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leafy tea packaging design

October 12, 2012

leafy tea packaging design (4)

leafy tea packaging design (1)

leafy tea packaging design (2)

leafy tea packaging design (3)

i adore this sweet packaging concept that belinda shih designed. it’s only for a hypothetical tea company, but i hope it becomes a reality, because i can taste it already! belinda says that the design is focused on the concept of afternoon tea – a time to unwind, re-energize, and relax after a long day of work. the package is therefore minimalist, calm in color and simple in shape, with a hint of the soothing elegance of steam swirls and tea drops. i think it’s brilliantly beautiful.

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a day in the sunshine

August 16, 2011

a day in the sun

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my diy hammock

June 14, 2011

happy monday, dear friends! i told you i was going to make a hammock this weekend (remember?), and i did! it turned out great and i’ve been enjoying it all weekend. here’s how i did it!

my diy hammock

for the most part, i just followed these great instructions from outside mom.  i had two yards of this striped linen fabric, so first i hemmed each of the long sides. then i hemmed each of the short sides by first folding over a 1/2 inch and pressing, then folding over again about 3 inches to create a sleeve for my rope to go through (see picture below).

my diy hammock

i used a tight zig zag stitch with heavy duty polyester thread to make sure the seams were really strong. i then threaded some rope through each end that i found in my mister’s tool box (hehe) and tied a secure not to each of my posts.  you could also do this around a branch or a tree trunk.

my diy hammock

isn’t it lovely? it’s super sturdy and comfy, just right for an afternoon cup of tea and a good book. :)

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