turn the whole project into a baby shower activity. it was a huge hit! basically, i prepared all the onesies and stencils ahead of time, then we all sat around and painted them together at the shower. it turned out to be really special and super fun!

diy stenciled onesies (10)

for the three above, i used alison’s stencils (you can grab the download on her website). aren’t they adorable? of course, i couldn’t resist the bear. :)

for the rest, i decided to design my own stencils, which i’m so happy to share with you today! just click on the image above to download the multi-page pdf. :) here’s the how to:


– exacto knife
– cutting mat
– templates (download here)
– freezer paper (available at the grocery store)
– onesies (i used gerber’s organic onesies)
– paint brushes
– fabric/craft paint (we used martha stewart’s all purpose craft paint)

diy stenciled onesies (1)

step 1: begin by printing out the templates and selecting the ones you’d like to work with.

diy stenciled onesies (2)

step 2: place a piece of freezer paper over the printed template. hint: it helps to tape these in place!

diy stenciled onesies (3)

step 3: using the exacto knife, carefully cut out the pattern. be sure to save the “inside” parts where you don’t want paint. like the insides of this guy’s ears.

diy stenciled onesies (6)

step 4: iron the freezer paper onto the onesie, shiny side down. be sure to also insert a piece of cardboard behind the fabric before you begin painting, to keep the paint from bleeding through.

diy stenciled onesies (5)

step 5: paint your designs! get creative and most importantly, have fun!

diy stenciled onesies (16)

step 7: let the paint completely dry before removing the freezer paper (we waited about 1 hour). you can see that these hanging above look a little ‘messy’ because we haven’t removed the paper yet.

diy stenciled onesies (7)

step 8: remove the paper and see your designs!

diy stenciled onesies (11)

step 9: in order to ‘heat set’, turn all the onesies inside out and place in the dryer on high for 30 minutes. then, wash and wear like normal.

and of course, this diy doesn’t just pertain to onesies! use the same method to make beautiful pillows, t-shirts and more!

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i knew i wanted something big for the wall behind our dining room table, and finally decided a large mirror would serve the space well and bring in lots of extra light. i had a plan, but no mirror! i started scouring craigslist for something and turns out, large mirrors are pretty expensive. i fell in love with one for $160 and just couldn’t bring myself to get it. so, attempt #2 was to visit our local thrift stores. at the first one i stopped at, i stumbled across this giant beauty. and, (drum roll please) it was marked $10. yes, please!

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ok, it wasn’t such a beauty in the beginning. i’m not sure what kind of paint was on the glass, but i could tell that it would come off easily. i went home, set it up and begin peeling off the paint with a razor blade. it only took about 15 minutes, and it was all gone! i then primed the edges and topped it off with a pretty mint green paint i had matched to a notebook at the hardware store.

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ta-da! finished in just a few hours and hung by the hubs when he got home. i love what it brings to the space and all the natural light it reflects back into the room. for $10 + the cost of a little sample sized paint can, i couldn’t be happier!

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happy news #2

May 10, 2013

i am so excited to share with you my happy news #2 (or #3 if you count this and this): my new stencil collection with royal design studio!

the launch of this line is yet another dream come true that i’ve been eager to share with you for months now! i’m so happy the time has finally come to spill the beans on all my happy news. :)

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (7)

working with royal designs studio has been so amazing. from the first instant i saw their website, i was blown away at how beautiful the stencils are and how modern and creative their approach is to stenciling.

working with melanie royals (owner and creative behind rds) has been wonderful. not only is she incredibly sweet, but her attention to detail and creative sense is refreshing and truly inspirational.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (2)

my first line of stencils with royal design studio is whimsical and inspired by nature. you’ll find a few that coordinate with my new fabric line (like this one and this one) and several others that are new and exclusive to this collection.

you’ll find falling daisies, flocks of birds, vintage vases and other wonderments to feather your nest with as you explore the new line. the stencils in this collection are perfect for walls, floors, furniture, fabric.. and more!

above: bloomers offered in 3 sizes: big bloomers, medium bloomers, and baby bloomers

