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2012 survey

i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and decided that now would be the perfect time to conduct a little survey! i’m having lots of ideas (and questions!) and sincerely would love to hear your thoughts on how i can make going home to roost a better blog. won’t you help? :)

in order to say thank you, i’ll be drawing one person from those who take the survey to win $100! i mean, who couldn’t use 100 bucks, right?

the survey is super short (10 questions, 5 minutes) and will be available for you to take anytime during the next week. i’ll close entries and draw a winner on sunday, july 22 at midnight, pst. $100 will be sent via paypal.

2012 survey

can’t wait to hear from you! xox, bonnie

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blog brunch

May 3, 2012

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blog brunch have you heard of blog brunch? when i discovered it via august empress, i thought, how fun! in a nut shell, blog brunch is a live question and answer chat that takes place on twitter every first saturday of each month. hosted by two lovely bloggers, megan and ms. pink, people from all over the globe meet to discuss our favorite subject – blogging!

each month, they spotlight a different hot topic which allows bloggers of all sorts to network, ask questions, share information and most importantly- build relationships.

if you missed last month’s, you can catch up with this handy recap right here.

Let's Do Brunch the next brunch is this saturday, may 5th at 1pm EST and 10 am PST. mark your calendars and join in- i’ll meet you there! and don’t forget to use the tag #blogbrunch

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inbox inquiry

happy friday, lovelies! today i have an inbox inquiry comes from the lovely writers over at plant. eat. create. they wrote in to ask me a few questions about going home to roost and how i’ve grown it over the years, and below you can find my answers!

pssst.. if you like ghtr, make sure to visit their blog, as i think you’ll see we have a lot in common!

1. Did you intentionally try to grow your blog to make a living off of it or did it just happen?
hmm, well sort of both. i started it with intentions to dedicate all that i had to it, but kept my expectations low. i really wanted to create a beautiful space to share my inspirations, projects and recipes- so i focused all of my energy on making it the best that it could be, rather than on gaining more readers.

2. If you did try to grow it, how did you go about that?
i’m not sure that i really set out to grow it, but rather just did things that made sense as i went along. twitter and facebook have been a huge help and they are great way to network- plus they’re fun! i have also always tried to focus on two areas that i believe are critical to growing your blog: consistency and an authentic voice.

3.Did/do you pursue sponsors or advertisers or do they come to you?
i have never pursued advertisers but rather just put the word out there. i am blessed to say that they have always found me! :)

4. What are some other things that you’ve found have increased your blog traffic?
i really feel like reaching out to others and making an effort to create genuine connections goes a really long way. growing meaningful relationships with others in the industry is so important and fulfilling, as blogging can be a little lonely at times! other good ways to connect are through the many social media outlets- flickr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram are all great ways to meet and greet. :)

5. Do you think its possible to plan a blog like a business venture or do you think it just has to happen if it’s gonna happen?
hmm, good question! i think it could definitely be both, but it seems like to me that most people tend to either become overnight successes or grow their blog over a long period of time (like me). i think if you set out with honest intentions and focus on your authentic voice, anyone can become a success. just remember to be consistent and be YOU!

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caroline’s taking a little break today, so i’m here to share some useful gardening q&a with you!  we often get questions from readers, and caroline’s answers are just to good to keep from you!

gardening q&a

{abby lanes}

Question: Recently I have noticed that my tomato plants – all 8 of them – are not producing anything. I got a little concerned because they are 3 feet high – they look great and happy – but no fruit! Boo!! So, i asked my gardening girlfriend what she thought I should do and she suggested that my soil may be lacking calcium. Hmmm… since I’m new to this gardening gig I think to myself: “where do you get calcium? Do I give them a little milk?” (kidding) So, i called another friend that gardens and he said to try some osmocote (sp?). I have used osmocote in the past on porch plants and they love it- but is it OK for food?? I don’t want to put any chemically stuff on something I’m going to eat. Do you have any tips? Suggestions??

Also, I have an old brick coop in the back – that needs major cleaning up – its sturdy with a tin roof (made probably circa 1930) but the open windows will need some chicken wire – and the door opening has no door (rats!). I’m pretty sure there are black widows in there and there is no way this gal is going in there to tidy it up with those monsters in there. Any tips on how to get them out? – Kristen

Answer: Hi Kristen! Non-flowering tomato plants are usually a sign of too much nitrogen in the soil. Have your soil tested at your local cooperative extension center and let them know you are experiencing non flowering tomato plants. Calcium depletion in the soil usually shows up as tomato blossom end rot – so a calcium deficiency would not be my first guess. I’m thinking they will probably have you add potash or potassium to the soil, but don’t go guessing! You can also try stressing the plants a bit – lessen up on the water for a few days. I would not use osmocote on food products – that stuff is pretty toxic to ingest. Don’t feed them anything until you get that soil test done. At this time of year it should not take long at all to get results.

Black widows! How timely as well – I found some black widow carcasses in my garage this past week and I’m on high alert now….but I’m not going to do much more than diatomaceous earth, a flashlight and a long broom to clean up the cobwebs. You can spray the chicken coop with water or use a hose end sprayer with some liquid soap mixed in to flood/kill the spiders before you actually go too far inside to clean up. Neem is also pretty effective…but you knew I would say that, I’m sure! Good luck, go in the covered up…no flip flops for you, wear a hat and long gloves. Be careful and be brave!!! -Caroline

gardening q&a

{allison trentelman}

Question: I need help! I planted windowboxes, organic, with zinnias, sweetpeas, nasturium and cilantro. And they have bugs! Ugly little buggers, some look like beetles, others fly… but I need to get rid of them pronto. I was thinking maybe a salt water mix, or baking soda? But I really don’t want to try without advice. If you can help I would SO appreciate it! :) – Anna

Answer: Hi Anna. Thanks for your question. I would advise you to never ever use regular salt in your garden. Salt is actually really toxic for your soil and not a good idea to spray on plants. Epsom salts are a different story, but they are not effective as bug control. I would recommend knocking the beetles into a bowl of soapy water and then spraying with Neem. Here is a link to a safer, organic Neem product I have found very effective.  Beetles are tenacious and you do need to spray every few days to control them.” – Caroline

gardening q&a


Question: I have something eating the leaves and new buds of one of my pansies and one of my dianthus in my small flower garden…guessing they are slugs since I can’t see them during the day (better go out one night to see if I can spot ‘em!)…anyway, read to put epsom salt around the plants…did it today…think it’ll work? any other tips? (update): Went to the local landscaper today b/c the epsom salts did NOT work AND I caught one of the little buggers this morning…at the other end of the garden! anyway, she is ordering me “sluggo” – said it is safe for kiddos and pets! hope it does the trick…- Jes

Answer: Jes answered her own question! Sluggo is great for slugs and safe around kids. – Caroline

gardening q&a

{pink princesses in the garden}

do you have any gardening questions? leave your questions here, or visit the ladybug landscaping facebook page to ask caroline directly!

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ask me anything!

February 18, 2010

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have you all heard of formspring? it’s site where friends can ask questions anonymously, or by name. you might have noticed that i took down our ‘comment box’ because i think this will be much better!  you can visit me here at formspring and ask me any question, any time, and i’ll do my best to answer!  really, no question is off limits!

can’t wait to hear from you! xo, bonnie

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