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in love with epantry

March 27, 2014

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epantry + coupon code
it’s not every day that i get absolutely blown away by a company. in fact, if it only happens a few times a year i’m happy! to be honest, when i heard about ePantry, i was prepared to check it out and be a bit underwhelmed. but to my absolute delight, i was blown away! for starters, their website is beautiful, clean and super easy to use. they have a brilliant business idea and they’ve made it really fun to be a part of!

so what is ePantry? it’s a fresh new service that makes purchasing quality household products super convenient. in just three minutes, they create a customized, yet highly flexible, schedule for all your household products — with speedy delivery to your door for cheaper than the grocery store. based on your household needs, ePantry recommends the right amount of sustainable household products to keep you from ever running low.

why use ePantry? so many reasons!

eco-friendly: ePantry only carries healthy, sustainable products. you’ll find mrs. meyers, seventh generation, method, preserve, green forest and more of your favorite eco-friendly brands. though i’ve always used green house cleaning items, with a baby around it’s important now more than ever to keep my cabinets free of chemicals!

free shipping: if you visit ePantry using any of the links on this page, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE (say wha?!). and your shipping is always carbon offset as well!

price: and did i mention? ePantry‘s prices come in lower than anywhere else. i did a little research (and math) and figured that by using ePantry, i saved about $12 over using my amazon prime account and at least $25 over using my local grocery store. plus, ePantry ships same day for free. that means i’m saving over $200 a year!

easy to use: ePantry‘s website is incredibly smart and user friendly, and there are no gimmicks whatsoever. you can change your ‘pantry’ (i.e. shopping cart) anytime you like and cancel an order with ease. they always notify you about one week before your next shipment so you can change, add or delete anything you need to. you can also easily add a ‘co-manager’, split the bill (perfect for roommates!), or gift a membership!

no commitment: ePantry makes your life easy, which means no commitments. you’re charged for products when they are shipped. there are no upfront payments and you can cancel at any time. if you don’t like a product, they’ll refund it on the spot. simple as that!

they’re funny: yup, that’s right! most of the time they’re instant chat bar says if you tell them a joke you’ll get $2 off your next order. now that’s just great business sense!

ePantry coupon code + free shipping for LIFE!
ready to get started? ePantry has generously offered everyone $10 off their first order. just use the coupon code ‘GoingHomeToRoost’ at checkout. plus, you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE!

this post was kindly sponsored by ePantry. all views and ideas here are my own and you’ll find me using ePantry myself for years to come!

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July 18, 2013

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home sprouting guide

since i’ve been meaning to start sprouting my own beans and seeds at home, i was thrilled to run across kinfolk’s home sprouting guide. making bean sprouts at home is really easy, inexpensive and super nutritious! each tiny sprout is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and are much more nutritious than the dormant seed or bean from which they spring from. after sprouting, the beans and seeds contain much more absorbable protein, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C. add them to salads and sandwiches for added crunch, texture and flavor! i believe i’m going to start with mung beans, lentils and chickpeas. what kind of sprouts do you prefer?

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another feather (4)

when i was first introduced to another feather (via sfgirlbybay) i instantly fell in love with hannah ferrara’s jewelry designs. when i learned that their studio is just across town from me in asheville, i knew i had to share it with you! in addition to being in awe of hannah’s beautiful jewelry, i’ve also been so inspired by her lifestyle posts and simple living inspirations. visit her world by heading on over to another feather’s blog, website and etsy shop.

from another feather: inspired by her travels, the mountains, and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms, hannah’s line includes one of a kind metal made jewelry, found object assemblages, and simple everyday adornments. she uses traditional metal smithing techniques and tools to craft each item, using recycled metals from sustainable sources, combined with the occasional natural object or repurposed vintage parts. each piece of jewelry is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.

another feather (2)

another feather (3)

another feather (6)

another feather (7)

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10 grocery shopping tips for a whole foods approach by now, you probably know that i eat a whole foods, plant based diet (especially if you follow the dinner ideas posts or recipe page!). one of the ways that i make eating this way possible, is by following a few rules at the grocery store and farmers market. some may seem obvious, others a little wacky, but below are the top 10 tips i follow when shopping for grub.

10 reasons to blog ahead (1) buy whole ingredients. look for items that contain only one ingredient in them (squash, polenta, quinoa, soybeans). if you must buy items that have more than one ingredient, look for a short ingredient list (6 or less ingredients) that contain nothing but whole foods. basically, if you can’t pronounce or grow it yourself – then don’t eat it.


10 reasons to blog ahead (2) stay on the outskirts of the store. buy shopping the outer edges of the store, you’ll be much more inclined to pick up fresh ingredients, and steer clear of the packaged and processed foods.


10 reasons to blog ahead (3) buy a foreign ingredient. i seriously do this nearly every time i go to the store! pick up a new fruit or veggie that you’ve never cooked with before, and i promise you’ll find some new favorites.


10 reasons to blog ahead (4) go to the farmers market. do the bulk of your shopping at your local farmers market and use the grocery store to supplement it.


10 reasons to blog ahead (5) check the country of origin. most fresh produce and packaged goods will let you know where it came from. the closer the better!


10 reasons to blog ahead (6) look for color. the more colorful your cart the healthier you’ll be (and colored cardboard doesn’t count!).


10 reasons to blog ahead (7) shop organic. you, your family and our planet will be much healthier for it.


10 reasons to blog ahead (8) shop what’s in season. know what’s in season in your area and eat locally. watermelons should only be eaten in the summer, and butternut squash only in the winter.


10 reasons to blog ahead (9) minimal packaging. look for items that either have no packaging (fresh produce and bulk items) or come with minimal packaging.