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (3)

add a little granny chic to your space with these vintage vases or a sweet and simple look with the wonderment trellis stencil. offered in two sizes, the small-scale trellis is perfect for small wall spaces, furniture, and floorcloths and the large-scale trellis is perfect for feature walls.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (4)

the herringbone shuffle gives a woven herringbone look, but with a more open, airy feel that makes it easier to introduce multiple colors using stencil brushes. the soaring flock of birds stencil is another pattern with several design options! above, you’ll see the pattern repeated twice and offset in two colors to create more depth and dimension.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (5)

one of my favorite designs are the daisy dots. each size and shape of flower comes with three pieces: 2 layers of petals and a scalloped border which gives you several design options. use either of the petal stencils alone, layer them for more depth OR use the use all three! offered in 3 sizes: small daisy dot, medium daisy dot, large daisy dot.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (6) the forest floor damask stencil was inspired by the flora and fauna of nature. stencil repeatedly on a wall or floor to create a blanket of natural goodness, or turn the square pattern repeat on its side and stencil it as checkerboard tiles. the space in between makes for a perfect fit for the large fly away with me bird stencil.

pssst! grab 20% off through next friday (5/17/13) by using code “BONNIE20″.

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decorating easter eggs

March 14, 2013

Posted by in holidays

easter egg diy's

since we never had eggs in the house (and i feel too guilty buying them for just their shells), i’ve decided to pass on decorating eggshells this year. it’s such a fun tradition though, i couldn’t help but share with you some of the beauties i’ve spotted! i am especially loving the ones with gold accents. it’s times like these where i really miss my hens, they were so fun to take care of! i don’t miss eating eggs though.. so i guess that’s that..

are you decorating eggshells this year? what is your diy style of choice?

1 | painterly pastel eggs 2 | happy spring 3 | diy pantone eggs 4 | golden marbled easter eggs 5 | gold leaf easter eggs 6 | everyday decorating easter eggs 7 | golden marbled easter eggs

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stenciled floors

February 18, 2013

Posted by in home decor

stenciled floors (4)

stenciled floors (1)

stenciled floors (5)

stenciled floors (2)

stenciled floors (3)

find the above projects here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

lately, i’ve been researching painted floors and thought i would share with you a few that i have particularly fell in love with. as we house hunt and see old wooden floors throughout many of the homes, i can’t help but think about stenciling on them, even if in just one small room like the laundry area. my grandmother painted her wood floors a beautiful white and it brings such a clean, sweet, country feel to her little cottage. if you’re interested in learning more about how to go about painting wood floors, be sure to check out this tutorial by elle decor as well as this one over on apartment therapy.


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*update! we’ve been at it again! be sure to check out this year’s chalkboard packaging ‘take 2′ with new tips, doodle ideas and instagram inspired gift tags!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

as i mentioned earlier, one of my favorite things to do each year is choose a gift wrapping theme. one year it was recycled newspaper, the next was huge glittered initials for each package. last year i used kraft paper and made pretty bows, and this year i’m making ‘chalkboard’ packages! with a little black kraft paper and a few white paint markers, i think they’ve turned out to be really cute. here’s how i did it:

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

the first thing you’ll need is some black craft paper. i got mine right here and though i’m super happy with it, you should be warned: it’s a HUGE roll! i was so surprised when it came in the mail, i guess i didn’t take care to check out the dimensions! so anyways, we might be doing this next year, too. ;)

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

next you’ll need a white paint marker that will show up well on black paper. after some trial and error and visiting my local scrapbooking store, this is what i came home with:

1. tim holtz distress marker in ‘picket fence’. this one looks very ‘chalky’. it goes on clear, but quickly dries in white.

2. sakura pen-touch white. this is the one i used for almost all of the packages. it’s easy to work with and still hasn’t run dry, so one is probably plenty!

3. crayola white colored pencil. not the greatest option, but it does show up if it’s all you have.

4. painters opaque paint marker. this is another good option. the point is a bit finer than what i wanted, but would work great for detail work!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

the next thing you’ll need is some good ideas! i took some time to sit down and jot down a few ideas before i got started so that i would have something to reference. really anything goes! just in case you would like to use some of the same motifs, i’ve made this a download for you to reference. just click on the image above and print!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

so there you have it. my ‘chalkboard’ packages that have been so fun to make! they are simple, affordable and really cute all bundled together.

what are your packaging plans this year?

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