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holiday gift guide: for the naturalist

the naturalist loves to explore the forest, is careful to use organics and can frequently be found in her garden. she finds great pleasure in the simplicities of life and has a sweet, gentle spirit about her. she is a lover of earth tones, greenery and cozy things.

1) cream knit blanket – $95 | 2) teardrop terrarium – $60 | 3) moth brooch – $10 | 4) natural washcloth – $6 | 5) fingerless mittens – $29 | 6) butterfly flip necklace – $44 | 7) gold rattan balls – $16.50 | 8) planted with love garden market – $12 | 9) amethyst crystal soap – $7 | 10) porcelain bird bath – $95 | 11) vase no. 1 – $42 | 12) birch tree coasters – $10

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rosemary cashew stuffed figs

October 23, 2012

hey friends! i’m so excited that it’s finally fig season and i wanted to share with you my all time favorite fig recipe. i posted this recipe last year around this same time, and it is still one of my all time favorite recipes. i’ve been waiting all year to make them again! hope you enjoy. :)

rosemary cashew stuffed figs

oh my you guys, i have a new favorite recipe!! our neighbor has three beautiful fig trees and so many figs that they ask us to come over and pick them any time we like (thank you!!). i knew we liked figs, but i really haven’t ever cooked with them very much.. until this year, that is! i’ve eaten them plain, made fig pizza, added them to a squash roast and more, but now i have finally found the fig recipe that will stick with me forever. these rosemary stuffed figs (adapted from a recipe in color me vegan) make for the perfect appetizer and are deliciously balanced with sweet and salty. (*hint! you can make this feeling a few days ahead of time, which makes getting this dish in the oven a cinch).


– 12 figs
– 1 cup raw cashews
– ½ yellow onion, finely chopped
– 1 tbs olive oil
– 1 tsp miso paste
– 1 tbs lemon juice
– ¼ cup raw walnuts
– 1 tbs nutritional yeast
– 1 tbs fresh rosemary, chopped
– salt and pepper, to taste
– rosemary sprigs, for garnish


1) soak the cashews in water overnight (or for at least 6 hours). drain and rinse.

2) preheat oven to 450°F. sauté the chopped onion in the olive oil over medium heat until translucent (5-7 minutes).

3) place the soaked cashews, sautéed onion, miso, lemon juice, and 1 tbs of water in a blender and process until smooth. add the walnuts, nutritional yeast, and rosemary into the cashew mixture and blend until very smooth. season with salt and pepper.

4) take each fig and barely slice the bottom as to help them sit up straight in a pan. then, make a small cut crosswise across the top of each fig, making sure not to cut them all the way in half- you just want to ‘open’ them up enough to pipe filling in the middle.

5) spoon cashew mixture into a ziplock back and seal. snip the end of one corner to make yourself a piping bag. fill the cavity of each fig and place on a lightly greased baking pan.

6) brush or lightly spray the figs with a little oil, and roast for about 12 minutes or until the figs are soft. garnish with rosemary and serve!

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leafy tea packaging design

October 12, 2012

leafy tea packaging design (4)

leafy tea packaging design (1)

leafy tea packaging design (2)

leafy tea packaging design (3)

i adore this sweet packaging concept that belinda shih designed. it’s only for a hypothetical tea company, but i hope it becomes a reality, because i can taste it already! belinda says that the design is focused on the concept of afternoon tea – a time to unwind, re-energize, and relax after a long day of work. the package is therefore minimalist, calm in color and simple in shape, with a hint of the soothing elegance of steam swirls and tea drops. i think it’s brilliantly beautiful.

