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how to pitch to bloggers

photo by photographybykarina

hello, friends! have you ever wondered how to get more press in the blogosphere? whether you’d like to promote your shop, blog or online store, today you can read a little more about how to pitch to bloggers. i’m delighted to share that today you can find me over on etsy, talking with you about how to pitch yourself and your product to bloggers. you can also watch my online lab where i be answer all your questions about pitching to bloggers in this video interview!

how to pitch to bloggers

how to pitch to bloggers


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a day in the sunshine

August 16, 2011

a day in the sun

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on my bookshelf

February 3, 2011

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hello, friends! i’ve been enjoying some really great reads lately and thought you might like to know the latest additions to my bookshelf!

on my bookshelf
1. creative, inc.- the ultimate guide to running a successful freelance business by meg mateo ilasco & joy deangdeelert cho. this crafster book teaches you everything you need to know about starting your own freelance biz. from setting up shop to working with clients and agents- the advice in this book is priceless.

2. the total money makeover by dave ramsey. finally! a book that spells out exactly what you should do with your finances in an easy to understand way. the sure-fire way to get out of debt, stay out of it, and start managing your finances responsibly. i’m telling you, this is the best book i’ve read in a very long time.

3. the conscious cook by tal ronnen. i just got this fantastic cook book in the mail this week! it’s 100% vegan, and you’d never know it. with creamy, ‘meaty’, and easy-to-fix-unusual meals throughout, i’m going to be cooking my way through this one start to finish.

4. the history of redemption edited by ronnie smith and illustrated by christopher koelle. i’ve talked about this book before and was so excited to finally get it. the illustrations are absolutely stunning and the story (of course) is timelessly beautiful.

do you have a favorite latest additions to your bookshelf? please share!

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Forest - Clear Bookmark Stickers

clear forest bookmarks

today i’m looking for your insight. do you like using digital readers or prefer old fashioned hard copy books?

i’ve been tempted to explore new readers like the nook, kindle or ibook, but something about them just doesn’t settle with me. see, i like to flip through the pages of a book with my fingers, doggie ear the corners and make notes in the side columns. and to me, there’s just something about placing a well loved book on a shelf to refer back to again and again. i like to have a library, i think books are beautiful. it is for this same reason that i prefer to purchase my books rather then get them from the library, i want to call them my own and keep them forever (though, i do try to purchase used books). plus, i found this article on our health and wireless waves a bit concerning. also, if i used a digital reader, i wouldn’t be able to use cute bookmarks like these!

so what’s your opinion? do you use a digital reader? do you like it, or not? i can definitely see where there would be certain advantages. for instance, i’m sure airplane and vacation reading would be much easier (and much lighter). and it might be easier to find passages, if you can search for a specific word or phrase. i would like to hear which you prefer, and if you’ve tried a digital reader- what do you think of it?

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i love coffee {and honey}

March 30, 2010

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i love coffee. in fact, i’m sipping on my second cup right now.  and, i have to admit, i’m a sugar and cream kinda a gal.  the hub won’t touch my coffee as he thinks it’s nothing but a blob of sugary goo.  i’ve tried to drink it black, but i just can’t. you know i’ve been reading those beekeeping books?  there’s a point to this, i promise.

{coffee pot with wallpaper}

for now, i think the only think i got out of those (extremely) interesting books, is how good honey is for you!  i knew honey was healthy and that local honey would help your allergies but i had no idea that it had so many ‘healing’ properties.  there are all these studies showing how traditional beekeepers never get diseases like arthritis and the like, and they think it’s because of the honey and the bee’s stings.  i’m not saying go out and get stung (lol) but i am saying you should try to eat more honey!

for 1000’s of years honey has been used to help everything from skin conditions to digestion issues to diabetes and high cholesterol.  so, i thought i should get on this!

here’s what i learned:

– their are hundreds of health benefits to eating honey (here’s a start: honey)

– honey naturally contains so many vitamins and minerals!  niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid (b vitamins), calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  whoa!

– you should always buy local honey, especially to help relieve your allergies.

– buying organic honey is important!  many beekeepers put antibiotics in the bee’s water supply, which end up in the honey.  go organic!

– the darker the honey the more antioxidants it has.

so, what’s my point?  well, i’ve started using honey in my coffee instead of sugar.  and, it’s *delicious!!

how do you drink your coffee?

p.s. since i’ve recently been converted to the amazing wonderfulness of honey, you might find me ranting about it even more with some beauty and food recipes. stay tuned!

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happy monday!  did you have a good weekend?  we sure did, the weather was about sixty all weekend, what a nice treat!  i even got to snag a nap in the sunshine. :)

working clockwise :: do you have the time?, set of 3 large grid notepads, butterfly daughter garland, curio cups wheel, the quite bird print, glowing forest

we traveled to greenville, south carolina for the first weekend of david’s spring cycling races.  we’ll be traveling all over the southeast for the majority of the weekends to come over the next few months.

i love the feeling i get when these races start up- to me, they mean lots of road trips, sunshine and sitting in the grass with a good book.  i’ve already scoped out a few books i want to read- less is more and the backyard homestead.  have you read or heard anything about either of these?

what books are you reading?

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