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today, i’m loving the simple beauty of THISISPAPER.  with an eye for design and a heart for craftsmanship, their products represent simple living at its best. be sure to also check out their print magazine for an inside studio glance of several inspirational artists.

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bonnie + bear's baby essentials

before i had bear, i had never spent much time around babies. in fact, my first diaper change was on my own son after we got home from the hospital (other than the few practice runs i did on mr. fox)! i remember early in my pregnancy when it was time to start thinking about a registry and i froze. i had no idea what i needed! all i knew was that i wanted to go about raising my baby as simply as possible. i wanted to stick to well made products (handmade if possible) that would last in our family for generations to come. and if i could help it, i wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible.

the first thing i did was e-mail a handful of my favorite momma friends to ask them what their advice was. i had them list the top 10 must-haves and then let me know about anything they really felt was unnecessary. from those lists, i compiled everyone’s must haves and made a list for myself. then i began researching. i looked in to each product, where they were made, if there was a greener or more organic option and whether or not i though i really needed it or not. safety was of course taken into consideration as well (for example, safety won over being green when it came to a carseat). whenever possible, we also tried to use hand-me-downs or purchase used goods.

even though we were incredibly thoughtful about what we asked for, we still ended up with too much, a few things we don’t use often and lots of lessons learned!

of course, every person, every baby and every situation is different, but when i was researching, i found everyone’s ‘must have lists’ super helpful. so here’s mine! consider it ‘bonnie and bear’s list of essentials‘. and please keep in mind that my babe is only 5.5 months old. hence, this list is probably good for 0-6 months. i’ll most likely need to post a new version for 6-12 months and so on.

lessons learned: had i knew then what i know now:

1) i would have not stressed out over getting his nursery finished (other than a few diaper changes, he hasn’t spent much time in the room yet).

2) i would have ordered 1 of several different kinds of cloth diapers to try. there are so many different kinds and it’s impossible to know what you’ll want for your baby before you try some different types out.

must haves:
- charlie’s soap. we love this for all baby clothes and cloth diapers.
- babybjorn babysitter (we have the organic one) and LOVE it. it’s the perfect place for him to hang while i shower or cook dinner, and it’s bounciness makes it double as a bouncy seat. it’s also great for newborns with little neck strength.
- wrap - i have a solly wrap and am not sure what i would do without it. i wear him around the house, around town and while i grocery shop.
- organic nursing pads. i had no idea how much i would be using these!
- sleep sacks- the perfect nighttime gown.
- ergobaby carrier with infant insert. i like to use this for longer, more strenuous wears (like on hikes and to bike races).
- carseat (of course). we got the britax marathon 70-G3. we like it b/c it’s an ‘all in one’ and we won’t have to buy another one later, BUT the downside is that you can’t pop it out and carry him around in itt, though it’s not been an issue for us.
- lots of snuggly swaddle blankets- especially for those first few months! we also made several using organic sherpa cloth.
- disposable diapers for the first few weeks/months until he can fit into cloth diapers (if you’re cloth diapering, or unless you bought newborn size cloth diapers). we used 7th generation and loved them.
- moses basket – this is the perfect basket for daytime naps and diaper changes (we found ours second hand).
- organic baby soap, lotion and diaper rash cream (we like burts bees and babyganics)
- cloth diapers (more on that below)

optionals (that we LOVE):
- cradle- i have the cradle my grandaddy made me when i was a baby and this is where bear naps during the day.
- zutano booties – the only socks/shoes that will stay on. seriously.
snuza hero. clip it on their diaper (or pants) while they sleep and it vibrates if they stop breathing, then alarms. it helps me sleep so much better (i’m a worrier).
- inglesina table chair (instead of a high chair)- oh man do we love this! attach it to any table and take it to restaurants so they don’t use those gross high chairs. bear loves his and happily plays in it while we eat and cook (though he couldn’t sit up in it until he was about 4 months old).
- rocking chair- we lived without one for months and didn’t really miss having one, but use it frequently now that it’s in our living room.
- bottles. we have some glass ones, but i’ve never used them. however, if you ever want to leave your baby for more than 2 hrs in the first 6 months you’ll need some, or you could always use a baby syringe (the kind without a needle).
- pump. i do have a pump but have only used it once. it’s nice to have but has not been essential for us. (note: check with your insurance, most all will cover this expense for you!)
- stroller. the only time i’ve ever used my stroller is when i go run. for around town, hikes and walks i just wear him. if you don’t run, i think you could get by without one.
- baby monitor. i’ve just recently started using one when he falls asleep in a room that i’m ready to leave, but i usually just keep him close.
- crib. we haven’t used his crib yet, though i’m sure we will use it more and more in the months to come. (we co-sleep. gasp!)
- bumbo – we just started using this because it seems like he really wanted to sit up ‘on his own’.
- sophie the giraffe – not sure why, but she’s a big hit for teething days!
- little remedies tylenol – just in case of an emergency. this brand doesn’t contain parabens, high fructose corn syrup, dye or gluten.
- mother love nipple cream. trust me.
- baby in-sight mirror – so you can see your babe while you drive.
- organic waterproof pads – for under the bed sheets or crib sheets.

