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diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (13)

in addition to the dip-dyed hanging i made for bear’s room, i also made him a little tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (say that 10 times real fast). i wanted to try to make my own tissue paper tassels for a long time now, and this seemed to be the perfect excuse. i just love how it turned out!

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (12)

here’s the how-to:


– white tissue paper
– dark tea (i used yerba mate)
– cutting mat
– rotarty cutter (or exacto knife)
– ruler (or straight edge)
– jute
– and a pretty branch!

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (1)

step 1: begin by unwrapping the tissue paper and steeping your tea. add about 10 tea bags to a large pot of water, bring to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (2)

step 2: completely submerge the ‘rolled up’ tissue paper into the tea mixture. let sit long enough to become completely soaked, about 5 minutes.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (3)

step 3: set the tissue paper out to drip dry, then (ever so) carefully unravel it and lay it flat to dry. beware, it’s very fragile at this point!

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (5)

step 4: once completely dry, stack into sheets.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (6)

step 5: start with one piece of tissue paper and fold in half horizontally. begin cutting the tissue paper into thin 1/4 – 1/2 inch strips, leaving about an 1.5″ margin at the top (where the fold is).

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (7)

step 6: continue cutting all the way across.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (8)

step 7: carefully unfold the tissue paper and lay flat.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (9)

step 8: gently begin to roll the tissue paper up, starting at one end and ending at the other. be careful not to get the tassels tangled too much, as they rip easily.  

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (1)

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (2)

step 9: twist the middle part of your tassel together, then create a small loop.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (3)

step 10: secure the loop by tying it off tightly with twine.

step 11: use the loop in order to string your tassels. attach them to the branch by using simple knots.

diy tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile (11)

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paper to petal

May 3, 2013

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petals to paper (5)

i’ve been gushing over this book for days now. paper to petal is a collection of products, handmade paper flowers, and objects that celebrate paper-crafts, each influenced by nature and imaginatively inspired. i think they would be especially nice to make during the winter when fresh blooms aren’t available (depending on where you live, of course!). i’ve missed having a little bouquet of flowers by my desk during the colder months, so paper flowers will definitely be on my crafting list this fall! head on over to amazon, barnes and noble or indiebound to get yours on pre-order now.

petals to paper (2)

petals to paper (3)

petals to paper (4)

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*update! we’ve been at it again! be sure to check out this year’s chalkboard packaging ‘take 2′ with new tips, doodle ideas and instagram inspired gift tags!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

as i mentioned earlier, one of my favorite things to do each year is choose a gift wrapping theme. one year it was recycled newspaper, the next was huge glittered initials for each package. last year i used kraft paper and made pretty bows, and this year i’m making ‘chalkboard’ packages! with a little black kraft paper and a few white paint markers, i think they’ve turned out to be really cute. here’s how i did it:

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

the first thing you’ll need is some black craft paper. i got mine right here and though i’m super happy with it, you should be warned: it’s a HUGE roll! i was so surprised when it came in the mail, i guess i didn’t take care to check out the dimensions! so anyways, we might be doing this next year, too. ;)

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

next you’ll need a white paint marker that will show up well on black paper. after some trial and error and visiting my local scrapbooking store, this is what i came home with:

1. tim holtz distress marker in ‘picket fence’. this one looks very ‘chalky’. it goes on clear, but quickly dries in white.

2. sakura pen-touch white. this is the one i used for almost all of the packages. it’s easy to work with and still hasn’t run dry, so one is probably plenty!

3. crayola white colored pencil. not the greatest option, but it does show up if it’s all you have.

4. painters opaque paint marker. this is another good option. the point is a bit finer than what i wanted, but would work great for detail work!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

the next thing you’ll need is some good ideas! i took some time to sit down and jot down a few ideas before i got started so that i would have something to reference. really anything goes! just in case you would like to use some of the same motifs, i’ve made this a download for you to reference. just click on the image above and print!

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

christmas chalkboard packaging from #goinghometoroost

so there you have it. my ‘chalkboard’ packages that have been so fun to make! they are simple, affordable and really cute all bundled together.

what are your packaging plans this year?

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October 3, 2012

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olive box (1) olive box (2)

olive box (3)

olive box (4)

olive box (5)
if you are a lover of snail mail, than today is your day! i’m so excited to share with you grace kang’s newest venture OliveBox. in a nutshell, OliveBox is a monthly subscription service for paper lovers. each month, members receive a delightful box of paper & lifestyle products delivered right to their front door. from cards to artwork to inspiring books and gifting ideas, you never know what exciting products you will unwrap each month!

with the goal of inspiring creatives to celebrate the journey of life and live beautifully, OliveBox encourages it’s members to pause and savor the moment every chance they get. OliveBox strives to help women live more simply and discover creative finds that inspire giving and beautiful living.

grace has also been kind enough to share a 10% discount just for you! enter code goinghometoroost10 during checkout. 1 per person, valid through october 31, 2012. thanks, grace!

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smock gift wrap

September 21, 2012

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smock gift wrap (3)

smock gift wrap (4)

smock gift wrap (1)

smock gift wrap (2)

  smock gift wrap (5)

smock gift wrap (6)

smock gift wrap (7)

 i’ve just been oohing and ahhing over these juicy gift wraps from smock (discovered here). i love the saturated colors and the fact that they’re reversible. they also have a lovely mission:

Who is Smock? We are faithful lovers of historic craft. We have letterpress ink in our veins. We are idealists. This means we believe in things. We read Walt Whitman. We fall head over heels for heavy cast iron presses. We believe in the creation of beautiful things. And we want, like you, to feel good about where our beautiful things come from.

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handmade journals

anastasia makes handmade notebooks, journals and jewelry over at buntmal, all of which i think are super sweet. as she puts it, buntmal is a word you’ll never find in any dictionary, it means diversity of colors and shapes. books are her inspiration and passion, and i’m so happy she is sharing it with us! visit her shop and blog to see more!

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paper cutouts paper cutouts

when i discovered papercutout (via dearest nature) i was astounded. the intricate detail and earthy motifs are so incredibly beautiful! plus- just about any artist that combines lace, deer and a little fox tends to steal my heart. do they yours?

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paper and present

November 29, 2011

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paper and present now that the biggest shopping days are over and we’ve shopped ourselves silly, it’s time to start thinking about how to wrap all of those presents! (or did you only buy for yourself?) here to help is the lovely, paper and present- a shop full of  the most adorable wrapping supplies! as a super special surprise, melissa is offering ghtr readers 25% off through december 15th, just enter the coupon code ‘GHTR25′ during checkout, and may all of your gifts be beautiful!


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