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winged fabric blog tour (1) winged fabric blog tour (6)

today is my day to join in the winged blog tour! i’m sharing one of my favorite projects with you, the roll ‘n go. it’s a catch-all strap that can be used to tote a blanket, yoga mat, small stack of wood or anything else that can be rolled!

it only takes 1/4 yard of fabric and goes together in just about an hour, so it’s a great beginner project to undertake. the pattern uses a technique that i’ve never seen done before. in short, it makes finishing all the edges of the straps a cinch! no turning tubes or folding over bulky edges. it’s a technique that you’ll be able to use anytime you need to finish the edges of a strap (think leashes, collars, camera straps and more!).

winged fabric blog tour (2)

it’s truly a lovely (and quick!) way to carry your yoga mat as well. throw it over your shoulder, head off to class in style and forget having a large bag to deal with. BONUS – it can even be used as a strap during class to help you stretch! the loops at the end are perfect ‘handles’ for your feet and hands.

winged fabric blog tour (4)

be sure to check out erica’s single herringbone pillow tutorial from yesterday, and visit michelle wooderson’s blog tomorrow for her project. you can follow the entire tour by watching for the daily links HERE.

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alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (1)

today i get to share with you one of my all time favorite quilts. it’s called alation which means ‘the state of being winged’, which goes perfectly with my new fabric collection, winged for art gallery fabrics!

click here to download the free quilt pattern!

note: we’re working on kitting this quilt with pre-cut squares. stay tuned!

alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (6)

i had SO MUCH FUN designing this quilt. i wanted something feminine, unique and whimsical and i’m so happy with the outcome! my mom, maxie makes, and i collaborate on all of our patterns- i design and illustrate, and she sews. so, this is her beautiful work!

to construct the quilt, we used fusible grid interfacing (we recommend using bosal’s 2.5″ fusible interfacing) which makes this go together quickly and easily! just place your squares on the grid and iron them in place. then, all you have to do is zip up and down to secure your seams. we didn’t use a single pin. easy peasy!

alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (7)

alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (4)

quick note: i stumbled across this giant pom pom trim at a local thrift store a few months ago (don’t hate me!). it was pretty much the best day ever.

alation - free quilt pattern!

you can choose to make the quilt in either the northern migration colorway or the southern migration colorway (instructions included for both). i had a hard time deciding, but we chose to make it in the northern migration. i think this colorway is so soft and dreamy!

alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (2)

alation free quilt pattern by bonnie christine (5)

you can find winged by checking your local quilt or fabric shop, at a stitch in time or by checking these online stores.

finally, share your winged projects using the official hashtag #wingedfabric

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paelas knitting patterns

July 25, 2014

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  paelas knitting patterns (2)

i can’t seem to stop thinking about how beautiful paelas knitted patterns are. they are so sweet and sophisticated! i have always wanted to be able to follow a knitting pattern. years ago, i took a few lessons and learned enough to make some scarves and a few pairs of gloves, but nothing as intricate and beautiful as these. i absolutely love the attention to details and feminine touches. i’m sure they make little girls feel so special!

p.s. follow paelas on instagram for more loveliness!

paelas knitting patterns (1)

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free sewing patterns from bonnie christine

i’m excited to share a free sewing pattern i made for you today! have you ever used mug rug? i use one every day! it’s one of those things that you don’t think you need until you finally have one and then you think, ‘how did i ever live without this?!’. i keep mine right next to my workspace and that’s where my coffee and tea lives every day. not only does it have it’s very own space on my desk, but it also gives my mug a silent landing spot. since bear is usually napping nearby, this is so helpful! i’ve too many times woke him by slamming my mug down on the table. not any more!

honeycomb mug home
every mug needs place of rest, a designated spot to call its own!

the details:

* patterns are a collaboration between fabric designer bonnie christine and pattern maker maxine ramey,      also known as maxie makes – a creative mother-daughter team!
* pdf pattern is a free instant download, ready to print on regular 8.5 x 11″ paper
* includes printable pattern pieces. no scaling necessary, just tape and go!
* fabrics used in this pattern are from my fabric line, sweet as honey.

