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baby roost's nursery inspiration

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i haven’t talked much about baby roost around here yet, partly because i don’t want to change the dynamic of going home to roost and partly because we haven’t moved into our new home yet. the truth is though that i’m so excited, so obsessed and so in love! i know once we get moved into our new place (hopefully next month), i’ll be sharing more with you but for now we feel like we’re kind of stuck in a state of limbo. one thing i’ve had time to do though is start dreaming up a nursery for our little man. above is a sneak peek at the direction we’ll be taking. what do you think? if you like, you can also follow the baby roost pinterest board for more inspiration along the way. xo

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roosting readers

April 27, 2010

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roosting readers

clockwise ::  elizabeth Floyd, gathering spriggs , airdromee l k

what do you do when you go home to roost?  join going home to roost’s flickr group to share with us!

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roosting readers

March 25, 2010

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roosting readers

clockwise :: wide open, sunflower, beautiful today: a rose and my alphabet stampsreading material

i gathered these lovely photos from the going home to roost flickr pool. it’s so fun to see how everyone is roosting, and all in different ways!  i’ll be roosting today by tending to my garden and starting some new seedlings, also sewing a bit, cleaning house and making dinner for my sister and her beau!  so, the question is..

how do you roost?

join the going home to roost group and let us know!

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the kitchen roost

February 19, 2010

i can’t believe it’s friday already! have you had a good week?  i feel like ours here has kind of been all over the place, but i’ve really enjoyed it and appreciate you hanging in there with me!  now for the news i’ve been wanting to share with you…

the kitchen roost

i opened a new etsy shop! haha, yes that’s right. feel free to whop me up side the head and ask, what are you doing?! i concluded that it was time to get all of my kitchen goods in one shop separate from the other, so alas, the kitchen roost was born!

to jump off the new shop, i’m also introducing a new line that i’m calling the organic kitchen. in addition to my usual aprons and tea towels, i’m now offering new tea towels, veggie produce bags and reusable shopping bags, all made from 100% organic cotton canvas. and, the appliques are all scraps leftover from aprons, so i’m saving those from heading to the dump.  what do you think?

i’ll be busy this weekend transferring all of my aprons and tea towels to the new shop, so when you’re looking for my kitchen goods, make sure to head to the kitchen roost! xoxo!

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from one roost to another

February 19, 2010

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boy, do i have a doozy for you today! i got the sweetest email form a fellow rooster yesterday introducing me to her blog, roost.  caitlin has been writing roost since just about the same time we started here, and i can’t believe we didn’t stumble upon one another until yesterday!  you will be nothing less than delighted to visit her blog and soak it all in.  it’s full of beautiful imagery and the most delicious recipes i’ve ever seen!  she has a wonderful archive section that summarizes all of her recipes and other inspiring posts, as well as an ‘in season’ page as a quick reference to see what’s in season.

you won’t regret getting to know this gal, so please join me in welcoming our latest rooster, caitlin!

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August 20, 2009

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visit freshline for the most adorable and whimsical illustrations.  Colleen is the lovely designer and also has a beautiful blog you can visit for extra inspiration!  she does  such a good job of wrapping all of those homey feelings into one piece of art- perfect for your wall!

Untitled 7 - Sign

don’t you just love thinking of your home as a nest? that must be why i like to roost so much..


all of her art is really affordable ($11-$30) but if that’s not enough, she’s also having an august sale on select items!

Untitled 7 - Sign-1

i’ve already picked a few that i will just *have to have for my kitchen and laundry room, and maybe for by the front door too..

hope you all have a great day! love, bonnie

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