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party planning 101 by erin godbey (2)

oh man. you guys are going to LOVE this ebook (going out to the roost tribe this friday!). erin godbey is a master party planner, maker and founder of the indie craft parade & the makers summit (more on that in a minute). in her e-book, Party Planning 101: Simple steps for celebrations she breaks down the various parts of party planning into steps, from party ideas and themes to menu planning and decorations. and, to get you in the party planning mood, she’s created a special pinterest board just for you with her favorite party recipes, decor, and party planning resources.

party planning 101 by erin godbey (1) <
party planning 101 by erin godbey

in addition to being a master party planner, erin is also the founder of the indie craft parade and the maker’s summit. i’ve attended both and can personally attest to how incredible these events are! if you’re a maker, attending these two events will be the highlight of your year.

the indie craft parade is a celebration of handmade art and will take place september 12th-14th in greenville, south carolina. it’s held in the most beautiful historic mill and will be featuring 80 of the most talented makers from all over the south.>

the maker’s summit is a one-day business conference for the art, craft, and design world. during the conference, you’ll learn how to start or grow your business alongside fellow creatives and hear practical advice from industry leaders and peers during keynotes, workshops, panel discussions and one-on-one time with experts. i was delighted to attend this year and it was absolutely sensational.

erin elsewhere: pinterest | twitter | instagram |

so come join the roost tribe and get your learn on! join anytime this month to receive erin’s e-book, Party Planning 101: Simple steps for celebrations

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in a nutshell, it’s a direct extension of going home to roost. members receive weekly premium content delivered straight to their inbox. you’ll get adobe illustrator tutorials, printables, illustrations, digital papers and repeating patterns, exclusive articles from industry experts, recipes and loads of other creative goodies. members also connect with each other for creative support, feedback and fun in private facebook group. and the best part? all of it costs less than a latte. click here for more information.

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tips for traveling vegan

February 22, 2013

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farmers market radishes

photo: farmers market radishes by hannah queen

since we’ve been traveling this week (and i haven’t been in the kitchen), i thought i might share with you a few tips on how we make traveling vegan easy. at first it takes a little thought and planning ahead, but it soon becomes like second nature (i promise!). 

1) plan ahead. take some time before your trip to pack some snacks that are both easy to grab and really healthy. if you’re flying, you can take any of your own food on the plane, as long as it’s not liquid. you can either purchase these snacks or make them yourself, but here are some of my favorites: granola, ginger snaps, blueberries, trail mix, whole fruit and dried fruit (mango is my favorite!).

2) ask. the number one thing you can do while traveling or visiting a new restaurant is just ask what they have or what what they can make vegan. just this week i discovered two restaurants that actually had separate vegan menus, just by asking! even if there’s nothing vegan on an entire menu, they can usually always make something for you pretty easily. pasta dishes, vegetable plates, hearty salads, and baked potatoes loaded with veggies are almost always an option!

3) do your research. sometimes during travel you just have to eat on the go (especially on layovers) at places you wouldn’t ordinarily eat. just by doing a little research, you can find several restaurants that offer vegan eats (even though they may not know it!). auntie anne’s salted pretzels are vegan if you just ask for one without the butter. starbucks has really good hot oatmeal and bagels that fit the bill. brixx pizza and mellow mushroom both have great options (and veg cheese) and jamba juice is possibly one of the easiest/healthiest places to stop.

4) eat at a health food store. this is a ‘bonnie and dave’ classic. lots of times we’ll just swing by whole foods (or another local health food store) and eat at their hot bar. it’s always totally amazing! plus, while we’re there we can stock up on goodies for the next day.

5) travel with a plan. this is especially fun when you’re road tripping. by doing a little research on restaurants, you can literately plan your stops around which cities have the best veg fare! (call us nerds, but this is one of our favorite things to do.) we love to use the happy cow app and the google maps app to find the best veg restaurants from city to city.

do you have any tips on traveling veg? share with us in the comments section!

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Hi, I’m Jes from oh, buckets- so happy to be here with you today!

I usually love to cook dinner! Though I do have a little more time as a stay at home momma and truly do enjoy cooking, meal planning gets all the credit for my dinnertime ease! Years ago I would stare at the kitchen with no clue what to make, trips to the grocery store were frequent, and variety was lacking. Does this sound familiar? If so, read on for my most basic meal planning tips:

1) Plan and record a week long menu. Sit down with your cookbooks AND your calendar so that you can choose recipes that are appropriate for each day – maybe you have a lazy Saturday so you can prepare that time consuming meal you’ve been craving or perhaps you have a time crunched Tuesday and you need to plan a quick, simple meal.

* Don’t forget to plan all parts of the meal for each day. I like to use the rule of 3: a main dish, which may or may not include meat, plus two sides. Your sides do not have to be fancy – simply roasting or steaming fresh or frozen veggies will be tasty, healthy, and low maintenance!

2) As you plan your menu make the week’s grocery list. If you can remember the lay-out of your grocery store write your list in the appropriate order. Hopefully this trip will be your only grocery stop all week, though you may need to make an extra trip for fresh fruits and veggies or unexpected items.

* Remember to add any additional food you may need during the week: snack items, work or school lunches, special holidays or celebrations taking place during the week, etc.

3) Post your completed menu and get the groceries. Place the menu on your fridge, a bulletin board, or wherever it is easy for you and your family to take a quick peek. Know that, on occasion, you may have to deviate from your menu and that’s OK!

To get you started, I’ve created a fun menu template using picnik! To download: right click on the image and choose “copy”. Then, paste the menu into your favorite word processing program, adjust the size to your preference, print and get planning! Want to save some trees? Print 2-3 menus per page and use the back of the previous week’s menu to jot down your grocery list!

Does the task still seem a bit overwhelming? Get your feet wet by checking out a meal planning blog which offers a weekly menu for you to copy! For a list of options, do an online search using the keywords weekly meal planning blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions, a tip to share, or if you are going to give meal planning a try!

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