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printic: the app that sends photos (5)

last week, i discovered printic and was immediately enthralled. an app that sends photos to anyone, anytime? yes! you see, i really appreciate this digital world where we can take photos anytime and browse through them on our devices, but sometimes i miss good ol’ hard copy photographs. i miss being able to hold them in my hands, send them in the mail and pin them on my inspiration boards. printic brings together both the digital and tangible worlds by letting us order photographs right from our phone, sending them to anyone in the world.

printic: the app that sends photos (3)

each photograph only costs 99 cents, which includes shipping. they also get delivered within 3 business days! one way in which i hope to use this app is to send snapshots to our grandparents and long distance friends. a lot of times, i feel as though our grandparents are missing out on our life since they aren’t seeing the photos we post around the web, so i think sending them the occasional photo through printic would be really special!

printic: the app that sends photos (4)

head on over to printic to download the app. first time users get 50% off (hence my large pile of photographs)!

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