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i spy at ikea

May 8, 2013

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i spy at ikea hanging planter | sommarfint tray | mandal headboard | rattan bowl | side table | watering can | money tree | wood log fabric

yesterday, my sister and i hopped over to our closest ikea. with notebooks and cameras in hand, we had a full day of planning projects, making notes and walking about (a lot). while becky was occupied planning out closets and pantries, i was busy brainstorming ideas for our new place and my booth at quilt market next weekend (eee!). needless to say, it turned out to be a full day’s work and we both came home happy and inspired- despite our tired brains and sore legs. above are a few favorite things i spotted while visiting, a few of which i purchased and a few that i’ve written down for future reference. with so much going on in the next few months i’m sure i’ll be visiting plenty!

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zillpa rope baskets

May 6, 2013

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zillpa rope baskets (4)

i love to use baskets as market bags and planters, so when i found zillpa i was over the moon in love with the look and style of claire’s handmade rope homewares. she makes bowls, dishes, pot holders, coasters, bags and plant hangers, all from 100% cotton rope and colored thread. they’re beautiful, aren’t they?

zillpa rope baskets (1)

i’ve made a rope(ish) basket before using a technique where you wrap strips of fabric around a piece of rope and stitch as you go, but i love that claire has left her rope raw. it gives each piece such an organic-yet-fun feel, especially with the different thread color options (13 in all). head on over to zillpa and take a look around, and be sure to swing by her etsy shop, too!

zillpa rope baskets (2)

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cutie copper crafts

February 11, 2013

cute copper crafts (1)

i’ve been perusing the world of copper crafts lately, and i have to admit- i can’t wait to go roam the isles of our local hardware store! it seems like the creative possibilities are endless. above is a simple copper bud vase by chelsea at lovely indeed (diy featured on poppytalk). it’s easy to make (only taking 3 small copper pieces) and looks so elegant and sweet, don’t you think?

cute copper crafts (2)

next is this set of cute copper succulent planters by ashley of sugar & cloth (diy featured on poppytalk). this one is as simple as grabbing some copper cap fittings, ketchup (to clean them) and a few plants to put in them. i love how minimalistic and rustic they are, and how they add a pop of color while keeping things neutral.

cute copper crafts (3)

this last darling diy is how to make simple copper curtain rods out of plumbing tubing. it comes from brittany over at the house that lars built (diy featured on design*sponge). with only a little drilling needed to make the end caps, i think it’s a simple, chic and affordable way to dress your windows.

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wearable planters

March 8, 2012

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wearable planters

since i come from a family of avid bicyclists (minus myself), this cutie pie bike planter was a insta-love! plus i love succulents, mostly because i can’t kill them (see here, here and here!). even if you don’t have a bike, i’m thinking the sturdy elastic nylon cord would allow you to attach it just about anywhere that it will fit around. just think of all the possibilities to show off your love for plants! sidenote: i’m also obsessing over these planter earrings.

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from drab to fab

June 29, 2011

yellow planted potter

isn’t this a happy project? i ran across this simple diy drip planter over at old brand new (originally found via the lovely papernstitch) this morning and have already written it down on my project’s-to-do-list! i actually have this exact type of tree hanging out in a totally drab planter by my couch as we speak. i’m going to say that by the weekend it will have some much needed added color. click over for more pics and instructions!

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before and after: planter table

i found this little tray table at the thrift store for $5. i love it’s little tapered legs and rolling wheels!

after painting it with yellow zig zags, it’s now a little planter table and adds the perfect splash of color to our dining room.

before and after: planter table

i used love natalie’s grow print as inspiration, can you tell?  though her shop is temporarily closed, {update! her shop is now open!} you can see all of her watercolor paintings and diy projects on her blog- love, natalie.

before and after: planter table


i only bought one shade of yellow paint, but mixed up a little batch of it with some added white to make the lighter color.  i first painted the top light yellow, then used this technique of painting chevrons to tape off the design.  after painting the whole piece darker yellow, i removed the tape and finished it off with a top coat.

before and after: planter table

did you notice my little collection of blue bottles? i got inspired by johnny miller a while back, and have been collection blue and green bottles and jars ever since.  mine needs some work to be anywhere near as beautiful as his, but i think it’s pretty catching the afternoon light.

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