COPYRIGHT: pattern is copyright bonnie christine | maxie makes 2014. all rights reserved. for personal use only. you may not reproduce without written permission. however, we would love for you to sell any items you make using this pattern. please convo if you have any questions. thank you!

for more patterns, visit sweet bonnie christine.

to download:

click HERE to view the pattern on issuu. to download the PDF + printable pattern pieces, click on ‘share’ below the publication and then select ‘download’. print on regular 8.5 x 11″ paper. have fun!

free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (2)   free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (4) free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (5)

free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (1)


free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (6)


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the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available! (1)

hello, loves! i’m so pleased to share with you the quilt for my latest fabric collection, sweet as honey. the honey pot quilt is a free pattern (click here to download) that goes together quickly with machine piecing and no binding. because this design keeps the integrity of the hexagon shapes around the edges, the finished look is both unique and stunning.  the finished size of the quilt is 65″ x 70″ – perfect for your sofa or afternoon picnic!

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

in addition to the free quilt pattern, we’re so excited to also offer die-cut hexagon kits that include all 260 hexagons! both colorways are offered, spring harvest and autumn harvest. purchasing the kit let’s you skip all the tedious hexagon cutting and let’s you get right to the fun part- sewing!

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

the honey pot quilt kits include all the hexagons needed for the quilt, as well as the pattern and a die cut template for marking the sewing dots. visit a stitch in time to see more and grab your kit!

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

click on the image above to download the free project sheet for the honey pot quilt.

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

the honey pot quilt - free quilt pattern + kits available!

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reversible apron pattern

October 9, 2013

reversible apron pattern by bonnie christine

hey friends! a few of you may know, i got my start selling aprons and tea towels on etsy about 6 years ago. though i don’t sell aprons any more, they are still one of my most favorite items to make! i just love wearing a pretty apron while i cook, don’t you?

to celebrate my latest fabric line, reminisce, i’m sharing with you the very apron pattern i made to get my start in the handmade industry all those years ago. it’s tried and true, fits beautifully and is easy to make. keep reading for the how-to and downloadable pdf pattern!

reversible apron pattern by bonnie christine (1)


– pdf pattern (download here)
– 1 yard each of two coordinating  fabrics (we used timeless rosewood and sweet nostalgia antique)
– scissors
– rotary cutter and ruler (or just scissors if not available)
– sewing machine & thread


1. cut two apron panels, using the pattern supplied, one from each 1 yard piece of fabric. if your fabric is directional, be sure to cut out the apron with your pattern facing the correct direction.

2. cut four apron strings from the length of each 1 yard piece of fabric 1.5″ wide (8 total).

3. place two apron ties of contrasting colors right sides together and stitch around two long sides and one short end. (leave one end open for turning.) turn right sides out and press well. set aside.

4. place the apron pieces right sides together and pin together. tuck the apron ties inside the apron, with the open, unsewn ends extending in the seam allowance. placement is on both sides, ½” below the cut edge of the apron’s top edges and at the tops of the shoulders (see pattern for placement).

5. stitch around the entire apron, leaving a 4” opening for turning on one of the sides, below the tie. seam allowances are ¼”. turn the apron right side out and press well. tip: using a  point turner in the corners will ensure sharp points.

6. machine or hand stitch the opening on the side closed.

7. cook up a storm and enjoy!

photography by art gallery fabrics. pattern copyright bonnie christine 2013. pictured above laura grosso.

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the perfect whatever bag - a free pattern! (5)

hello, friends! my wonderful mother and i have been working on a special little pattern to share with you. we call it the perfect ‘whatever’ bag, because it’s perfect for.. well.. whatever! it’s easy to make and super comfortable to wear. i also love that it features several rows of pretty ribbons, which are always fun to pick out for a project. we used 3 pieces from my reminisce fabric line (sweet nostalgia antique, wonderment teaberry & freshly picked sherbert) which you can find for purchase here and here.

to download the pattern: click on the image above to download the printable pdf pattern.

the perfect whatever bag - a free pattern! (3)

the perfect whatever bag - a free pattern! (1)

the perfect whatever bag - a free pattern! (2) v

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diagonal clutch - a free pattern

art gallery fabrics just recently published a free pattern for this diagonal fold over clutch over on the creative blog. isn’t it darling? they used a few peachy, pastely, vintage-inspired prints from my fabric line with them called reminisce (available here and here), and i just love the result! i agree with agf, a women can never have enough handbags (or enough fabric to make them with)!

head on over to art gallery fabrics to get the free pattern!

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