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toxic lunch boxes

September 5, 2012

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phthalates. they’re a nasty little chemical that is linked to serious health problems, including asthma, adhd, and diabetes and it’s showing up (in staggering quantities) in lunch boxes of all kinds. oh no!

after reading this article by change.org, i was saddened at the information. though the chemicals are tightly regulated in toys, school supplies like lunchboxes aren’t labeled as such, so there is no regulation on the levels of toxic chemicals like phthalates that they can contain.

a recent study from the center for health, environment & justice found that all the children’s lunch boxes tested contained up to 30 times the amount of toxic chemiclas deemed safe by the federal government. (and disney lunch boxes ranked amongst the worst- eep!).

here to the resuce are a plethora of handmade, beautiful lunch boxes, many of them organic!

safe (and beautiful!) lunch boxes

one: lunch bag – $47
two: don’t forget me lunch bag – $20
three: eco-friendly lunch bag – $11.99
four: insulated lunch bag – $26
five: organic insulated lunch bag set – $60
six: waxed canvas lunch bag – $48
seven: screen printed snack bag – $7
eight: organic snack bags – $18

and if you’re up for making one yourself, be sure to check out this tutorial!

*update! thankfully, it has been brought to my attention that oilcloth is not the safest alternative! you may want to consider choosing a different food safe (or organic) fabric, especially if you refer to the tutorial above. :)

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dinner served on the farm

August 22, 2012

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beetlebung farm chris fischer (3)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (6)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (7)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (8)

be still my heart. after seeing this recent article on chris fischer and the beetlebung farm, i quickly found myself doing some extra research and reading up on the farm. after a long stint of working as a chef, chris decided to go back home and work on his family farm serving up farm to table (or should i say table to farm?) meals for private gatherings in their elegantly rustic greenhouse. with menus that consist of only what is season and grown on the farm, the meals are what i consider truly a dream come true.

diners gather around tables built from barn boards or driftwood, and find themselves sitting on bales of hay. possibly what i love most it the simplicity of the meals- they simply pick what is fresh and prepare it. they have also been kind enough to share several recipes, which you can find below.


Grilled oysters with chervil butter
Island fish crudo
Frozen yogurt with honey, cilantro, and toasted pumpkin seeds
Chris Fischer’s Perfect Eggs
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta
Herb-Stuffed Bluefish
Herbed Fingerlings
Beet and Kale Salad with Goat Cheese
Carrot Salad with Parsley and Spring Onions
Pan-Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower with Peas
New Potatoes with Garlic Scapes

beetlebung farm chris fischer (5)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (2)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (4)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (1)

beetlebung farm chris fischer (9)

all photos: gabriela herman

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  idle mouse

as soon as i discovered idle mouse, i fell in love with their mission. after founder brooke condolora wrote a simple message to herself on the front of her notebook that read ‘cure for compulsive clicking’, idle mouse was born in efforts to share the message with others.

as brooke puts it, technology is shiny, and we like it. and that’s okay! but our hands were designed to be skillful, life is given for participation, and people need love. idle mouse products are reminders and enablers of those truths. to make something tangible, start conversations and above all, be present.

sometimes we all just need to hit ⌘Q and step away from the computer, take a deep breath and create. as a little bonus exclusive to ghtr readers, brooke has offered you early access to download 2 of her new desktop backgrounds for free! click here to see and download them. :)

as if all that wasn’t enough, each idle mouse purchase also directly benefits the mission lazarus vocational schools in honduras, where young men and women study trades like carpentry, sewing, and leather-working.

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easy diy handband

i recently discovered a new found respect for headbands. they can instantly take your bed head to a casual, comfy and guest-appropriate look. i can’t believe i haven’t been relying on them longer (haha)! this easy diy from fine and feathered especially caught my eye. no sewing needed!

easy diy handband

now maybe i can put some of my many fabric scraps to good use. and i’m sure my post-gal will appreciate it, too!

visit fine & feathered to see more of this diy, & make sure to check out her other’s as well!

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dinner ideas 3.23.12

March 23, 2012

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dinner ideas time for my favorite post of the week- dinner ideas! this is what you would have found on your plates had you dined with us this week. my favorite recipe was most definitely the vegan lentil loaf- it was amazing! what was yours?

monday: butternut squash and red onion pasta served with homemade whole wheat bread
tuesday: warm butternut chickpea salad served with tomato fennel soup
wednesday: pumpkin, cashew and coconut curry served with brown rice
thursday: vegan lentil and walnut loaf served with sauteed kale and sweet potatoes
friday: black bean and butternut squash burritos- i served this ‘naked’ (no tortilla) over polenta, topped with avocado

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

follow this foodie we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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