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diy rustic linen lampshades

January 30, 2013

diy rustic linen lampshades

these simple rustic linen lampshades would really set the tone for a home that you want to give a natural, comfortable and cozy feel. pictured above is the lampade bigger by orietta marcon, but remodelista has turned this idea into a diy project, so that with a few simple supplies we can make them ourselves! their wrinkled shades and earth tone colors really make them stand out as unique pieces. in this house, i envision antique furniture, cozy nooks and comfortable seating areas- and maybe even some cute wooly sheep out the window!

diy rustic linen lampshades

at night, they give off a warm, rustic and romantic light. i think a smaller version would also be beautiful hung over a dining room table, or reading nook. head on over to remodelista for the diy instructions!

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a homesteading style

March 5, 2012

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lived in. rustic. antique. simple. natural. muted. this is my most favorite kind of style, one that gives you a sense of warm summer days and aprons blowing in the breeze.

rustic honey pot in ivory | mini french bread boards

ceramic still life | honeycomb linen pillow

lavender sachets | wooden spoon rack

peaches and blueberries | french country linen tea towels

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Decorating with Pine Cones

September 26, 2011

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We just moved into a lovely new house in Michigan, and the pine trees are plentiful. There are fresh pine cones scattered all over our yard and on the side walks of every street on the block, and being a former student of physical geography, I can’t help but collect some of them! There are so many fun ideas for decorating with pine cones in the home during the autumn and winter months, and hopefully you won’t have to buy anything to do these projects.


acrylic paint (any color)

spray paint (any color)

craft glue


place cards

small paint brushes

pine cones (found or store bought)

Painting pine cones is really easy, fun, and has a great end product. I’ve had this white pine cone for a couple of years, actually – it’s kept really well. All you need is a paint brush and your favorite color of acrylic paint.

After they’re painted and dried, I think they look great together in a large vase or bowl. This could even look great if you painted them different complimentary colors.

An even quicker way to dress up a pine cone is to spray paint it. Want to go a step further? Toss some glitter on it while the spray paint is still wet. Below I am demonstrating spraying the pine cones black and glittering with Martha Stewart’s Onyx black glitter – perfect for Halloween decor!

When the temperatures start to get cooler, give the pine cones a frosty look by painting glue or applying craft glue directly to the edges of the pine cone, and sprinkling immediately with white or clear glitter. Tie string to the stems and hang them in door ways, or place them in a dish together.

Finally, some people may prefer pine cones just the way they are (I know I do). Here I simply put a pine cone at a table setting, with a dinner guest’s place card lightly tucked into the pine cone itself. This is a thrifty, seasonal, and gorgeous way to dress up a table for a Fall meal and impress your guests.

Do you have any interesting ways you have used pine cones in your home? I’d love to know your ideas!

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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our 5 dollar headboard

August 29, 2011

diy crate headboard

sneak peek of our bedroom! we made the headboard from scraps behind our local market (following these directions), so we only had to purchase a few hangers. with strung lights behind it, i like the rustic-chic feel it gives.

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diy towel rack

June 21, 2011

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diy towel rack

you know i love me some rustic cottage decor, especially when it’s mixed with modern accessories and beachy colors. i think this do it yourself towel rack from this old house would be the perfect addition to any bathroom that needs a little extra touch. can’t you just see your house guests hanging up their towels and smelling the fresh flowers? cute. cute. cute.

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frick and frack scrap

May 11, 2011

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i love the look of this shop. while trying to pull together the look for our new home, i’ve been on the lookout for character pieces. things that have been refurbished (or that i can refurbish) and things that will create a conversation. my favorite decor is when old is mixed with new, modern is mixed with rustic and comfort is mixed with style. throughout all my rummaging, if i had run across anything from frick and frack scraps, you can bet i’d be coming home with several of their pieces.

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nancy nelson jewelry

no wonder i love nancy nelson’s jewelry, she lives and gathers inspiration from my sweet-home-of-homes- the appalachian mountains! i find her jewelry to be natural-rustic and feminine-chic all at the same time.  the woodland themes and dainty details evoke an emotion and tell a story for the wearer- and for me i think it would be a feeling of oneness with nature.  starting out as a display coordinator for the mother-of-all creative retail stores, anthropologie, nancy has evolved into a creative business owner and mom with an eye for design.

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