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 hello, lovelies! just in case you missed my online lab yesterday with etsy, you can view it right here! you can also read this article over on etsy that i wrote on how to pitch to bloggers. i hope that it’s helpful and encourages you to catapult yourself into the blogosphere. we’re ready and waiting for you! the topic is on how to pitch to bloggers and we cover lots of details on how to go about it. please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section, i’ll meet you there!

pssst. there’s a little surprise at the end of the video! :)

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how to pitch to bloggers

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hello, friends! have you ever wondered how to get more press in the blogosphere? whether you’d like to promote your shop, blog or online store, today you can read a little more about how to pitch to bloggers. i’m delighted to share that today you can find me over on etsy, talking with you about how to pitch yourself and your product to bloggers. you can also watch my online lab where i be answer all your questions about pitching to bloggers in this video interview!

how to pitch to bloggers

how to pitch to bloggers


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tip-top pitch kit

February 23, 2012

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hello friends! i’m excited to share with you this morning a new e-book just released by one of my favorite gals, jena from miss modish! it’s called the tip-top pitch kit and it’s all about how to pitch yourself and your business to blogs. pitching yourself to blogs can be one of the easiest and most successful avenues of ‘advertising’ you can have, but also one of the scariest! well have no fear- if you’re an artist/designer/maker looking for more exposure for your online shop, and products, this kit will teach you everything you need to know about pitching yourself to blogs.


you’ll learn:

– how to choose which blogs to submit to.

– what you should say in your pitch.

– how to grab an editor’s attention.

– and what really goes on after you hit send.


sound good? it gets better! not only does it include all of what miss jena has learned over the past 6 years as a professional blogger and biz woman, but also features insight from over 25 design bloggers (hint hint, you might see someone you know!!). :)

with 61 pages, there’s a LOT of awesome advice and know-how just waiting for you to read! head on over to the tip-top pitch kit shop to snag your copy today!

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