- travel crib or pack-n-play (depends on your sleeping arrangement though).
- baby tub. i just put him in the bath with me. :)
- wipes warmer – if it’s really cold i just run the wipes through a little warm water.
- hooded towels or baby bath cloths – we just use regular towels.
- any kind of play mobile thingy (we make do with things from around the house).
- baby swing. we haven’t had one and haven’t missed it (though every baby is different).
- noise machine – we haven’t used one and haven’t missed it.
- bath toys (maybe later?)
- bouncer or walker
- nursing bras/tanks – i just wear tops that i can either pull up or down.

if your cloth diapering:
- cloth diapers (a different topic by itself! we’re using a mixture of gro-via diapers with organic inserts,  organic bumgenius and organic babee greens with wool rebourne covers.)
– organic cloth wipes
- diaper sprayer (will only need after he starts eating solids, around 6-12 months)
- 2 wet bags (one large for the house one small for the go- you’ll put dirty dipes in it until you wash them)

books i read (and recommend!):
- the baby book
the vaccine book
the womanly art to breastfeeding
the eco-nomical guide
vegan pregnancy survival guide

now it’s you’re turn! what do you find absolutely necessary? nonessential? i’ll meet you in the comments section!

photo by my dearest friend: callie lynch.

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plant based dinner ideas

after being gone for so long to colorado, it sure does feel good to get back home and in the kitchen! last week we had a lot of ‘bowl meals’, you know sautés and pastas that can just be tossed in a bowl and enjoyed on the couch. i think my favorite with this creamy avocado barley risotto that i served with sautéed veggies and homemade biscuits.

monday: satay noodle salad
tuesday: toasted quinoa with mushrooms
wednesday: creamy avocado barley
thursday: sweet potato burgers
friday: mushroom kale rice bowl

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share? i hope you each have a beautiful weekend, i’m off to prepare celebrations for my sweetie’s birthday! see you back here on monday. xo, bonnie

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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an organized pantry

June 10, 2013

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pantry organization (8)

how do you get an organized pantry? well, one way is to grab a varde shelf and a few droppar jars from ikea, and these printable spice labels from the roost tribe!

pantry organization (1)

i have always loved putting my favorite pantry items on display. after we moved in to our new house, it became apparent that we needed a little more pantry space, so with the help of the varde shelf, a few droppar jars and these printable spice labels, we now have the perfect place for extra food storage!

pantry organization (2)

over the years, i’ve collected several glass containers for our pantry. anytime i’m out and about and see something out of the ordinary i’ll pick it up and bring it home to clean, fill and label.

pantry organization (3)

pantry organization (4)

putting our culinary spices and ingredients on display isn’t only pretty, but i think it helps inspire us to cook and use flavorful, healthy ingredients. if i’m ever stuck on what to make for dinner, all i have to do is peruse the pretty pantry!

pantry organization (6)

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vegan dinner ideas

with all of our recent travels, it’s been a while since my last dinner ideas post so i’ve been excited to finally get back in the kitchen! above are the meals that nourished us this week, what’s been on your plate?

monday: fake out mac-n-cheese served with a big seasonal salad and sauteed kale
tuesday: peanut udon noodles
wednesday: hearty yam and white bean hash (yum!)
thursday: golden beet salad with homemade bread and a salad
friday: vegan spinach spanakopita with roasted asparagus

i hope you each have a beautiful weekend! see you back here on monday. xo, bonnie

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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what a stud.

April 15, 2013

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what a stud

pictured above: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

my choice of accessory lately has been the stud earring. there’s just something so simple and sweet about them, don’t you think? i think they say you want to look nice, but you’re not overdoing it. i also usually end up wearing my hair in a top knot, so little studs seam to balance the look out, without dragging me down like a pair of dangles wood. they make for a great addition to daytime outfits and are so comfortable i usually forget i have them in until i lay my head down at night!

what’s been your accessory of choice lately?

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videos to delight in

April 5, 2013

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friends, today i leave you with four videos that have inspired me deeply this week. they have given me so much inspiration and helped me refocus my energy on living simply. the urge to homestead overwhelms me, and my hope is to return to it soon. see you all on monday! love, bonnie

honey harvest featuring sarah and david

garden by tiger jar

visiting trelawney farm

the art of making bread

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simple living inspiration

February 20, 2013

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simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration   simple living inspiration

image sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

sometimes i can find myself all wrapped up in the ‘go go go’ of this world, forgetting about my mission to lead a simpler way of life. just taking some time to soak in some images of simple moments can help me recenter myself, my goals and my priorities. i hope a few of these pictures will help you do the same!

do you find yourself getting caught up in the fast pace of this world? if so, how do you return to living a simpler life?

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