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when i heard about beth wold’s latest project, i thought, ‘i have to share this with going home to roost!‘. in a nutshell, beth has made over 1000 of her stunning photographs available for anyone to purchase, download and print themselves. you can use them for any personal use, which means you can print them, frame them, make cards from them, print them on canvases, give them as gifts, etc!

here’s just a sneak peek of her work:

beth wold's photography for personal use (7)

beth wold's photography for personal use (6)

beth wold's photography for personal use (2)

beth wold's photography for personal use (4)

beth wold's photography for personal use (5)

beth wold's photography for personal use (8)

beth wold's photography for personal use (9)

here are all the details, straight from beth!

What: Get a special price of just $7 per photograph

When: Friday 11/2 – Sunday 11/4

Where: Beth Wold’s Website

Why: I love photography, and I love taking photographs. I love it so much so that I had a surplus of 1,000 great images sitting on my hard drive that didn’t quite fit in with my Fine Art Portfolio collections. After some thought I got the idea that I could use this collection to help people get affordable images for their homes. Two problems solved – I have a purpose for my previously lonely photographs, and buyers can get quality photos for inexpensive prices.

How: The buyer purchases the photograph through my secure shopping cart, and they are emailed a link to the download. The download is available for 10 days from purchase

just in time for the holidays, these would make wonderful prints to use as gifts- head on over to beth’s site to browse her collections!

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spring pickin’s

March 28, 2012

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dearest nature

today i want to share with you a little project that i’ll be participating in, and invite you to join in as well: dearest nature’s spring pickin’s!

dearest nature is a brand new blog from the lovely donaville of discover paper. it debuted on the first day or spring (of course!) and has absolutely blown me away with amazing content over the last few weeks. all of their posts (decor, diy, food and more!) are all inspired by nature- something very near and dear to my heart! it’s not only a stunning blog to view, but also one of the smartest layouts i’ve ever seen (click over to see what i’m talking about). so, it’s quickly becoming a daily obsession of mine, especially since nature is my ultimate inspiration. i know you’ll love it too!

what were we talking about? oh yeah, spring pickin’s! this is a project all about nature, of course! if you join in, the mission will be to capture things that nature has left in our path. it could be from a nature walk or from your own back yard- from your dslr or from your iphone. the point is to capture nature’s gifts and post them on your blog on the 19th of each month (until summer). to join in, visit dearest nature and leave a comment that you’ll be participating (this way, donnaville can include you in her monthly roundups!).

happy spring!

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