10 reasons to blog ahead (10) 10) look for alternatives. start noticing the alternatives that your local store or health food store carry. do they have almond milk? coconut creamer? earth balance butter? coconut oil? research the healthier alternatives and start using them.


do you have any favorite shopping market tips? i would love to hear them, i’ll meet you in the comments section!

download the pocket guide

download the pocket guide

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grandmas are green

January 6, 2012

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butterfly wings

butterfly wings

grandmas are green. have you ever noticed that? i cherish every moment i get to spend with my grannies when i visit north carolina, and i love to take note of all their little eccentricities. my favorite of all is that they are green, and i’m not even sure that they know it.

– they garden. season after season they garden and garden.

– they make things from scratch. homemade pie crust, pasta sauce and biscuits.

– they compost. even if they don’t need to use it in their gardens, they still compost.

– they eat leftovers. nope, you won’t see them throw any food away!

– they can. if you don’t can your seasonal veggies, then what are you supposed to eat in january?

– they save. they carefully preserve the wrapping paper at Christmas and re-use their plastic straws time and time again.

– they reuse. all the things they save? the reuse them. old tool boxes become planters, cereal boxes become gift boxes.

– they recycle. after it’s been reused, it gets recycled.

– they take good care of things. my grandma still uses her electric mixer from the 50’s and all her dishes, too!

– they save energy. they hang clothes to dry, read instead of watch tv and use the beauty of the natural daylight.

the only thing i can think of that uses very much energy is how much they love to heat their homes- and i think they deserve that.

is your grandma green? i think we can all learn a little something from the good ‘ol days.

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reusable food storage wraps

October 20, 2011

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is anyone else fed up with plastic wrap? every time i gently tear off a new piece it inevitably get’s stuck to itself and i think to myself, ‘is this really the best solution’?

reusable food storage wraps

i was so excited to run across these reusable food storage wraps in the latest issue of whole living. a new, less wasteful leftover-storage solution- finally! abeego’s washable hemp-cotton squares use beeswax and plant extracts to cling to the edge of bowls and keep food fresh. genius!

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the huge variety of oils at the store have always put me on overload. which ones are the best? why? what are they all for? well i decided to put my research hat on and find out a little bit more about them. here is a quick overview of the best oils, and some resources to boot. which oils are your favorite?

Art for Kitchen - OLIVE OIL

art for the kitchen – OLIVE OIL

extra virgin olive oil

this one is the big winner, woohoo! that’s good, because this is the one i use the most. evoo is a less processed and (therefore) more flavorful oil than other oils and wins for best oil because of it’s monounsaturated (that’s the good one) fats and plant compounds that protect against heart disease and cancer. lucky for us, it also tastes oh-so-good.

sesame oil

i’ve started to incorporate this one more and more into our diet (mainly because of this amazing recipe) and i have to say, it adds a powerfully yummy taste to many dishes. it is derived from toasted sesame seeds and may help to lower blood pressure. it’a also great in asian inspired dishes.

flaxseed oil

since we don’t eat fish, flax oil is a big component of how we get our heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids in each day. these essential fatty acids protect against bone loss and reduce inflammation in people with arthritis. heating flaxseed oil will destroy it’s nutrients, so keep this one in the fridge and use on salads or in smoothies. (hint: we also add about 1 tbs to toaster’s food each day! it keeps his coat shiny and skin extra healthy.)

walnut oil

i haven’t used this oil very much, but i know one thing, i do love walnuts! walnut oil contains a specific antioxidant that helps prevent cancers (say no more!). it turns bitter when heated, so this is another one to keep in your fridge and drizzle over salads or pastas.

peanut oil

this nutty tasting oil contains resveratrol (the same antioxidant found in red wine) which helps to prevent blood clots. it can take extremely high temperatures, so this one is best for pan frying.

sunflower oil

you got it, this one is made from sunflower seeds! it has a light taste and contains vitamin e, which reduces your risk for heart attack.

did you know?

it’s best to store your healthy oils in a dark, dry cabinet away from heat or sunlight (preferably, in the fridge). nut based oils such as walnut, flaxseed and sesame need must be refrigerated as they can turn rancid at room temperature.

for a more in depth look at oils, read this great article on cooking oils.

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all natural kitchen cleaners

This week I had the unfortunate occurrence of a broken garbage disposal, and it seems to be beyond a normal jam. The end result is  trapped food and muck that has quickly made an unpleasant scent in my kitchen. I normally use ice cubes and lemons to clean and refresh my disposal, but with broken blades, I had to get more creative.

I’ve always heard of baking soda and vinegar as great sink basin and faucet cleaners, but had considered them for inside the drain. If you find yourself with a broken down garbage disposal, give this technique a try – you will need:

– 1/2 cup baking soda

– 1 cup of vinegar, microwaved on high

– 1/2 gallon of hot water

First, dump the baking soda into the disposal drain. Pour in the cup of heated vinegar, and let the effervescent chemical reaction take place for about five minutes. Follow up by pouring the hot water down the drain. You may find that you need to repeat this process.

If muck persists, you can further clean the disposal out with a bottle brush, sponge-tipped if possible (note: turn off the power supply to the disposal before sticking anything down there). Until the disposal is repaired, it may be nearly impossible to clean it 100%, but baking soda and vinegar have a great deodorizing effect that I noticed immediately.

You can continue to use just these two common household items to keep your sink clean:

– soak a towel in vinegar and wrap it around your faucet overnight to remove grime buildup in the morning

– make a paste with baking soda and water; spread it around your sink and scour with a sponge. Rinse with warm water mixed  with a splash of vinegar

– keep 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle for daily sink touch-ups and wipe-downs

– sprinkle a little baking soda down the drain daily to absorb any unpleasant odors


ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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