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September 28, 2011

moon phases by katie daisy

moon phases by katie daisy

problem: as i lie awake in bed last night, i realize that inspiration always strikes me in the middle of the night. the best blog post ideas, pattern inspiration or general design related to-dos pop in and out of my head. then, they keep me awake as i’m determined to still remember them when the sun comes up! seriously, i often feel pregnant with inspiration and ideas.

ok, not really a problem: i’m not really complaining here, i’m glad for the inspiration. i just need to sleep.

remedy: i will start to keep a notebook by my bed. this way, i’ll (hopefully) be able to jot down ideas (i.e. get them OUT of my head and ON to paper), and be able to go sleep.

think it will work? how about you, when does your inspiration strike?


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