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skillshare is such an amazing place. when i was first starting out trying to learn surface pattern design, it was so hard to learn the techniques i wanted to learn (that’s in part why i began the roost tribe- it’s where i share all my secrets!). today i’m so happy that skillshare exists, and i’m really excited about a few classes i’ve either recently taken, or am currently taking. i highly recommend each of them!

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i’ve taken both the first steps of hand lettering and the final steps of hand lettering by mary kate mcdevitt- and both are incredible! mary kate is so loveable and incredibly talented. in these classes, you’ll learn how to research and brainstorm and idea, sketch it out, explore different styles and finalize your sketch. in the second part, you’ll learn how to digitze your sketch, add color, create texture and put the finishing touches on your work.

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i’m just beginning to take leveraging photoshop and illustrator in your work by lydia nichols and i’m so excited! photoshop is still a little big and scary to me, so i’m especially thrilled to learn how to use it alongside illustrator. in this class, we’ll learn how to create vector art and custom brushes, how to apply texture and then move the artwork over to photoshop.

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in digital illustration: color, pattern and texture, brad woodward will teach us how to breathe life back into your own digital illustrations through the use of a few basic design elements. i’m excited to learn more about color theory, layout and composition and ways to add texture to my work.

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i recently finished the art of modern calligraphy by molly jaques and thought it was just right for my beginner skills of calligraphy. molly starts by covering the basic tools and preliminary knowledge of modern, pointed pen calligraphy and gives you a solid understanding of how to compose a truly unique alphabet.

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in design your own creative brush pack in photoshop or illustrator, garren lamson will teach us how to research, brainstorm, and create a unique, artistic brush pack in either photoshop or illustrator from concept thru completion. since brushes have always been a bit of a mystery to me, i can’t wait to begin this course!

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adobe illustrator keyboard shortcuts

i use shortcuts while working in adobe illustrator constantly, and find that it’s an incredible time saver! it makes things easier, quicker and more streamlined. however, it can be really hard to learn shortcuts for any new program (just put me working in photoshop and i’m lost!). that’s why i really like these keyboard shortcut guides. you can use them to refer to, or set them as your desktop background to keep them handy at all times.

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free photoshop actions

January 17, 2012

Free Photoshop Actions colours of summer – free photoshop actions download

oh, happy tuesday! i love the excitement of perusing the world wide web in search of utter inspiration and enjoyment. as you can imagine, i was thrilled this morning to stumble across annie’s photoshop blog, and in particular this free photoshop actions download called colours of summer. above you can see 8 of them in her collage, and below you can see my own version of all twelve effects.

Free Photoshop Actionsfree and easy to use (download comes with easy to follow instructions!)- head on over to funky photoshop actions and give her some love!

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