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pretty pumpkin projects

October 2, 2012

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six pretty pumpkin projects (2)

six pretty pumpkin projects (1)

six pretty pumpkin projects (3)

six pretty pumpkin projects (4)

six pretty pumpkin projects (5)

six pretty pumpkin projects (6)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

six pretty pumpkin projects, perfect for autumn. do you like to carve or decorate pumpkins this time of year?

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helen dardik as my eyes have been opened to the world of surface pattern design, i see beautiful images, patterns and artists everywhere i look. i find them to be an enormous inspiration, and i hope that you will too. :) here you see a few lovely pattern designs from helen dardik. aren’t they fun? for a little added joy, don’t miss her blog, orange you lucky!

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a font affair

December 1, 2011

a font affair after my last font affair, bethany commented on a new (to me) website for free fonts! thus today’s all come from fonts101.com. do you have any favorite fonts lately? please do share in the comments section!

1. playdate | 2. simply glamorous | 3. before the rain | 4. roskrift clean | 5. freehand 591 | 6. leytonstone regular | 7. silver script | 8. atlast Greeting | 9. shelly script | 10. baronesse | 11. baker script | 12. daniel script | 13. baby font | 14. hurried font | 15. alako | 16. mr. wade | 17. aka frivolity | 18. milk & cereal | 19. callie hand | 20. celine dion handwriting

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pretty holiday projects

November 21, 2011

pretty holiday projects every year i try to make the majority of my christmas gifts. there are really two reasons for this; the first is that i love to make things. i love everything about the process, from picking out a project-to-pouring myself into it-to-getting anxious about seeing the recipient open it. it’s just all good. the second reason is that it saves us money. christmas on a budget is tough, and when you can get crafty it can save you tons. i’ve been cataloging my favorite project ideas over on pinterest, and here are a few of my favorites. i still need more ideas though! do you have any crafty gift plans?

1. pretty poufs (discovered via itty bitty impact)
2. braided leather belt
3. drawstring bag (discovered via indie pretty projects)
4. tub teas (perfect for making your own tea)
5. handmade envelope tutorial
6. reversible journal covers

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a font affair

November 15, 2011

font affair

my latest font affair! do you have any favorite fonts lately? please do share in the comments section!

1) 5th grade cursive | 2) four feather falls

3) beautiful every time | 4) birmingham titling

5) candy strip | 6) channel

7) complete in him | 8) follow you into the world

9) horseshoes and lemonade | 10) janda romantic

11) luck of the irish | 12) mesh stitch

13) heart doodle | 14) section intersection

15) the only exception

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Ivy Nassopoulos

i love this. love. love. love.

when pastels and neutral bases hit a blank canvas i think the beginnings of a home are made. ivy nassopoulos is a home stylist from frankurt germany, and her love and passion for beautiful living, unique interiors and pretty homes is so apparent in her work at new ivy style. her photography will inspire you and her cards, garland and wire letters will help you make your house a home.

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pretty packaging: knot and bow

February 21, 2011

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knot & bow pretty packaging

what is it about a pretty package that gets me all excited inside? there’s just something about dolling up a gift with strings and bows and everything beautiful to make it extra special for the person you’re giving it to. i love the collection of gift-wrapping-goodies that knot & bow have to offer, everything from pretty doilies to mini clothespins. hop on over to their shop to discover all the ways you can make your packages all the more prettier!

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