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where are you going little one?

i have fallen in love with this sweet little book proposal by bryanna millis where bright collages and rhyming couplets take readers on an adventure in each month of the year.

bryanna’s inspiration: “When I became a mom in 2011 I struggled to fit art making into my life. Hours of experimenting with a wide variety of collage materials were a thing of the past, as time and space went to the baby. Yet he also provided a new source of inspiration. In the very early days, my son loved to lie on his changing table, kicking his legs and laughing. “Where are you going, little one?”, I’d ask him, and offer up rhyming answers of my own. As new nicknames came to mind–little fish, little star, little dream–I would rhyme couplets about the adventures of each character.

her inspiration is so sweet and completely relatable, don’t you think? head on over to bryanna’s kickstarter project to help make this book come to life. i hope to read it to bear one day so badly!

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diy may day baskets

April 22, 2013

**when bley from bibliosophy handmade sent over this pretty diy project for may day baskets, i instantly fell in love! it’s simple, thoughtful and such a great idea for mother’s day. i hope you enjoy getting to know bley and following her sweet tutorial! xo, bonnie

DIY May Day Baskets (1)

DIY May Day Baskets (6)

My name is Bley Hack and I create nostalgic paper and home goods for my shop Bibliosophy Handmade. This year for May Day I want to surprise my friends with some sweet little flower posies on their doorstep.  The tradition of leaving May baskets filled with flowers on May 1 was a colonial American tradition, and one worthy of reviving, don’t you think?

For my posies, I started with the Victorian-era “language of flowers,” where different flowers were assigned different meanings. For example, pink carnations mean “a mother’s love,” rather perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond.  You can find more flowers with their meanings on the language of flowers.

DIY May Day Baskets (5)

To start, choose a small container that you can make into a hanging basket.  I used a French fry scoop, from garnish, and a printable template that you can make into a basket.  To use the template, simply print on cardstock, cut out, and secure at the dots with metal brads or tape.  Using baker’s twine, punch two holes in the sides of the basket, and tie with twine to create the basket’s handle.

download the templates:

- plain may basket template

- ribbons and bows may basket template

DIY May Day Baskets (4)

Now, gather your choice of flowers with a little bit of greenery.  You can visit the grocery store, or a farmer’s market, or raid your own flower beds, as you desire.  Choose 1-3 blooms (these are posies, which are meant to be small) and arrange them in one hand until the composition pleases you.  Don’t forget to add greenery for interest and as a filler.  Now, take some washi tape or twine, and wrap the stems together tightly; trim the stems to an even length to fit your container.

DIY May Day Baskets (3)

Pop in your container, and deliver some floral cheer!

DIY May Day Baskets (2)

Some helpful hints:

  • Place a large marble or floral stones in the bottom of your basket to give it some weight so it hangs correctly on the door.

  • If your baskets will be left hanging all day, purchase some floral water tubes from a local florist to help keep your posy hydrated until it’s found.

  • Use the blank printable template as an art activity with your kids.  Let them color it with bright colored crayons, then paint over with one color of watercolor for a unique basket.

  • For a special surprise for Mom, place your posy in a tiny teacup, box and tie prettily, and deliver on Mother’s Day.

about: bley is inspired by all things vintage, including old textiles and hankies, vintage children’s books and illustrations, and the simple, sweet ways of times past.  each friday on her blog, she shares a new vintage children’s book find that her and her three kids are currently reading. join the fun and share your favorite vintage reads!

All photos: Briana Snyder Photography

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make your own polaroid coasters when i saw this project over on darkroom and dearly i thought, what a great way to bring photos to life! personally, i haven’t printed photos in a very long time (i just keep them digitally), but sometimes i miss having the hard copies to flip through. i think this project would be a great way to show them off, as well as make for some good conversation starters! head on over to darkroom and dearly for the full tutorial!

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planted mugs + printable tags

December 19, 2012

planted mugs + printable tags

printable plant tags

yesterday, i was so inspired after seeing these planted mugs over on design*sponge, that i decided to make some myself, as well as design some gift tags to go along with them! i was looking for a gift idea that was sweet, affordable and memorable – and voila. thanks design*sponge!

planted mugs + printable tags

each planted mug only cost me $6 to make (can i get a woot woot?!). here’s what you need:


– any type of mug – i grabbed mine from target for $3 a piece
– small plants to fit inside – i got mine from lowes for $2.98 a plant
– a few pebbles or rocks (you can usually just find some outside!)


first fill the bottom of each mug with a few pebbles, then simply place your plant in the mug and pack down the dirt around it. you may find it helpful to loosen the roots before you insert the plant.

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

another nice touch is to add a gift tag and a small bag of your favorite coffee, tea or mulling spices. i went ahead and made these tags a printable for you, so you can use them as well! just fill out the back with the plant instructions so that the recipient will know how to take care of the plant. i punched a hole in the tea bag and tag and tied it up onto a twig (stuck in the soil) using baker’s twine.

planted mugs + printable tags


just click on the image above to download and print these gift tags to go along with your planted mugs. have fun!

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litographs kickstarter project

November 20, 2012

Posted by in handmade

calling all book lovers! when i first discovered litographs (remember?) i knew their brilliant idea would take them somewhere great. best known for their beautiful prints that are are literally created from the text of classic books, litographs has just debuted a kickstart project for something really exciting: screen printed t-shirts made from entire book texts. with litographs t-shirts, you can literally wear your favorite book on your sleeve!

litographs kickstarter project

if you’d like to see these t-shirt in production, litographs needs our help! through this kickstarter project, litographs gives us the opportunity to pledge anywhere from $5 to $500, each gaining us something in return ranging from a litographs poster to the complete set of first edition screen prints. just visit the project page to get started!

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painted baskets

October 10, 2012

diy painted baskets

i use baskets for just about everything. in fact, i don’t even have a drawer for my socks! i keep everything from scarves to dog toys in baskets of all kinds, so this diy for painted baskets from the marion house book really stood out to me. every time i go thrifting, i now scour the isles for big baskets- i would especially love to find some large round ones like these pictured above.

diy painted baskets

aren’t they beautiful? head on over to the marion house book to see the full tutorial.

diy painted baskets

and just for some added inspiration, i also love these dipped-dyed baskets from martha. oh, the possibilities!

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pretty pumpkin projects

October 2, 2012

Posted by in home decor

six pretty pumpkin projects (2)

six pretty pumpkin projects (1)

six pretty pumpkin projects (3)

six pretty pumpkin projects (4)

six pretty pumpkin projects (5)

six pretty pumpkin projects (6)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

six pretty pumpkin projects, perfect for autumn. do you like to carve or decorate pumpkins this time of year?

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diy a-frame tents

September 19, 2012

Posted by in handmade

diy a-frame tents (3)

diy a-frame tents (5)

diy a-frame tents (2)   diy a-frame tents (4)

diy a-frame tents (1)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

the kid in me is screaming for me to make one of these. just a quiet little getaway place to play house or read a book. covered in beautiful fabrics or lace, i think they could be quite the decor addition as well!

who says you have to be a kid to enjoy one of these anyhow? i think they would be perfect for date nights, too. (wink)

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